The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1972, Volume 18, Number 1
James E Moss, Editor

From the San Diego Evening World, April 20, 1876

Messrs. Snider & Swerer are turning things at their establishment wrong side out, and changing round generally. They are soon to have a barber shop, beer house, and bathing establishment all under the same roof.

From the San Diego Union, November 4, 1869

Henneries: Some of our citizens are putting these buildings too near their stables. Chicken lice getting on horses cause great suffering and damage.

From the San Diego Union, December 23, 1869

Firing off pistols at night is much too common an amusement in New San Diego. We have been informed that a small house was perforated by a bullet a few evenings since and that a gentleman who was walking home got a ball through his coat sleeve.