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Pierce-Morse Building

Page 86. The Pierce-Morse Building was perhaps the grandest structure erected in the City of San Diego during the boom period.

5th Street

Page 88. The growth of the boom period is evident in this picture looking south on 5th Street between D and E streets in 1888.

San Diego Union ad

Page 89. As this San Diego Union advertisement of 1887 shows, the frenzied sale of land during the bom extended south into northern Mexico.

New Carleton Hotel

Page 92. The New Carleton Hotel, at 3rd and F streets, was one of numerous hotels built during this period.

St. James Hotel

Page 93. The St. James Hotel on F Street was built by P. C. Remondino, a physician turned businessman during the boom years.

Hotel del Coronado

Page 94. The Hotel del Coronado was nearing completion, as seen on the east front, in 1887.


Page 96. Ramona, shown here two decades after the boom was the work of Milton Santee and was one of the more successful rural communities created during this period.

Los Coches Trestle

Page 97. Reliable water in semi-arid San Diego has always been the key element for sustained growth. The Los Coches Trestle of the San Diego Flume, shown here in 1886, was the first of many efforts to bring mountain water to the dry coastal plain. [10693]

Page 98. Dr. P.C. Remondino was one of San Diego’s most noted physicians as well as the develper of the landmark St. James Hotel. [11712-2]

Witherby and Johnson undertakers

Page 99. Providing the last necessity were Witherby and Johnson located at 907 Plaza St. Pearl Johnson is on the left. [Sherriff photo 1406]

businesses of the boom period

Page 101. This 1887 photograph is evidence of the many and diverse businesses of the boom period.

Businesss on Sixth Avenue

Page 102. Businesss on Sixth Avenue during the boom.

New Grand Hotel and other businesses

Page 103. This picture of Fourth Avenue shows the New Grand Hotel and other businesses of the period covered by “C.A’s” article in the Chicago Inter Ocean.

City view

Page 105. San Diego experienced phenomenal urban growth during the boom period, as this photograph shows. The view from Fifth Avenue below E Street is looking acrooss San Diego Bay to Coronado. The Court House and a new carbon lighting tower can be seen at the left.