The Journal of San Diego History
October 1962, Volume 8, Number 4
Jerry MacMullen, Editor


The Fiftieth Year — By Charles V. Birkett
Keno Wilson — A Lawman’s Lawman — By A. E. Jansen
The Exchange Hotel — By Orion Zink

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Leading off this issue is Charles V. Birkett who, one might say, is a door-to-door distributor of local history. As a public relations man for the Union Title office of Title insurance Co., his life is a mad round of luncheon clubs, where he gives illustrated talks on bygone San Diego County communities … Sheriff A. E. Jansen is a lawman who, if sufficiently goaded, can turn out excellent copy for publication. He became sheriff after nearly 30 years in the Police Department, 14 of them “in the hot-seat”; no one else has been chief that long … Orion Zink is the kind of historian you dream about but seldom find, for he pursues his facts with the bulldog zeal of a man from Scotland Yard. For years, everyone has accepted the statement that the Exchange hotel was “razed” in 1855; he found out that instead of being “razed” it had been “raised” to become the three-story Franklin house, and thus pin-pointed its location after all these years.