The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 2000, Volume 46, Number 4
Gregg Hennessey, Editor

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Research Archives

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Photograph Collection

The Photograph Collection received over 108 donations in 2000. Included in those accessions are the following.

2000/001 George Marlor Collection.

2000/002 Alfred Anderson Photographs and an El Cajon Photographer Studio’s glass plate collection (ca. 1920s). Carl Smerglinord donation.

2000/012 Cresci Family Photographs.

2000/016 Mid-City Press Photograph Collection.

2000/49 North County Rancho Photographs.

2000/052 Campbell Shipyard Photographs.

2000/056 San Diego Gas & Electric Photograph Collection. 20,000 images documenting SDG&E (1880s-1980s). Includes images of projects, buildings, employees, equipment, construction and public programs. Employees work safety photo ~ Natural Gas billboard ~ Plant under construction

2000/057 Faces of San Diego Family Photograph Collection. Over 120 San Diegans donated their family photographs to this collection. These donations resulted in the Faces of San Diego 2000 exhibition. [See three of these photographs]

2000/061 Scripps Family Photographs. Dixie Mitchell donation.

2000/72 Burk Family Photograph Collection.

2000/082 Steelquist Family photographs.

2000/83 Film of Franklin Roosevelt’s visit to San Diego, 1935.

2000/1000 San Diego 2000 Photograph Project. 400 images of San Diego County as it looks in the year 2000. Compliments a project in 1980 and other photographers work in other decades of the 20th century.

Curatorial Department

892 artifacts were received from 43 donors and ranged both in size and quantity. From the ca. 1870 Horton House lobby mirror to small pen wipe squares and fine art to Exposition souvenirs. All are important additions to the curatorial collections.


A brief sampling of artifacts received:

  • Horton House lobby mirror
  • Marston family items, including family china and 2 Rookwood vases that were wedding gifts to Harriet Marston Headley
  • paintings by Ethel Greene and Jean Swiggett
  • numerous cameras including the Elmer Roesler collection
  • Imig Manor Hotel china
  • Bonham Brothers Boys Band archival material and trophies
  • Campbell Industries tuna boat models
  • numerous reference books
  • copper light sconce designed by Ella Marie Wooley for the Civic Theatre
  • late 19th century cast iron stove

Costumes and Textiles

In 2000 the Costume and Textile collection received 18 gifts totaling 55 artifacts. The highlights of this year’s donation included:

  • 1942 WAVES Uniform. This donation included photographs of the donor in her uniform and other documents pertaining to her service from 1942-1945.
  • Souvenir Windbreaker. The jacket is made of Tyvek that has been printed with the nautical charts of San Diego Bay. It was a souvenir from the America’s Cup races of 1992.
  • City of San Diego School Safety Patrol Windbreaker The donor wore this jacket during her years on the Safety Patrol for Torrey Pines Elementary School in 1979-early 1980s.
  • Letterman’s Sweater and Football. John Butler, later a San Diego Mayor, wore this sweater during his sports career at San Diego State College, circa 1935.