The Journal of San Diego History
April 1960, Volume 6, Number 2

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Organized in 1956, the Historical Shrine Foundation of San Diego County is devoted to the task of acquiring, restoring, and operating, in the interest of the public, various buildings and other historic landmarksthroughout San Diego County.

The Historical Shrine Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by membership dues and donations.

Under contract with the County of San Diego, the Foundation leases and operates the Whaley House. This building recently was restored by the County to its former appearance as “the most elegant home in Southern California.” This colorful, century-old building has been furnished with household items donated by scores of people interested in preserving the dramatic history of the Southwest.

Written by Mrs. June A. Strudwick, director of the Whaley House, this book was published by the San Diego History Center, working in cooperation with the Historical Shrine Foundation.

The Whaley House is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. The small admission charge helps make this historical shrine self-supporting.

Address all communications to the Historical Shrine Foundation of San Diego County, Whaley House, 2482 San Diego Avenue, San Diego 10, California.