The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1970, Volume 16, Number 2
James E. Moss, Editor

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Cover image: Too Late, a painting by Charles A. Fries, in the collection of the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C., a gift of Mrs. Alice Fries King in memory of her father.


From As We Were

Page 4. This and other pictures herein by the famous artist, Otto Bettmann are from the book As We Were, Family Life in America 1850-1900, written by a one-time San Diego lawyer, Bellamy Partridge.

Page 6. This very rare photograph of Dr. D. B. Hoffman was taken in 1874.

Warner's, Oneonta

Page 9.
(Top) The very popular Warners Hot Springs as it appeared in 1905. The bath house is center front. (Courtesy Title Insurance and Trust Company)
(Middle) This ad appeared in the Directory of San Diego and Vicinity, 1880-90.
(Bottom) A hotel, a New York Indian name and sure cures for anything, sold lots at Oneonta by the Sea. (The Glory Years by Richard Pourade)

On-the road analysis

Page 10. On-the road analysis. As We Were, Family Life in America 1850-1900

Page 11. A typical advertisement of the times using legal terminology to describe medical cures. (San Diego Union, May 1870)

Wild claims for wonder drugs

Page 12. Wild claims for wonder drugs! (The Golden Era, September 1888)

Five early physicians and five local judges.

Page 15. Five early San Diego physicians and five local judges. The latter are examples of the many lawyers who arrived in San Diego during the nineteenth century seeking health either for themselves or their family. Upper row, 1. to r., Dr. W. A. Winder, Dr. P. C. Remondino, Dr. D. B. Hoffman, Dr. T. C. Stockton, and Dr. G. P. Tebbetts; lower row, 1. to r., Judge B. I. Hayes, Judge J. D. Works, Judge W. T. McNealy, Judge George Puterbaugh, Judge W. A. Sloane. (Illustrated by Marion Hill Bressette, Archivist and Research Assistant, San Diego County Law Library.)

County Supervisors minutes July 1873

Page 16 A. Transcription and text enlargement



County Supervisors minutes July 1873

Page 16 B. Transcription and text enlargement

Dr. Fenn reported to the State Board of Health

Page 17 C. In 1881 Dr. Fenn reported to the State Board of Health.

County Supervisors minutes Page 17 D. 7/13,20/82, the county placed patients in the private hospital of Drs. Stockton and Remondino. It is apparent that the first report of the Superintendent of the County Hospital, 1889, Diez was in error as to the date of establishment in the valley—possibly a misprint of “1882”; A fine brick hospital was built at the north end of Front Street, above the val­ley, in 1903-04; Dedication of the struc­ture that replaced it was on August 21, 1963.

Quarantine Station (

Page 19. The Quarantine Station (about 1905) on Pt. Loma with North Island, Coronado, and Mexico in the background. (Courtesy Title Insurance and Trust Company)

The smallpox excitement

Page 20. The smallpox excitement — vaccinating patients in the doctor’s parlor with virus taken directly from the animals. (As We Were, Family Life in America 1850-1900)