The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1984, Volume 30, Number 3
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

Main Articles

Louis John Gill: Famous but Forgotten Architect
By Rev. C. Douglas Kroll
San Diego’s First Cabrillo Celebration, 1892
By Sally Bullard Thornton
“Bull Strong, Horse High, and Hog Tight:” The Work and Character of Edwin M. Capps
By John C. Brownlee
María Amparo Ruiz Burton: The General’s Lady
By Kathleen Crawford

Book Reviews

American Indians, American Justice
By Vine Deloria, Jr. and Clifford M. Lytle. Reviewed by Donald L. Fixico.
Off The Main Road: San Vicente and Barona: A History of those who shaped events in the Rancho Canada de San Vicente y Mesa del Padre Barona
By Charles R. LeMenager. Reviewed by Stephen R. Van Wormer.
Historians and the American West.
Edited by Michael P. Malone. Foreword by Rodman W. Paul. Reviewed by Richard T. Ruetten.
Ordinary People and Everyday Life: Perspectives on the New Social History.
Edited by James B. Gardner and George Rollie Adams. Reviewed by William Issel.
California Patterns: A Geographical and Historical Atlas.
By David Hornbeck, Design and Cartography by David L. Fuller. Reviewed by Warren A. Beck.
Madrid and the Spanish Economy, 1560-1850.
By David R. Ringrose. Reviewed by William D. Phillips, Jr.
As I Remember Poway: Memoirs of Mary van Dam.
By Mary Augusta van Dam. Reviewed by Kama Webster.
Forging New Rights in Western Waters.
By Robert G. Dunbar. Reviewed by Lawrence B. Lee.
Boat and Shipbuilding in San Diego.
Cabrillo Historical Association. Reviewed by David G. Brierley.
El Progresista, Periodico Semanario 1903-1904.
Edited by David Pinera. Reviewed by Thomas E. Case.

Book Notes

Rods, Bundles & Stitches: A Century of Southern California Indian Basketry.
Edited by Paul A. Lopez and Christopher L. Moser.
Guide to Research Collections of Former United States Senators 1789-1982.
Edited by Kathryn Allamong Jacob.
Filipinos: Forgotten Asian Americans: A Pictorial Essay.
By Fred Cordova.
An American Original: The Life of J. Frank Dobie.
By Lon Tinkle.
Indian Life at the Old Missions.
By Edith Buckland Webb.
A Desert Country Near the Sea: A Natural History of the Cape Region of Baja California.
By Ann Zwinger.
Oral History: A Guide for Teachers (and Others).
By Thad Sitton, George L. Mehaffy, and O.L. Davis, Jr. Austin.
Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives. Revised Edition.
Washington: National Archives Trust Fund Board.
Rock Art Papers, Volume I.
Edited by Ken Hedges.
Forts and Supplies: The Role of the Army in the Economy of the Southwest, 1846-1861.
By Robert W. Frazer.
California’s Utopian Colonies.
By Robert V. Hine.
Modern California Politics.
By Jackson K. Putnam.
The Gila Trail: The Texas Argonauts and the California Gold Rush.
By Benjamin Butler Harris. Edited by Richard H. Dillon.
The Craft of Public History: An Annotated Select Bibliography.
Edited by David T. Trask and Robert W. Pomeroy III.
Dude Ranching: A Complete History.
By Lawrence. R. Borne.

This Journal issue was scanned by Robert Rael.