The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1976, Volume 22, Number 1
James E. Moss, Editor

Main Articles

A Bicentennial Guide to Significant Events in the San Diego Region
Compiled by Iris Wilson Engstrand
Lovell’s Report on the Cahuilla Indians, 1854
Edited by Robert W. Frazer
William Marshall, “The Wickedest Man in California”: A Reappraisal
By Leland E. Bibb
The Imperial Valley in 1904; An Account by Hugo de Vries
Edited by Peter W. van der Pas
The Death of Fray Luis Jayme: Two Hundredth Anniversary
By Msgr. Francis J. Weber

Book Reviews

Baja California Guidebook.
By Walt Wheelock and Howard E. Gulick. Reviewed by W. Michael Mathes.
Historical Atlas of California.
By Warren A. Beck and Ynez D. Haase. Reviewed by Dr. Kenneth A. Smith.
The Presidio: Bastion of the Spanish Borderlands.
By Max L. Moorhead. Reviewed by Leon G. Campbell.
Chiefs and Challengers: Indian Resistance and Cooperation in Southern California.
By George Harwood Phillips. Reviewed by Leland E. Bibb.
Francois X. Aubry: Trader, Trailmaker and Voyageur in the Southwest, 1846-1854.
By Donald Chaput. Reviewed by Janet Lecompte.
L.A. in the Thirties: 1931-1941.
By David Gebhard and Harriette Von Breton. Reviewed by Robert Redding.
The Crown City’s Brightest Gem: A History of the Hotel del Coronado.
By Marcie Buckley. Reviewed by Nicholas Fintzelberg, Ph.D.

Book Notes

Considerations on the Political and Social Situation of the Mexican Republic: 1847
Translated by Dennis E. Berge.
The Western Journal of Issac Mayer Wise, 1877.
Edited by William Kramer.
California Indian History: A Classified and Annotated Guide to Source Materials.
By Robert F. Heizer, Karen M. Nissen, and Edward D. Castillo.
The American Indian.
Edited by Norris Hundley.
The Indispensable Enemy: Labor and the Anti-Chinese Movement in California.
By Alexander Saxton.
The Mariposa Indian War, 1850-1851.
University of Utah Press facsimile.
Diaries of Robert Eccleston: The California Gold Rush, Yosemite, and the High Sierra.
By edited by C. Gregory Crampton.

Letter to the Editor

Father Serra’s leg troubles
Clifford L. Graves, MD.

San Diego History – The Good Old Days

Social Reporting — sounds the same today