The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1985, Volume 31, Number 2
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

Book Notes

Raymond Starr, Book Review Editor

Spanish Colonial Frontier Research. Compiled and Edited by Henry F. Dobyns. Albuquerque: Center for Anthropological Studies, 1980. Illustrations. Index. 113 Pages. $14.00 Paperback.

Although Spanish Colonial Frontier Research contains a number of articles on the Spanish frontier which might interest San Diego readers, the item which will be of primary concern will be Paul and Greta Ezell’s article, “Bread and Barbecues at San Diego Presidio.” This article, along with Paul Ezell’s report in the Fall 1976 Journal of San Diego History, gives the best account extant on what we know about life in the San Diego Presidio as a result of the archaeological excavations which have been ongoing since 1965. It discusses burials, living conditions, buildings and water conservation, food and cooking. Detailed consideration of the Presidio’s garbage leads to a number of conclusions about extent and nature of commerce in San Diego. Probably the most unique contributions by the Ezells relate to the kind of food eaten in the Presidio, and who cooked it. This article is a definite “don’t miss” item.