The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1985, Volume 31, Number 3
Thomas Scharf, Managing Editor

Main Articles

James W. Robinson and the Development of Old Town San Diego
By Ronald Quinn
Like the Ancients: the Art of Donal Hord
By Bruce Kamerling
La Jolla Hermosa A Subdivision Triumph
By Thomas A. Jamison

Book Reviews

Pueblo Deco: The Art Deco Architecture of the Southwest.
By Marcus Whiffen and Carla Breeze. Reviewed by Patricia Schaelchlin.
Chicanos in California: A History of Mexican Americans in California
By Albert Camarillo. Reviewed by Jeffrey M. Garcilazo.
Sunbelt Cities: Politics and Growth Since World War II.
Edited by Richard M. Bernard and Bradley R. Rice. Reviewed by Dr. Michael F. Konig.
Pancho Villa and John Reed: Two Faces of Romantic Revolution.
By Jim Tuck. Reviewed by Clare V. McKanna, Jr.
Rim of Christendom; A Biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino, Pacific Coast Pioneer.
By Herbert Eugene Bolton. Reviewed by Janet R. Fireman.
The Lost Land: The Chicano Image of the Southwest.
By John R. Chávez. Reviewed by Abraham Hoffman.

Book Notes

A History of the Indians of the United States.
By Angie Debo.
Audubon’s Western Journal, 1849-1850.
By John Woodhouse Audubon.
The Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie.
Introduction by William H. Goetzmann.
Three Years Among the Indians and Mexicans.
By Thomas James..
Monuments to Jedediah Smith.
Compiled by Raymond F. Wood.
Julian Gold.
By Cliff Craig.
Lying on the Eastern Slope: James Townsend’s Comic Journalism on the Mining Frontier.
By Richard A. Dwyer and Richard E. Lingenfelter.
California’s Catholic Treasury: A Guide to the Historical Museum Attached to the Archival Center, Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
Compiled by Francis J. Weber.
Research: A Bibliography on Historical Organization Practices.
Edited by Frederick L. Rath, Jr., and Merrilyn Rogers O’Connell.
Holy Cross Mission: A Documentary History of Santa Cruz.
Compiled by Francis J. Weber.
Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California: 1769-1850.
By Marie E. Northrop.
Carleton E Watkins: A Listing of Photographs in the Collection of the California State Library.
By Richard Terry.