Standard: 4.5 [thumbnail images for this section]

This table is designed to support teachers in aligning the visual images with the big ideas suggested by the applicable standard. The essential questions and topical questions may guide the discussion of and inquiry around these big ideas.

Big Idea:
People move to improve their lives or because they are forced.Government is responsible to its people.
Essential Question:
How have the laws (and the process for making laws) changed over time in California?
Topical Questions:
What role did the Spanish play in the development of CA before and after statehood?
How did statehood and the Gold Rush create opportunities for many people coming to CA?
What role did Mexico play in the development of CA before and after statehood?
Framework Connection:
Students should discuss, study and analyze the establishment of the Bear Flag Republic, the Mexican-American War, the Gold Rush, and California’s admission to statehood in 1850. Students should consider the positive and negative impacts the Gold Rush had on California, and draw comparisons between the governments during the Spanish and Mexican periods, as well as after California became a state. (From: California History-Social Science Framework, 2001.)
Analysis Skills:
Chronological and Spatial Thinking 1,2, 3, 5
Research, Evidence and Point of View 2
Historical Interpretation 2, 3