The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1974, Volume 20, Number 3

From The Jewish Progress, San Francisco, April 14, 1893

“Father in heaven to Thee we pray,
Give us a good dinner every day,
Goose and turkey, sauce and cake,
That’s all we crave to take.
As to drinks, champagne and wine
Remember us our God divine.
Bless our children with all your grace
With ribbons, fringes and Brussels lace.
Our wives and daughters
Thou dost behold,
Give them diamonds and all the gold.
Give peace and plenty all over the land

Oh, Thou, who causes the flowers to bloom
Give us, Oh give us another boom.
We pray to Thee from early till late,
Give us a raise in real estate.
Many blessings, wealth galore,
That’s all we ask, nothing more.



Courtesy Dr. Norton B. Stern
Los Angeles