The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 2000, Volume 46, Number 4
Gregg Hennessey, Editor

Original Articles

Hillcrest: From Haven to Home
By Michael E. Dillinger
Photographic Essay of Hillcrest
Edited by Gregg R. Hennessey
The Persian Water Rug Fountain: Balboa Park’s Lost Treasure
By Parker H. Jackson
Historical Society Accessions ~ 2000
Annual Journal Index ~ 2000

Book Reviews

Wyatt Earp: The Missing Years, San Diego in the 1880s
By Kenneth R. Cilch and Kenneth R. Cilch, Jr. Reviewed by Alexander D. Bevil.
Scoundrel’s Tale: The Samuel Brannan Papers.
By Will Bagley. Reviewed by John Putman.
Salt Dreams: Land and Water in Low-Down California.
By William deBuys. Reviewed by Philip R. Pryde.
Mission Memoirs: A Collection of Photographs, Illustrations, and Twentieth-century Reflections on California’s Past.
By Terry Ruscin. Reviewed by James A. Sandos.
Encinitas: History and Heritage.
By Mac Hartley. Reviewed by Diane C. Kennedy.
Balboa Park: A Millennium History.
By Roger M. Showley. Reviewed By Vonn Marie May.
The Fruits of Natural Advantage: Making the Industrial Countryside in California.
By Steven Stoll. Reviewed by Matthew F. Bokovoy.
The Way We Really Were: The Golden State in the Second Great War.
Edited by Roger W. Lotchin. Reviewed by Lawrence B. de Graaf.
Echoes From Lane Field: A History of the San Diego Padres, 1926-1957.
By Bill Swank. Reviewed by Todd Tobias
Virgil Earp: Western Peace Officer.
By Donald Chaput. Reviewed by Alexander D. Bevil.
The History of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego.
By the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Museum Historical Society and Meredith R. Vezina. Reviewed by Robert M. Witty.

Book Notes

American Indians and National Parks
By Robert H. Keller and Michael F. Turek.
The Ancestral.
By Carol Clark Cunningham.
Son of the South Come West: El Cajon’s First “Mayor.”
By James Harris Graves.
A Land in Motion: California’s San Andreas Fault.
By Michael Collier.
An Uncommon Mission: Father Jerome Tupa Paints the California Missions.
Text by Holly Witchey.
Picturing Paradise.
By D. Scott Atkinson, Jennifer Luksic, and Sara E Bush.
The Newspaper Indian: Native American Identity in the Press, 1820-90.
By John M. Coward.