Spring-Summer 1998, Volume 44, Numbers 2 & 3

The Journal of San Diego History
Spring-Summer 1998, Volume 44, Numbers 2 & 3
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

By Gregory L. Williams

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C1 San Diego Photographic Print Reference Books
C2 San Diego Union-Tribune Photograph Collection
C3 Title Insurance Photograph Collection
C4 San Diego History Center Negative Collection
C5 San Diego History Center Original Print Collection


C6. Ames Color Publishers Collection
C7. Elden Anderson Photograph Collection
C8. Argall Family Photograph Collection
C9. Jose Aguirre Family Photograph Collection
C10 Asian/Chinese Photograph Collection
C11 DeGraff Austin Photograph Collection
C12 Walter Averette Photograph Collection
C13 Norman Baynard Photograph Collection
C14 W. Beuthel Miniature Stereoview Collection
C15 Harry Bishop Photograph Collection
C16 Larry Booth/Tolle Company Photograph Collection
C17 Larry Booth/Union Title Insurance Photograph Collection
C18 Helen Tulloch Bowles ‘Jitney Jane’ Photograph Collection
C19 Brewery Slide Collection
C20 Andreas Brown Postcard/Photograph Collection
C21 Barbara Jean/Burlesque Theater Photograph Collection
C22 California-Pacific Exposition, 1935 (1) Photograph Collection
C23 California-Pacific Exposition, 1935 (2) Photograph Collection
C24 Calvary Cemetery Pioneer Park Photograph Collection
C25 Camp Callan Photograph Collection
C26 Cartwright Aerial Survey East County Aerial Photograph Collection
C27 Pliny Castinian Photograph Collection
C28 Florence Christman Photograph Collection
C29 San Diego City Planning Commission Aerial Photograph Collection
C30 Concrete Ship Photograph Collection
C31 San Diego Convention & Tourist Bureau Collection
C32 Jack Crawford Photograph Collection
C33 Convair Photograph Collection
C34 Daguerreotype/Ambrotype/Tintype Cased Photograph Collection
C35 Dauchy-Thieme Family Photograph Collection
C36 Edward H. Davis Photograph Collection
C37 Antony Di Gesu Photograph Collection
C38 Antony Di Gesu Videotape Collection/The Artists
C39 James E. Dillon Theater Publicity/Display Photographs
C40 Hans Doe & Margaret Doe Photograph Collection
C41 Downtown San Diego 1980 Photograph Collection
C42 Early Photographic Print Collection: Subjects/Places (Old SDHC Subjects)
C43 Early Photographic Print Collection: People (Old SDHC People)
C44 Robert Eberhardt Photograph Collection
C45 Lt. Theodore G. Ellyson Photograph Collection
C46 Harry A. Erickson Photograph Collection
C47 Bea Evenson Balboa Park Preservation Photograph Collection
C48 Wayne Fabert Photograph and Note Collection
C49 Film & Stage Performers & Movie Stills Photograph Collection
C50 Herbert R. Fitch Photograph Collection
C51 Edward Fletcher Family and Water Photograph Collection
C52 Fletcher Family Collection
C53 Frye & Smith Photograph Collection
C54 Walter Fulkerson Photograph/Theater Memorabilia Collection
C55 John Lewis Geddes Photograph Collection
C56 Irving Gill Architectural Photograph Collection
C57 Griffith/Manatt Photograph Collection
C58 Joesph Malta Frederick Haase Photograph Collection
C59 Mike Hazelip Photograph Collection
C60 Vernon Heger Photograph Collection
C61 Heller Grocery Stores Photograph Collection
C62 Hope Architectural Photograph Collection
C63 Donal Hord Photograph Collection
C64 Janz-Gagnon Family Photographs
C65 Lantern Slide Collection
C66 Marion Plummer Lester Photograph Collection
C67 Virginia Lucas Slide Collection
C68 Gene Kazikowski Aerial Photograph Collection
C69 Kelsey Family Photograph Collection
C70 Steven McCarroll Photograph Collection
C71 McLure Family Photograph Collection
C72 Paul Madigan Photograph Collection
C73 Chris Marsh/San Diego Buildings Slide Collection
C74 Philip Middlebrook Photograph Collection
C75 J.M. Miller San Diego Mission Restoration Photograph Collection
C76 Paul T. Mizony/Fort Rosecrans Photograph Collection
C77 Robert Mosher Photograph Collection
C78 Motion Picture Collection
C79 Muehlheisen Photograph Collection
C80 Naval Hospital Historic American Building Survey (HABS)
C81 F.B. Norris/San Diego Landmarks Slide Collection
C82 Oceanside Blade-Tribune Photograph Collection
C83 Palomar Observatory Construction Photograph Collection
C84 Panama-California Exposition 1915 Photograph Collection
C85 Panoramic Views/Circuit Print Photograph Collection
C86 Parent Teacher’s Association of San Diego City Schools Photograph Collection
C87 Lee Passmore Photograph Collection
C88 Pastime Gun Club Photograph Collection
C89 F.E. Patterson Photograph Collection
C90 Don Perkins Slide Collection
C91 San Diego (Calif): Police Department Photograph Collection
C92 San Diego (Calif): Port Authority Photograph Collection
C93 Port of San Diego Photograph Collection
C94 Postcard Collection
C95 Richard Requa Motion Picture Collection
C96 Resthaven Preventorium Photograph Collection
C97 Glenn Rick Photograph Collection
C98 F.E. Rogers Works Progress Administration Photograph Collection
C99 Lloyd Ruocco Photograph Collection
C100 Howard W. Rozelle Collection
C101 San Diego Harbor Photograph Collection
C102 San Diego Public Library Collection
C103 Sanford E. Sanford Photograph Collection
C104 Pat Schaelchin/La Jolla Building Survey Photograph Collection
C105 Charles Schneider Photograph Collection
C106 Schneider-Kemmler Photograph Collection
C107 Roland E. Schneider/Balboa Park Flowers Autochrome Collection
C108 Schneider/Westhaver Family Photograph Collection
C109 J.W. Sefton Photograph Collection
C110 Guy Sensor Photograph Collection
C111 J.A. Sherriff Photograph Collection
C112 J.E. Slocum/San Diego Bayfront Photograph Collection
C113 Virginia McKenzie Smith Photograph Collection
C114 Southern California Exposition, Del Mar Photograph Collection
C115 Southwest Onyx Photograph Collection
C116 W.W. Stewart Family Photograph Collection
C117 Ralph P. Stineman Photograph Collection
C118 Rodney Stokes Co. Glass Plat Maps Collection
C119 Elaine Sweet Family Photograph Collection
C120 Stereocard Collection
C121 Louis & Delores Strahlman Photograph Collection
C122 Verne Taylor Photograph Collection
C123 San Diego Transit System Photograph Collection
C124 University Club Photograph Collection
C125 Waterman Family/Stonewall Mines Photograph Collection
C126 Walker Family Photograph Collection
C127 Bob Wilson Photograph Collection
C128 Whiting-Mead Company Photograph Collection
C129 Jackson and Ella Marie Wooley Slide Collection
C130 Richard Requa Photograph Collection
C131 Tom Brouwer Photograph Collection
C133 Anne Bricknell/F. E. Patterson Photograph Collection

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS ~ About the Photo Albums ~ Index

PA 1 Panama-California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915
PA 3 George Edward McConaughy Photograph Album, 1898
PA 4 Family Photograph Album, 1920-1921
PA 5 E.W. Scripps Miramar House/john Mason Photograph Album, 1898-1916
PA 6 San Diego Historical Society Reception, 1979
PA 7 Unidentified ‘Views’ Photograph Album, ca. 1900-1920
PA 8 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Marks Family Photograph Album, 1900-1915
PA 9 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900-1915
PA 10 ‘The Rebels’ Photograph Album, 1909-1911
PA 11 Lincoln School Class Photograph Album, 6/22/1918
PA 12 A. G. Simmer’s Vacationing in California/21 Missions Photograph Album, ca. 1940s
PA 13 America’s Exposition Photograph Album, 1936
PA 14 W. W. Slass Photograph Album, 1897-1898
PA 15 Family Outing Photograph Album, ca 1890-1895
PA 16 Unidentified Photograph Album, not dated
PA 17 California-Pacific Exposition Photograph Album, 1935
PA 18 Ethel’s Family Photograph Album, ca. 1899-1900
PA 19 Family Photograph Album, 1914-1918
PA 20 Family Photograph Album, 1906-1916
PA 21 Sydney Hill Family Photograph Album, 1907-1908
PA 22 Sydney Hill Family Photograph Album, 1913-1916
PA 23 Naval Affairs Committee/seaplane Photograph Souvenir Album, 1919
PA 24 Charles F. Lummis’ the Home of Ramona, 1888
PA 25 Thurston (?) Family Photograph Album (Memory Book), 1914-1921
PA 26 Family Photograph Album, 1914-1921
PA 28 Estudillo House and Garden Photograph Album, ca. 1914
PA 29a B Street School Photograph Album, 1908
PA 29b Lincoln School Photograph Album, 1912-1916
PA 29c Lincoln School Photograph Album, 1916-1917
PA 30 Old Mission of California Lithograph Album, 1902
PA 32 Fraser Family Photograph Album, 1920-1935
PA 34 Grace Bower China Trip Photograph Album, 1925
PA 35 California Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 36 San Diego Scenes/Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 37 Braden’s California-Pacific Exposition Photograph Album, 1935
PA 39 L. Winn Photograph Album, ca 1900
PA 40 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 41 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910
PA 42 Native American Education Photograph Album, 1902-1903
PA 43 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1940s
PA 45 Grace Hayman (?) Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 46 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900s
PA 47 California Mission Photograph Album, ca. 1910s?
PA 49 Ira Shafer’s ‘San Diego Pictures’ Photograph Album, 1905-1907
PA 50 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 51 Maude W. Babcock Photograph Album, ca. 1902-1903
PA 52 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910
PA 53 ’24 Beautiful Views of California Missions,’ ca. 1900
PA 54 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1940s
PA 55 Panama-California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915
PA 56 Fred Carmell Photograph Album, 1914-1915
PA 57 Historical San Diego Report and Album, ca. 1945
PA 58 Rancho Santa Fe Photograph Album, 1920s
PA 59 Carl H. Huchting Post Card Album, ca. 1940s
PA 60 Martha ‘Mattay’ Dysart Family Photograph Album, 1900-1915
PA 61 Helen Dysart Photograph Album, 1944-1948
PA 63 Walter Averette Photograph Album, 1920s
PA 64,65,66 Mexican President Alvaro Obregon Visit to Troops Suppressing Insurrection Photograph Albums, 1920s
PA 67 Adobes Photograph Album, 1930s
PA 68 Beam and Graham Families Photograph Album, 1911-1914
PA 69 San Diego Views Photograph Album, ca. 1899
PA 70 San Diego Cal. Travel Photograph Album,1915
PA 71 Early San Diego Leaders Photograph Album
PA 72 Camp San Diego (Descanso) Photograph Album, ca. 1916
PA 73 A.c. Platt Grossmont and Helix Photograph Album, ca. 1910s
PA 74 Lincoln School & B Street Schools Photograph Album, 1906-1927
PA 75 Maude Bosler’s California History Photograph Album
PA 76 Raymond G. Shirley Photograph Album, 1917-1918
PA 77 Family/Hotel Del Coronado 50th Photograph Album, 1905-1938
PA 79 San Diego Scenes Photograph Album, ca. 1915
PA 81 Family Postcard & Photograph Album, ca. 1914
PA 82 Fiesta Mallorca’ California, Celebration of 240th Birthday of Junipero Serra Photograph Album, 1953
PA 83 Road & Bridges Flooded & Destroyed Photograph Album, 1916?
PA 85 Alice Rainford Photograph Album, 1903-1960
PA 87 Neil Nettleship/Crystal Pier Construction Photograph Album, 1926
PA 88 San Diego U.S Government Military Bases Photograph Album, 1908-1930s
PA 89 Walter Averette Photograph Album, ca. 1920
PA 91 Helen Dysart Photograph Album, 1950-1951
PA 92 Motorcycle/Camping/Tourist Trips Photograph Album, 1910s-1930s
PA 93 Josephine Norma Campbell Family Photograph Album, 1911-1912
PA 94 Panama-California Exposition of 1915 Groundbreaking Ceremonies Photograph Album, July 19-23, 1911
PA 95 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, ca. 1918
PA 96 Automobile Trips & Other People Photograph Album, 1912-1930
PA 97 Hamilton Grocery Co. Photograph Album, ca. 1868-1930s
PA 98 San Diego Naval Militia on Mexican Border Photograph Album, 1914
PA 99 Walter Averette’s Northern California Wilderness & Hunting Photograph Album, ca. 1920s
PA 100 Carte De Visite Photograph Album, ca. 1880s
PA 101 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, ca. 1917-1918
PA 102 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, 1909-1917
PA 103 Lee Passmore Flood Photograph Album, 1916
PA 104 Imperial County Photograph Album, ca. 1904
PA 105 San Diego Electric Railway Photograph Album, 1886-ca. 1946
PA 106 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, ca. 1910-1917
PA 107 Harry A. Erickson Waterfront Photograph Album, 1935-1937
PA 108 Herbert R. Fitch Balboa Park Photograph Album, 1915
PA 109, 110, 111, 112 Walter Averette Photograph Albums, 1915
PA 113 Herbert Fitch Agua Caliente Hotel Photograph Album, ca 1930
PA 114 O.A. Tunnell California-Pacific Exposition Photograph Album, 1935
PA 115 Harry A. Erickson Consolidated Aircraft Plant Construction Photograph Album, 1935
PA 116 Larry Booth Union Title & Trust Shovel Ceremonies Photograph Album, 1959-1963
PA 117 Union Title & Trust Company World War II Service Photograph Album, 1942-1943
PA 118 Raymond G. Shirley Photograph Album, ca. 1904-1917
PA 119 American Title Ass’n at Hotel Del Coronado Photograph Album, 1946
PA 120 Harry A. Erickson Desert Photograph Album, 1935
PA 121 Charles Arnold Photograph Album, 1911-1916
PA 123 Herbert R. Fitch Commercial Buildings Photograph Album, 1905-1909
PA 124 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 125 Stough Farms (Burbank) Photograph Album, ca. 1920s
PA 126 San Diego Mission Photograph Album, 1880s-1940s
PA 127 Harry A. Erickson Photograph Album, 1930-1935
PA 128 Ed Coffer/San Diego Landmarks Photograph Album, 1940s-1980s
PA 129 Harry A. Erickson/ Prudden Aircraft Photograph Album, ca. 1930
PA 130 Walter E. Averette Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910
PA 131 Ruby Hatch Panama-California Exposition & San Francisco Exposition Photograph Album, 1915
PA 132 Albertype Company ‘San Diego Cal.’ Lithograph Album, 1901
PA 133 Elliott Family Photograph Album, 1902-1918
PA 134 Charles Stedman Family Photograph Album, ca. 1902
PA 135 Grandma Griest’s Family Photograph Album, 1902-1904
PA 136 Eclipse of the Sun Family Photograph Album, 1920s
PA 137 Richard E. Wilde Family Photograph Album, 1918
PA 138 Black Oak Mine Photograph Album, ca. 1902
PA 139 Duchy-Thieme Family Photograph Album, 1890s-1900
PA 140 Duchy-Thieme Family Photograph Album, ca. 1890’s-1900s
PA 141 Duchy-Thieme Family Photograph Album, 1900
PA 142 Duchy-Thieme Family Photograph Album, 1860s-1960s
PA 143 Consulate’s Passport Photograph Album, 1917-1918
PA 144 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1899
PA 145 San Diego Views Photograph Album, 1903-1904
PA 146 Harry Vaughn Architecture Photograph Album, ca. 1920s
PA 147 San Diego Views Photograph Album, ca. 1903
PA 149 San Diego Views/Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900s
PA 149-1 Isabelle Churchman Art Photograph Album, 1960s-1970s
PA 150 Ernestine Schumann-Heink/Edward Fletcher Photograph Album, ca. 1910
PA 151 San Quintin, Lower California (Mexico) Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 152, 153, 154, 155 J. R. Evans Photograph Albums, ca.1915-1935
PA 156-157 Tom Miller El Capitan Dam Construction Photograph Album, 1932-1933
PA 158 Francis Parker School & Coronado Homes Photograph Album, ca.1920s
PA 159 William Templeton Johnson, Architectural Work Photograph Album, ca.1930s
PA 160, 161,162 California Electric Works Photograph Album, 1929-1933, 1940s-1950s, 1955
PA 163 San Diego Transit Bus Drivers Photograph Album, 1970-1971
PA 164 Nestor ‘Our Village’ Photograph Album, ca.1890s
PA 165 California Highway Commission/San Diego’s 200th Anniversary Photograph Album, 1969
PA 166 San Diego Views Photograph Album, ca.1900
PA 167 U.S. Navy Concrete Ship Construction and Launching Photograph Album, ca.1941
PA 168 U.S. Navy Electronics Lab/Point Loma Military Reservation Photograph Album, 1966
PA 169 Florence Chambers Newkirk Photograph Album, 1880s-1890s
PA 170 Dorothy Chase Ross Portrait Album, ca.1870s-1880s
PA 171 Carte-de-visite Portrait Photograph Album, ca.1860s-1870s
PA 172 Thompson Family Portrait Photograph Album, 1870s-1940s
PA 173 Family Portrait Album, ca.1870s-1890s
PA 174 & 175 Richard Levi Ancestors Portrait Album, ca.1880s-1910s
PA 176 Portrait Album, 1880s
PA 177 Albertype Co. San Diego Lithograph Album, ca.1900
PA 178 Catherine Sloan Gaskill Family Photograph Album, ca.1895-1897
PA 180 Baja California Panorama Photograph Album, ca.1910s
PA 181 ‘Winter of Content’ Photograph Album, 1899-1900
PA 182 Dorothy Chase Ross Family Portrait Album, 1880s-1910s
PA 183 Chase(?) Family Portrait Album, 1880s
PA 184 Dorothy Chase Ross Family Portrait Album, 1870s-1940s
PA 185 Family Portrait Album, 1880s
PA 186 Dorothy Chase Ross Family Portrait Album, 1870s-1880s
PA 187 Family Travel Photograph Album, 1915-1921
PA 188 Mesa Grande Indian Death Dance Photograph Album, 1906
PA 189 Mesa Grande Indian Photograph Album, ca.1900
PA 190 Grant Family (??) Miniature Portrait Photograph Album, 1880s
PA 191 Anderson Borthwick Presentation Photograph Album, 1953
PA 192 Thing Family Photograph Album, ca.1910
PA 193 & 193a Robert V. Steele Photograph Album, 1918-1919
PA 194 Family Portrait Album, ca.1870s-1880s
PA 195 Consolidated Aircraft Corporation ‘A Navy Problem & a Proposed Solution’ Photograph Album, ca.1940
PA 196 Klauber Camping Trip Photograph Album, 1911
PA 197 Los Flores School Photograph Album, ca.1900
PA 198 Panama-California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915
PA 199 Family Photograph Album, 1908-1911
PA 200 Resthaven Preventorium Photograph Album, ca.1913-1920
PA 201 California Pacific International Exposition Photograph Album, 1935
PA 202 Harry A.(Jimmy) Erickson/Russell Parachute Company Photograph Album, ca.1920s
PA 203 Harry A. (Jimmy) Erickson/Lower California Photograph Album, ca.1931
PA 204 & 204a MacArthur Gorton Family Album Photograph Album, 1950s-1960s
PA 205 Cruise of the El Rio Photograph Album, 1906
PA 206 Oceanside & Carlsbad Photograph Album, 1918
PA 207 Nina Cottage and Other San Diego Scenes Photograph Album, ca.1910s
PA 208 MacArthur Gorton Club Activity Photograph Album, 1940s-1950s
PA 209 Chula Vista Family Photograph Album, 1890s
PA 210 Family Photograph Album, ca.1910s-1930s
PA 211 Women in Hats Family Photograph Album, ca.1900-1910
PA 212 Clarence James Morrison Family Photograph Album, ca.1910-1920
PA 213 Southern California View Company’s ‘San Diego City and Expo. Views’ Photograph Album, 1915
PA 214 Panama-California Exposition Views Photograph Album, 1915
PA 215 Family Snap Shots Photograph Album, ca.1910-1920
PA 216 Boldrick’s Fine Shoes Store Opening Photograph Album, 1958
PA 217 Ralph G. Stineman Balboa Park Construction Photograph Album, 1912-1915
PA 219 ‘Through Balboa Park on the San Diego Electric Railway Co.’ Photograph Album, 1942
PA 220 First Fiesta Parade Photograph Album, 1957
PA 221 California State Building Photograph Album, 1935
PA 223 Mission Cliff Gardens Photograph Album, not dated
PA 224 Elizabeth Sprague Photograph Album, ca.1906-1909
PA 225 Camp Callan Construction Photograph Album, 1940-1941
PA 226 A, B, C, & D Woman’s Clubs Photograph Album, 1933-1935
PA 227 San Diego Views ‘Photones’ Photograph Album, ca.1900s
PA 228 Jabez Danford Photograph Album, ca.1910-1929
PA 229 Panama California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915
PA 230 Bowers Family Portrait Album, ca.1880s
PA 231 Family Portrait Album, 1880s
PA 232 Family Portrait Album, 1880s
PA 233 Family Photograph Album, ca.1890s
PA 235 Fred E. Green/San Diego Watershed Photograph Album, 1926-1932
PA 236 Family Photograph Album, ca.1915
PA 237 Family Photograph Album, ca.1950s
PA 238 Robert J. Barkley Photograph Album, 1880s-1940s
PA 239 Panama California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915
PA 240 U.S. Naval Training Station Photograph Album, ca.1915?
PA 241 Family Portrait Album, 1860s-1870s
PA 243 Chase/Preston/Wilson Family Portrait Album, 1860s-1880s
PA 244 Orcutt Family Portrait Album, 1870s-1890s
PA 245 Parlor Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 246 Family Portrait Album, 1870s-1880s
PA 247 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 248 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910s
PA 249 Panama-California Exposition Photomechanical Album, 1915
PA 250 Albertype Co. ‘San Diego Cal.’ Lithograph Album, 1901
PA 251 Western Views by A.M. Reed(?) Photograph Album, 1908, 1924
PA 252 H.E. Coffer Photograph Album, 1980
PA 253 Standard Iron Works/fish Filling Machine Photograph Album, 1940s
PA 254 Levi Edis Photograph Album, 1891-1901
PA 255 Clay Pell Photograph Album, ca.1918
PA 257 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, 1910s
PA 258 & PA 259 Walter Ipsen/California-Pacific Exposition Photograph Albums, 1935-1936
PA 260 Irene Gardner Mills Photograph Album, 1911-1920
PA 261 Geraldine Wooden Photograph Album, ca. 1930s
PA 262 Catherine Santer Ross Photograph Album, 1925-1950
PA 263 Betty K. Roberts/California Pacific International Exposition Photograph Album, 1935
PA 264 Panama California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915
PA 265 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900
PA 266 Selected Views of San Diego Lithograph Album, 1914
PA 267 Rawson Family Photograph Album, ca.1900-1925
PA 268 Scott Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910s
PA 269 Scott Family Photograph Album, 1917-1919
PA 270 Mary Dent Photograph Album, ca. 1910s
PA 271 Western Trip Photograph Album, 1915
PA 272 Naval Air Station Pilot Photograph Album, ca. 1910s
PA 273 Launching Ferry Steamer ‘Coronado’ Photograph Album, 1929
PA 274 First National Bank Construction Photograph Album, 1964-1966
PA 275 Bennington Disaster Photograph Album, 1905
PA 276 Tijuana View Photograph Album, 1920s
PA 277 Mesa Grande & La Jolla Native American Photograph Album, 1900-1910
PA 278 Jesse W. Thomas Photograph Album, 1915-1920s
PA 279 Frances C. Henking Scrapbook, ca. 1900s
PA 280 L.S. Dewein/Spreckels Wharf Photograph Album, 1923-1925
PA 281 San Diego Historic Plaques and Sites Photograph Album, 1925-1950
PA 282 Camp Tapawingo Girl Scout Camp Photograph Album, ca.1936
PA 283 Barrett Dam Engineer’s Report/Photograph Album, 1922
PA 284 Palmer Family Scrapbook/Photograph Album, 1920s-1940s
PA 285-286 Holman Family Photograph Albums, 1938-1950
PA 287 Mary Howe McLeod/California Pacific Exposition, 1935-1936