The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1973, Volume 19, Number 2
James E. Moss, Editor

David J. Weber, Book Review Editor

Book Notes

Metal Uniform Insignia of the Frontier U.S. Army, 1846-1902. By Sidney B. Brinckerhoff. Tucson: Arizona Historical Society, 1972. Bibliography. Illustrations. Notes. 39 pages. Softbound. $2.50.

This booklet is Brinckerhoff’s latest in a series of monographs on frontier apparel and accouterments of the U.S. Army spanning the last half of the nineteenth century. It scans buttons, branch insignia, buckles, and epaulettes and is based on sample artifacts found in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. The author, an avid collector of Army paraphernalia himself, has not attempted to present this as a definitive work, but rather offers it as a brief guide to the museum professional or the ardent connoisseur. Read in such a light, it serves as a most handy lexicon on the subject.

Curator, Serra Museum