The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1971, Volume 17, Number 1
Linda Freischlag, Editor

Main Articles

Cuyamaca Land Grant Trial
By Richard C. Martin
The Letters of Thomas Rylan Darnall
By Blaine P. Lamb
Immigrants on the Gila and Baja California Routes to San Diego in 1849
By James Robert Moriarty

On the Cover

Cover image

Julian in January, Rex Brandt
(Courtesy of the Copley Press Library).

Julian recently celebrated its 100th anniversary of the discovery of gold. A peaceful community now, Julian once was the setting for angry miners and townsfolk. In the 1870s, they found themselves fighting for their land and their pride.

In 1870 gold was discovered in Julian. The owners of the Cuyamaca Grant immediately claimed that their northern boundaries stretched over into the Julian area and they demanded royalties from the mines or the right to shut them down. As a result of this action, one of the most interesting trials in the history of San Diego occurred as related in Mr. Martin’s article on the Cuyamaca Land Grant Trial.

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