The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1982, Volume 28, Number 1
Edited by Thomas L. Scharf

Main Articles

Boomerang Boom: San Diego 1941-1942
By Mary Taschner
Jerry MacMullen: An Uncommon Man, Part II
Edited by Trudie Casper
The Music Festival San Diego Almost Had
By Helen Ellsberg
Balboa Park, 1909-1911; The Rise and Fall of the Olmsted Plan
By Gregory Montes

Book Reviews

The Remembered Earth.
Edited by Geary Hobson. Reviewed by Frank R. La Pena.
Missionaries, Miners and Indians: Spanish Contact with the Yaqui Nation of Northwestern New Spain, 1533-1820
By Evelyn Hu-DeHart. Reviewed by Clare V. McKanna.
Spanish Scientists in the New World: The Eighteenth-Century Expeditions.
By Iris H.W. Engstrand. Reviewed by Gary L. Cunningham.
Vision or Villainy: Origins of the Owens Valley-Los Angeles Water Controversy.
By Abraham Hoffman. Reviewed by Michael F. Konig.

This Journal issue was scanned by Cassius Zedaker.