The Journal of San Diego History
January 1956, Volume 2, Number 1


Edgar F. Hastings

Mary Marston
First Vice President

Don N. Driese
Second Vice-President

Wilmer B. Shields

Nelson S. Chase

Winifred Davidson

The San Diego History Center was organized in 1929, and its purpose is the preservation of historical records and landmarks of the Southwest with particular emphasis on those of the city and county of San Diego.

Under contract with the municipality, the Society operatea the Junipero Serra Museum which, with the surrounding Presidio Park, was the gift of the Society’s founder, the late George W. Marston. The Museum is open daily, and houses relics of the Spanish, Mexican and early United States eras of San Diego’s past, as well as a Reference Library and voluminous file material, both written and photographic. There are five classes of membership — Annual, Research, Contributing and Sustaining at, respectively, $2, $5, $10 and $25 per year, and Life at $100.

The Quarterly is published in January, April, July and October from the Society’s headquarters in the Junipero Serra Museum, and members of the Editorial Board are the following: W. B. Shields, Chairman; Don N. Driese, C.A. McGrew, C. Jackson Selsor, Dr. A.P. Nasatir, H.C. Hensley and Whitney T. Genns; Jerry MacMullen, Editor.

The Society assumes no responsibility for the statements or opinions of authors of the various articles. All communications should be addressed to the Society, at the Junipero Serra Museum, 2727 Presidio Drive, San Diego 3, California. Memberships include subscription to the Quarterly; additional copies are available at 50 cents each.