The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1985, Volume 31, Number 3
Thomas Scharf, Managing Editor

Book Notes

Three Years Among the Indians and Mexicans. By Thomas James. Introduction by Abraham P. Nasatir. Reprint Edition. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1984. Maps. Appendices. 181 Pages. $5.95 Paperback.

Thomas James’ account of his three years among the Indians is a smashing good tale. James was involved in the fur trade and in 1809-1810 and again in 1821-1824, he travelled along the Missouri, Yellowstone, Arkansas Rivers, and into New Mexico. His story is not only good reading, but also valuable. For many topics, James’ is the only primary source extant. The original account was published in 1846 in order to encourage efforts for better relations with the Comanches. That 1846 edition has been reprinted unabridged in an inexpensive paperback by the University of Nebraska Press. The introduction by San Diego historian Abraham P. Nasatir enhances the book by providing biographical material on Thomas James, and by explaining the significance of the narrative as a source for Western history.