The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1999, Volume 45, Number 1
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Win9986-160193z  [Photo 86-160193] Cover photo: Ready for action, volunteers in the Magonista foreign legion pose for the cameraman in May 1911. Posed photographs such as this were widely circulated as postcards by enterprising photographers.
Win99p2z  News of the capture of Tijuana published in the San Diego Evening Tribune, May 9, 1911.
Win9910454z  [Photo 10454] A group of men from the Second Division, in possession of Tijuana, May 1911.
Win99p5z  Ricardo Flores Magón and his brother Enrique Magón. Photo taken in 1916 and published in the Los Angeles Times. Courtesy Department of Special Colections, University Research Library, UCLA.

Win9980-4682z  [Photo 80-4682] Tijuana’s Main Street in 1911, now known as Avenida Revolucion.
Win99x80-1699  [Photo 80-1699] Sightseers from the U.S. come to view the battle in Tijuana. May 9, 1911.
Win99x86-16023  [Photo 86-16023] “Parley between rebels and U.S. officers.” The man on the left may be the rebel commander Caryl Price.
Win99x10454-2  [Photo 10454-2] Field hospital dead and wounded from the battle of May 9,1911.
Win99x10454-8  [Photo 10454-8] General Caryl Ap Rhys Price.
Win99x80-7280  [Photo 80-7280] General John R. Mosby and his adjutant, Bert Laflin
Win99p15z  A group of Mexican combatants with Pryce’s Second Division.
Win99x86-16021  [Photo 86-16021] Infantrymen of the Mexican federal army.
Win9980-1684z  [Photo 80-1684] A group of rebel troops at ease.
Win9980-1685z  [Photo 80-1685] The remnants of Mosby’s force are interned by the U.S Army following the battle of June 22, 1911.
Win99x80-1694  [Photo 80-1694] The U.S. army encampment on the international border at San Ysidro.


Win99p20z  Rebels interned in the U.S. encampment.
Win9910454-6z  [Photo 10454-6] Rebels crossing the international line after their surrender to U.S. forces, June 22,1911.

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