The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1989, Volume 35, Number 1
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

Original Articles

The Cobblestone Connection in San Diego’s Architectural History
By Barbara E. Fredrich
A Visit to the Home of California’s First Martyr
By Norman Neuerburg
A History of Santa Rosalia in Baja California
By Maria Eugenia B. De Novelo
Prostitutes, Progressives, and Police: The Viability of Vice in San Diego 1900-1930
By Clare V. McKanna, Jr.

Book Reviews

Hoover Dam: An American Adventure
By Joseph E. Stephens. Reviewed by Gregg Hennessey.
[This review was not printed in its entirety. The corrected text is presented here.]
San Dieguito-La Jolla: Chronology and Controversy.
Edited by Dennis Gallegos. Reviewed by Michael J. Moratto.
Waldo: Pioneer Aviator: A Personal History of American Aviation.
By Waldo Dean Waterman, with Jack Carpenter. Reviewed by Ray Wagner.
Wong Ho Leun: An American Chinatown.
Edited by The Great Basin Foundation. Reviewed by Judith Liu.
Law and Community on the Mexican Frontier: Anglo-American Expatriates and the Clash of Legal Traditions, 1821-1846.
By David J. Langum. Reviewed by Clare V. McKanna, Jr.
Border Fury: A Picture Postcard Record of Mexico’s Revolution and U. S. War Preparedness, 1910-1917.
By Paul J. Vanderwood and Frank N. Samponaro. Reviewed by Richard Griswold del Castillo.