The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1995, Volume 41, Number 1
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

Original Articles

This Was Paradise: Voices of the Pacific Coast League Padres, 1936-1958
By William G. Swank and James D. Smith III
From Grecian Columns to Spanish Towers: The Development of San Diego State College, 1922-1953
By Alexander D. Bevil

Book Reviews

Southern California Gardens: An Illustrated History
By Paul J. Zingg and Mark D. Medeiros. Reviewed by Frank Kern.
Runs, Hits, and an Era: The Pacific Coast League, 1903-1958
By Victoria Padilla. Reviewed by Lucy Warren.
From Mission to Metropolis: Cupeño Indian Women in Los Angeles
By Diana Meyers Bahr. Reviewed by Alan Kilpatrick.
Indian Survival on the California Frontier
By Albert L. Hurtado. Reviewed by Linda S. Parker.
The Squatter and the Don
By María Amparo Ruiz de Burton. Eds. Rosaura Sánchez and Beatrice Pita. Reviewed by Richard Griswold del Castillo.
Overland With Kit Carson: A Narrative of the Old Spanish Trail in ’48
By George Douglas Brewerton. Reviewed by Ray Brandes.
The Flayed God: The Mythology of Mesoamerica: Sacred Texts and Images from Pre-Columbian Mexico and Central America
By Roberta H. Markman and Peter T. Markman. Reviewed by Stephen A. Colston.
Old Town. New Town: An Enjoyment of San Diego Jewish History
By William M. Kramer, Editor. Reviewed by Lawrence Baron.
The San Diego Trolley
By Gena Holle. Reviewed by Karna Webster.
The San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve: A Field Guide, Vol. 1
By Judith Lea Garfield. Reviewed by Patricia A. Schaelchlin.