The following books are suggested as supplementary reading on the history of San Diego. Some are readily available; others can be found only in the reference departments of public libraries.



Smythe, Wm. E.: History of San Diego, 1907.

Black, Samuel F.: San Diego County, California, 1913.

McGrew, Clarence A.: City of San Diego and San Diego County, 1922.

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Davis, Edward J. P.: Historical San Diego, 1953.

Rush, Philip S.: A History of the Californias, 1958 (State and County).



LaForce, Beatrice: Alpine History, 1952.

Randolph, Howard S. F.: La Jolla Year by Year, 1946.

Gilbert, Anna M.: La Mesa Yesterday and Today, 1924.

Peterson, J. Harold: The Coronado Story, 1954.

Beckler, Marion: Palomar Mountain Past and Present, 1958.

McCain, Ella: Memories of Dulzura, Potrero and Campo, 1955.

Peet, Mary Rockwood: San Pasqual, a Crack in The Hills, 1949.

Phillips, Irene: The Story of El Rancho de la Nacion, 1959.

Esterbloom, Gloria L.: This, Our Beloved Valley (Sweetwater) 1954.

Davis, Abel: Valley Center, California.

Parker, Horace: Anza-Borrego Desert Guidebook, 1957.



Geiger, Fr. Maynard: The Life and Times of Fray Junipero Serra, 1959.

Engelhardt, Fr. Zephyrin:

San Diego Mission, 1920.
San Luis Rey Mission, 1921.

Carrillo, Fr. J. M.: The Story of Mission San Antonio de Pala, 1959.



Dana, Richard Henry: Two Years Before the Mast, 1840.

Robinson, Alfred: Life in California Before the Conquest, 1856.

Pattie, James Ohio: Personal Narrative, 1831.

Davis, Wm. Heath: Seventy-five Years in California, 1929.

Derby, George Horatio: Phoenixiana, 1856.

VanDyke, T. S.: Millionaires of a Day, 1890.



Gunn, Lewis C., and Elizabeth L.: Records of a California Family, 1928.

Marston, Mary Gilman: George White Marston, 1956.

Adams, H. Austin: The Man John D. Spreckels, 1924.

Fletcher, Ed: Memoirs, 1952.

Fenton, Laura: Henry Fenton, Typical American.

Holcomb, Wm. H.: Jack Dodge, His Life and Times, 1937.

DeFrate, Julia Flinn: This Was Yesterday, 1953.



Davidson, Winifred: Where California Began, 1929 (Point Loma).

Higgins, Shelley J.: This Fantastic City, 1956 (San Diego).

Miller, Max: Harbor of the Sun, 1940 (Port of San Diego).

Neuhaus, Eugen: The San Diego Garden Fair, 1916.

Requa, Richard S.: Inside Lights on San Diego’s Exposition, 1937.

Wegeforth, Harry M., and Morgan, Neil: It Began With a Roar, 1953 (San Diego Zoo)

Benchley, Belle J.: My Life in a Man-Made Jungle, 1940 (San Diego Zoo).

Woodbury, David O.: The Glass Giant of Palomar, 1944.

Greenwalt, Emmett A.: The Pt. Loma Community in California, 1955.

Phillips, Irene: The Railroad Story of San Diego County, 1956.

Bailey, Philip A.: Golden Mirages, 1948 (Mines).

Hill, Joseph J.: The History of Warner’s Ranch, 1927.

Brackett, R. W.: A History of the Ranchos, 1939 (San Diego County).

Mills, James: Historical Landmarks of San Diego County, 1959.

Carpenter, Ford A.: The Climate and Weather of San Diego, 1913.

Woodward, Arthur: Lances at San Pasqual, 1948 (The battle).

Bowman, Constance: Slacks and Callouses, 1944 (War workers).

Safley, James C.: Fishermen’s Pier, 1948 (At Oceanside).

Miller, Max: It Must Be the Climate, 1941.

Van der Veer, Judy: My Valley in the Sun, 1959.



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