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George Myatt, shortstop
Born: 6-14-1914
Padres: 1936-1937 George Myatt A smooth middle infielder, “Mercury” enjoyed seven major league seasons, batting .296 and stealing thirty bases for Washington in 1945. On his way up, “Foghorn” was the leadoff batter in PCL Padre history, starting at shortstop in their 6-2 victory on March 31, 1936 before 8,178 paid. He led the team with thirty-three stolen bases each season in San Diego, as well as 117 runs scored in 1936.

Spider Baum In 1936 we trained in Riverside, California. I had made $125 a month in ’35. Mr. Lane sent me a contract for $200 a month for ’36. I held out for $275. “Spider” Baum, the Secretary [who pitched in the inaugural 1903 PCL season – Ed.] talked me into signing a dollar contract for spring training. He said if I wasn’t in camp Mr. Lane would fine me. So I did, had a good camp, and when we went to San Diego to start the season, opening day I had to sign my contract. Mr. Lane was very rough, giving me hell. I got mad and told him I had to have $325. He really raved and said I was robbing him–but he wrote the contract. I had a good year for the Padres, really loved San Diego and the fans . . .

Bobby Doerr and I were close, good friends, roomed together, and he was my best man. I met my wife in National City. She played softball real good. Mr. Lane gave us a week in Frisco for our honeymoon if we got married at home plate. We had a quartet on the club–Vince DiMaggio, Red Campbell, Berlyn Horne and another player–and they sang “Those Wedding Bells are Breaking Up that Old Gang of Mine.” Mr. Lane was a harsh man but I liked him a lot; he gave me good advice.

One thing I remember about San Diego was Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Tuttle [President of the PCL], her in her big hat and him in his cap, at the games.