The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1983, Volume 29, Number 1
Thomas L. Scharf, Managing Editor

Original Articles

Pioneer Spirit: The Klauber Wangenheim Company
By Richard Muller
The Wetherbee Planing Mill: A Case History of the 1880s Boom and Bust
By Stephen van Wormer
Logan Heights: Growth and Change in the Old “East End”
By Frank Norris
The San Diego Woman’s Home Association: A Volunteer Charity Organization
By Richard D. Sexton
Don José Antonio Aguirre: Spanish Merchant and Ranchero
By Mary H. Haggland

Book Reviews

The Way We Lived: California Indian Reminiscences, Stories, and Songs
Edited by Malcolm Margolin
From Memory to History: Using Oral Sources in Local Historical Research
By Barbara Allen and William Lynwood Motell.
Competition for California Water: Alternative Resolutions
Edited by Ernest A. Engelbert with Ann Foley Scheuring.
Knights of the Green Cloth: The Saga of the Frontier Gamblers
By Robert K. DeArment
Colony Olivenhain
By Richard Bumann

Book Notes

Yuma: Frontier Crossing of the Far Southwest
By Clifford Trafzer
Selected Letters of Raymond Chandler
Edited by Frank MacShane
Stickney’s Cracker Barrel: Antics of Lawyers and Judges in San Diego in the Early Part of this Century
By Jeff Stickney
San Francisco: Presidio, Port and Pacific Metropolis
By Robert W. Cherny and William Issel
Pilgrim of the Clear Light: The Biography of Dr. Walter
By Ken Winkler

Front Cover image

The “Point Loma” brand was a symbol of quality to San Diego area residents and many others who purchased their groceries through the Klauber Wangenheim Company. Beginning in 1869 as Steiner and Klauber, the firm grew to become one of the most successful of its kind in the Southwest. This achievement was primarily due to the legacy of sound leadership left by the founders of the company: Abraham Klauber and other Klauber family members, Samuel Steiner, Simon Levi and Julius Wangenheim. Their story, together with that of the business they created, starts on page 1 of this issue.