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The Journal of San Diego History
October 1965, Volume 11, Number 4
Ray Brandes, Managing Editor

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“I believe this museum and park should only be a beginning.” — George W. Marston

Presidio Hill dedication ceremonies

July 16, 1929: Photograph of Presidio Hill dedication ceremonies looking northeast from about the corner of Whitman Street. The photograph is from the Lee Passmore collection at the Serra Museum.

umbrellas to give protection from the heat

View to the southwest from the west edge of the Serra Museum. Note the umbrellas to give protection from the heat. Fox Movietone News truck in the background covered the event seen on motion picture screens across the nation. Photograph courtesy of the Title Insurance and Trust Company.

a segment of the pageant

The photo taken from a vantage point on the Serra Museum wall covers to the southwest, a segment of the pageant held in present-day parking area in Presidio Park. Recreated Diegueno Indian houses against Presidio wall were but small part of planning for day-long celebration. Photo from the Fitch Collection at the Serra Museum.

Aerial view of Presidio Hill

Aerial view of Presidio Hill and the newly-completed Junípero Serra Museum, taken by Lieutenant Van Dusen on July 16, 1929. Vegetation was planted in the Presidio Park in late 1930’s. Photograph from the collection at Title Insurance and Trust Company.

Autographed photograph

Autographed photograph from Lieutenant Van Dusen to George Marston. Other flyer was Sergeant William Howell.