The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1974, Volume 20, Number 3

Original Articles

Reminiscences of Lomaland. Madame Tingley and the Theosphical Institute in San Diego
Edited by Dennis E. Berge

Military View of San Diego in 1847: Four Letters from Colonel Jonathan D. Stevenson to Governor Richard B. Mason
Edited by Charles Hughes

Military Posts in San Diego 1852
By Robert W. Frazer

The Uneasy Alliance: Jewish-Anglo Relations in San Diego 1850-1860
By Henry Schwartz

San Diego History—Sidelights on the Lightside 1850-1860

A Brief History of the Granite Industry in San Diego County
By S. Tom Wood

Warren’s Not Warner’s: A Postscript to “The Stage to El Centro”
By Orion Zink

Book Reviews

Letter to the Editor


cover photo

The oak doors shown on the cover once stood within the entrance of the Aryan Memorial Temple, a focal point on the grounds of the International Theosophical Institute on Point Loma in San Diego. The doors were carved in 1901 by Reginal Machell of the Royal Academy in London, and depict the artist’s ideal man and woman. Following World War I, the leader of the theosophical movement, Madame Katherine Tingley, renamed the Aryan Temple “The Temple of Peace.” In 1942 the Theosophical Institute moved its headquar­ters and the property ultimately was acquired by United States International University. It is now the site of Point Loma College. A fire in 1952 destroyed the temple, but the doors were saved. They stand 12’4″ high and measure 6’6″ across.

The doors are now on exhibit at Serra Museum, Presidio Park, San Diego, on loan through the courtesy of Dr. William Rust, President of United States International University.

In this issue of the Journal there appears an article entitled “Reminiscences of Loma­land” by Iverson L. Harris, edited by Dennis E. Berge relating to the International Theosophical Institute.

Photographed By BERT SHANKLAND

This issue of the The Journal of San Diego History was scanned and proofread by volunteer George Bailey.