The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1977, Volume 23, Number 4
James E. Moss, Editor
Thomas L. Scharf, Assistant Editor

Dear Editor:

Referring to the article by Dr. Thomas D. Clark (Spring Journal, 1977), it seems a pity that the author found it necessary to dig up what can only be viewed as trivia and inaccuracies from 1897. The ignorant reader seeing the headline “Battle of the Fair Theosophists is On” would naturally assume that this refers to current events, as it is expressed in the present tense. As a matter of actual fact, never since 1895 has the cooperation between official representatives of Adyar and Point Loma been closer and more fraternal than it is today.

Moreover, should not a Doctor of Philosophy at least be accurate in giving the official title of outstanding organizations about which he is writing with supposed knowledge? I refer to his naming the organization over which Katherine Tingley presided for thirty-one years as “United Brotherhood of Theosophists” instead of its constitutional name used consistently in all our publications issued at Point Loma from 1900 to 1929, “The Universal Brotherhood and Theosophical Society.”

Surely, a scholarly Doctor of Philosophy should not stoop to such prejudiced expressions as “thwarting his bid for succession” and “wily Judge.” I am sure you will see our viewpoint, when we state that we feel the whole unimportant but cynical article is unworthy of a genuine scholar.

Very truly yours,

Iverson L. Harris
Point Loma Publications, Inc.