The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1978, Volume 24, Number 3
Thomas L. Scharf, Managing Editor

Original Articles

Asama Gunkan – The Reappraisal of a War Scare
By Donald H. Estes
The San Diego Zoological Garden: A Foundation to Build On
By Marjorie Betts Shaw
Women In San Diego … a history in photographs
By Dick Carlson
Anna and Albert Valentien: The Arts and Crafts Movement In San Diego
By Bruce Kamerling
The Politics of Water in San Diego 1895-1897
By Gregg R. Hennessey

Book Reviews

The Bradshaw Trail
By Francis J. Johnston. Reviewed by John L. Polich
Blacks in Gold Rush California.
By Rudolph M. Lapp. Reviewed by Gregg R. Hennessey
Johan Adrian Jacobsen: Alaskan Voyage 1881-1883. An Expedition to the Northwest Coast of America
Translated by Erna Gunther from the German text of Adrian Woldt. Reviewed by Richard A. Pierce
Drawn From Life: California Indians in Pen and Brush.
By Theodora Kroeber, Albert B. Elsasser, Robert F. Heizer. Reviewed by Frank R. LaPena
A Dictionary of the Old West, 1850-1900
By Peter Watts. Reviewed by Ray Brandes.
The Trader On The American Frontier: Myth’s Victim.
By Howard R. Lamar. Reviewed by Merrill J. Mattes
Travels in the Interior of Mexico in 1825, 1826, 1827, & 1828
By R. W. H. Hardy. Reviewed by W. Michael Mathes
Prehistory of the Far West: Homes of Vanished Peoples
By L. S. Cressman. Reviewed by Diane Everett-Barbolla
Broadcloth and Britches: The Santa Fe Trade
By Seymour V. Connor and Jimmy M. Skaggs. Reviewed by David J. Weber

Cover: An interior view of San Diego’s Valentien Pottery Company about 1911 shows shelves lined with ware ready to be decorated. While the company was short-lived, the artistic contributions of its founders, Anna and Albert Valentien, spanned several decades. Their lives and work are explored in an article beginning on page 343. The inset photograph is of a water color by Albert Valentien of Eschscholzia californica Chamisso-better known as the California Poppy. It is reproduced here through the courtesy of the San Diego Natural History Museum. Photograph by Harry Crosby.