The Journal of San Diego History
April 1956, Volume 2, Number 2
Jerry MacMullen, Editor

With the current issue, the Quarterly changes from its former 9-point type to a new type face. 10-point Bodini. Although there is little if any reduction in the number of words to the page, it is believed that it will be easier to read.

The illustrations in this issue are chiefly wood engravings from the Golden Era and other early-day San Diego publications. The pen portrait of Senator Bowers is by Herbert C. Hensley. whose memoirs have been important contributions to the Quarterly in the past, and who, before the widespread use of photographs, was an illustrator for the Evening Tribune.

Printing of the Bowers manuscript brings up an important point: There must be other such first-hand material around San Diego, possibly in the hands of members of this society. If such is the case, the material should be brought to the attention of the Serra Museum.