The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1993, Volume 39, Number 3
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

Compiled by James D. Newland

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Some of the most valuable works of scholarship on San Diego history are the master’s theses and doctoral dissertations completed at local and state universities. These studies provide researchers with resources on a wide range of local history topics. Leading the way in this scholarship are the graduate divisions of the history departments at San Diego State University (SDSU) and the University of San Diego (USD). Two other local universities, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and United States International University (USIU), along with several institutions outside of San Diego County, have also added titles on San Diego history.

However, most of these works remain unknown to researchers of San Diego history. One of the main reasons for this is that master’s theses are not typically included in common abstract publications. Since most titles on local history are master’s theses from SDSU and USD, they have had no regular bibliographic listing beyond their university’s own library systems.

This bibliographic checklist is a current listing of all known theses and dissertations that interpret San Diego history. Earlier lists of these theses have been compiled at SDSU (Posner, 1984) and USD (Brandes, 1992) respectively, and serve as the starting points for this compilation. The theses and dissertations added to these original lists were compiled from the computer cataloging systems now utilized at SDSU, USD, and UCSD. The MELVYL computer database available at UCSD provided access to the holdings of the University of California system libraries. The titles found at USIU were located in the Reserve Book Room at the Walter Library.

The works included in this list were compiled from subject title searches focusing on geographic locations within modern San Diego County and people and events associated with San Diego history. Titles dealing with nineteenth and early twentieth century Imperial County history were also included since this region was part of San Diego County until 1907. Theses and dissertations from history departments were the major source of these works, however, titles were found from many different academic disciplines. Due to time constraints and the vast number of volumes cataloged, the searches at the University of California campuses were limited to the social science disciplines. It is noted that although most of the titles are secondary research utilizing primary resources, some of the studies themselves are primary information sources.

The limitations of this search has likely led to several exclusions of titles that lack identifiable subject words in the heading. Therefore, any researchers that wish to suggest additions to the list are welcome to contribute them. It is hoped that this list will become a valued bibliographic resource to scholarship available on San Diego history.

The checklist is organized by university name with the titles listed alphabetically by author’s name. Local call numbers are provided whenever possible. Titles marked with an asterisk are available in the Research Archives of the San Diego Historical Society. Reprints of the complete checklist, indexed by author and subject, are also available at the Historical Society. The “Find” button on your web browser may help you locate an author or topic of interest.


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James D. Newland is a professional historian who works as a Historic Resources Consultant in San Diego and throughout Southern California. He is also the Archivist and Curator of the Gaskill Brothers Stone Store in Campo, California. Mr. Newland received a B.A. degree in Social Sciences from San Diego State University and an M.A. in Public History, also from SDSU. He is currently working as Historian for the Cleveland National Forest to help develop the Forest Service History Center Museum in Corona.