The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1979, Volume 25, Number 4
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

Original Articles

Jamul Cement: Speculation in the San Diego Hinterland.
By David C. Burkenroad
Preliminary Investigation: Music in the Jesuit Missions of Baja California (1698-1767).
By Alfred E. Lemmon
San Diego Interiors: (1880-1930)
By William Chandler
Rebuilding the California Southern Railroad: The Personal Account of a Chinese Labor Contractor, 1884.
Edited by Andrew Griego

Book Reviews

Los Paisanos: Spanish Settlers on the Northern Frontier of New Spain.
By Oakah L. Jones. Reviewed by Theodore E. Treutlein.
The Wisdom of the Heart: Katherine Tingley Speaks.
Compiled and Edited by W. Emmett Small. Reviewed by Emmett E. Greenwalt.
Portuguese Immigrants: The Centennial Story of the Portuguese Union of the State of California.
By Carlos Almeida. Reviewed by Rhoda E. Kruse.
The Frontier in Latin American History.
By Alistair Hennessy. Ray Allen Billington and Howard R. Lamar, Coeditors. Reviewed by Roger L. Cunniff.
Conquer and Colonize: Stevenson’s Regiment and California.
By Donald C. Biggs. Reviewed by Clarence F. McIntosh.
Steamboats on the Colorado River: 1852-1916.
By Richard E. Lingenfelter. Reviewed by Harry Kelsey.