The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1969, Volume 15, Number 4
Rita Larkin, Editor

Original Articles

The Struggle Over Secularization of the Missions on the Alta California Frontier
By W. B. Campbell and J. R. Moriarty
John S. Harbison: Pioneer San Diego Beekeeper
By Lee H. Watkins
San Diego’s Judges of the Plains
By Leland Stanford
A Tribute to George Marston
By Hamilton Marston

Cover Photograph

Photo by Dennis Brigs

The honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) was one of the many animals introduced into the Americas by the European colonists. Records are scant as to just when it was brought to North America; however, it appears that bees were shipped to the Virginia Colony about 1622 and to New England a few years later. The first hive of honeybees was successfully taken to California in March 1852 by Christopher A. Shelton.

This unusual picture showing a honeybee on a piece of sage was lent to the JOURNAL OF SAN DIEGO HISTORY by Dr. Robin Thorp of the Department of Entomology, U. C. Campus, Davis, California.

Arrangements for the use of the picture and for others in his paper were made by Lee Watkins, author of the article John S. Harbison: San Diego’s Pioneer Beekeeper, appearing on page 17 of this issue of the Journal of San Diego History. The picture was taken by Dennis Brigs, near Atascadero, California in June 1969.