The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 2002, Volume 48, Number 1
Gregg Hennessey, Editor

2001.001 Allied Craftsmen of San Diego records, 1954-1981, minutes, reports, clippings, lists, typescripts.
2001.002 Book: Pen Pictures From the Garden of the World, 1890.
2001.003 Books: MWD, Water for Southern California, nd; Ward, Grace B. And Onas M., 190 Wild Flowers of the Southwest Deserts in Natural Color, 1978; Dasmen, Raymond, California’s Changing Environment, 1981; Jaeger, Edmond C., The California Deserts, 4th ed., 1965; Moquin, Wayne ed., A Documentary History of the Mexican Americans, 1972; Castedo, Leopoldo, A History of Latin American Art and Architecture, 1969.
2001.004 Serial: First Annual Edition of the Rockwell Field Weekly Flight, 1919 [photocopy].
2001.005 Book: Passenheim, Jeannine Anna, Joe, and World War II 1999.
2001.006 Transfer from Photo dept., Posters and photos of maps.
2001.007 Printed material: House of Hospitality program; Lead San Diego Alumni, 1987; The San Diego Social Directory, 1990-1991.

Printed material:
Welcome certificate to U.S. President Benjamin Harrison, 1891

2001.009 Mattie Ross scrapbook, 1959-1960 [photocopy].
2001.010 Architectural records, Administration Building, 1936-1939; records of the Clerk of the Board (subject files).
2001.011 I. Andrea papers, 1980-1990. Interviews with 50 San Diego artists, subject files for San Diego Museum of Art, La Jolla Art Center, Timkin; architectural drawings for Elk’s Club, printed material related to gallery openings, artist’s exhibits.
2001.012 Growing Up in Golden Hill; Wartime Letters from Mildred P. Sherwood to her son, Frank P. Sherwood, Letters from Frank P. Sherwood to his mother, Mildred P. Sherwood.
2001.013 Printed material: California Pacific International Exposition, 1935-36.
2001.014 “The Proceedings of the Literary History of San Diego and Northern Baja California: A Series of Six Symposia, Oct. 1998- Mar. 1999, 2000.”
2001.015 H.L. Williams papers, 1940-1970. Architectural drawings, maps and printed material.
2001.016 Books: Cotton, Oscar, Good Old Days,1962; Couts, Cave “Hepah, California!” 1961; Mathes, Valerie S., Helen Hunt Jackson, 1990; Quinn, Charles Russell, Edward H. Davis” 1965; Ellsberg, Helen, Dona Anita of Rosario, 1974; Goings, Robert, Guide to Baja California Del Note, 1969; Johnson, Kenneth M., The Pious Fund 1963; Forbes, Jack D., Warriors of the Colorado, 1965; Barra, Allen, Inventing Wyatt Earp, 1999.
2001.017 Typescript: “Carmel Valley Cemetery, 4343 Del Mar Road, (Carmel Valley) San Diego, Ca 92130”; one CD of same.
2001.018 Ephemera: Savoy Theater programs. Book: Bryant, Keith, Culture in the American Southwest, 2001.
2001.019 Roger Showley papers, 1920-2000.
2001.020 Typescripts: Hinds, “California’s World War Two Military Sites” 2001; Hinds “Nineteenth Century alpine Education” 2001.
2001.021 Books: Love, Frank, Hell’s Outpost: A History of Old Fort Yuma, 1992; Marschner, Janice, California 1850: A Snapshot in Time, 2000; Winter, Robert, Toward a Simpler Way of Life, 1997; Adler, Tom, Surfing San Onofre to Point Dume, 1936-1942, 1996; Quigley, Robert, Rob Wellington Quigley: Building and Projects, 1996; Ronchetti Design: The Structures, Their Builders & Artisans, 1997; Crosby, et al, Tijuana 1964, 2000.
2001.022 Purchase book: Mueller, Jerry E., An Annotated Guide to the Artwork of the United States Boundary Commission: 1850-1853, 2000.
2001.023 Ah Quin papers: Diary of 1892, Glossary of Chemical and Mineral Terms.
2001.024 Transfer from Curatorial SDH99.9 Poster: Jo Mora “San Diego” 1928; Books: Benchley, Belle, My Life in a Man-Made Jungle, 1940; Dana, Julian, Sutter of California, 1938; Kooperman, Evelyn, San Diego Trivia, 1989; Lake, Stuart, Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshall, 1931; Miller, Max, Harbor of the Sun, 1940.
2001.025 Typescript: Brown, Gerald “History of the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, Division One” 1999.
2001.026 Book: Kirk, Anthony, A Flier in Oil, 2000.
2001.027 Books: Wohlers, Bertha Palmer, Follow the Light, 1996; “Showdown in San Diego: America 3 vs. Italy.”
2001.028 Books: Hedges, Ken, Rock Art Papers, vol. 15, 2000; Sharon, Douglas, Shamanism & the Sacred Cactus, 2000; Looper, Mathew “Gifts of the Moon” 2000.
2001.029 Clippings: San Diego Symphony.
2001.030 S.D.H.S. Women’s Committee and Designer Showcase Scrapbooks.
2001.031 Southern California Pictorial Life, 32 issues.
2001.032 Atlas of the Santa Fe Route, 1889 Reproduction.
2001.033 Southern California 1914, by Southern Cal. Panama Expo. Commission
2001.034 Rock Art of the Southwest; East County, 20th Cent; Hometown Heroes; The Garden Lover’s Guide to the West.
2001.035 Farley, Fred, Royal A. Rife: Humanitarian Betrayed and Persecuted, and clippings on Royal A. Rife.
2001.036 Moeser, June, Four Sentinals: The Story of San Diego’s Lighthouses, and biographical material.
2001.037 Witherow biographical material.
2001.038 Books: Hawthorne, Kristi, Oceanside:Where Life is Worth Living, 2000. California Missions and Indians map. Temecula and Temecula Wine Country books (3).
2001.039 TMS: Brennan, Joe, “When ‘The Lower Light’ was New,” nd.
2001.040 Books: Langdon Sully and Taryn Bigelow, Oceanside: Crest of the Wave, 1988. William DeBuys, Salt Dreams: Land & Water in Low down California, 1999. Valerie S. Mathes, ed., The Indian Reform Letters of Helen Hunt Jackson, 1879-1885, 1998. Ted Couro, San Diego Indians as Farmers and Wage Earners, 1975. Ernest Burrus, Kino and the Cartography of Northwestern New Spain, 1965.
2001.041 Archie O’Neal Papers. Scrapbooks and papers related to Old Town, Trek to the Serra Cross, 200th Anniversary. 1930-1980.
2001.042 Miss Billy Riley papers. 1960-1990.
2001.043 Hank Wohlers scrapbook. 1930-1960.
2001.044 Kathy Flanigan Papers, 1999.
2001.045 1935 Bloodgood Shell Map.
2001.046 The Call to California by Richard Pourade.
2001.047 32 Issues of D-Town Newspapers 1/98-6/00, Mr. A’s Menu c.50s or 60s.
2001.048 130 Maps, various San Diego County, 1880-1950.
2001.049 Typed manuscript: “Ah Quin: One of San Diego’s Founding Fathers.”
2001.050 Clipping collection re. Old Town.
2001.051 MS 210: Ethel Tulloch papers, ca. 1920.
2001.052 Typed manuscript: “The History of Alvarado Estates and the Mystery of Young’s Caves,” Heilbrunn, Renee.
2001.053 Ephemera: “Cabrillo discovers California,” Christmas cards, Copley press.
2001.054 Videotapes: “Heart of San Diego” no. 295-333.
2001.055 Architectural drawings, House of Hospitality, ink on linen.
2001.056 Typed manuscript: “Star of India.”
2001.057 Newspaper: SD Union, Jan. 1, 1918, 49th annual edition.
2001.058 Printed Material: Posters: Home Federal Savings and Loan, Convention Center grand opening.
2001.059 Clippings: San Diego Hotel.
2001.060 Video tape: Balboa Park, Lawn Program, House of Norway.
2001.061 Virginia Lucas papers, 1950-70.
2001.062 Ephemera: San Diego Steam Laundry receipt, 1904.
2001.063 3 CD ROMs: Agua Mansa Cemetery, Colton CA.
2001.064 C.C.C. Report: California Pacific International Exposition.
2001.065 Book: The Outhouse War and other Kibbutz Stories, by Camiel Shamon.
2001.066 Journal of San Diego History back issues.
2001.067 Whitehouse Cookbook, containing Exposition Ephemera and D.C. Reed Clippings.
2001.068 Books by Marian Jones: The Sister Keeper and The Ghost and Ms. Demure.
2001.069 Abstract of Title for Horton’s Addition, City and County of San Diego 1888, Coffin’s Interest Tables, Liberty Bond Edition.
2001.070 San Diego Bar Association Auxiliary, records, scrapbooks and photos 1952-2001.
2001.071 Four Environmental Impact Reports Related to Water in San Diego.
2001.072 Historical assessment of the Seaman Estate Auto Garages.
2001.073 Truman’s Memorial Ball, April 16, 2000, program.
2001.074 San Diego Symphony records.
2001.075 Charity Ball Programs, 1946-2001.
2001.076 San Diego Weekly Reader, 1972 – 2001 single issues, archival set.
2001.077 Aerospace Museum Newsletters.
2001.078 Lee Buggett Biography Files.
2001.079 San Diego Union and San Diego Magazine, mult. Issues.
2001.080 Book: The Lindberghs Soar in San Diego by Joe W. Streetman.
2001.081 Book: The Olive in California by Judith Taylor.
2001.082 Book: Liberate Public Schools from Government by Lawsuit, by Elmer Enstrom Jr.
2001.083 Index, reprint of Bungalow and Ranchhouse and back issues Nov. 1990 and Fall 1995.
2001.084 Typed Manuscript: San Diego City in Motion, 1972.
2001.085 Book: El Real Ejercito de California, by Carlos Lopez Urrutia.
2001.086 Oral History of Alec L. Cory, Esquire.
2001.087 Report: Guidelines for the Treatment of Historic Properties at Naval Training Center San Diego.
2001.088 19 Compact discs of Calvary, El Campo Santo and San Luis Rey Cemeteries, Photos of Carmel valley Cemetery.
2001.089 Microfilm: Journal Of S.D. History, Winter – Fall 2000.
2001.090 Booklet: The Exposition Beautiful, 1915.
2001.091 Papers: San Diego Community Church, Old Town and Chamber of Commerce.
2001.092 San Diego Community Foundation Annual Reports, 1983-97; S.D.S.U. Foundation Annual Report, 1981-82; Photocopies of news clips for subject and biographical files, Membership rosters for Committee of 100; Thomas Robertson papers; “Public Sculpture in San Diego”, by Kirk Butler; “From Piano Duets to Symphony Concerts,” by Lotte Potterfield.
2001.093 San Diego Union Sunday Comic Strips, Bound, 1911.
2001.094 1935 Expo Shell Map, Whimsical Million Dollar Bond: Heaven on Earth Club, Booklet: The Coronado Ferry, 1916 Exposition Pass.
2001.096 San Diego Children’s Museum Records and Ephemera.
2001.097 The Road Ahead: The Automobile Club of Southern Calif. 1900 2000. Jones and O’Conner, 2000.
2001.098 Camp Callan Ephemera, Post Cards, group photo and manuals, World War II period.
2001.099 Frank W. Stevenson Papers: Correspondence, typescripts, clippings, ephemera, office files, journals and cash book.
2001.100 Books by G.H. Phillips: The Enduring Struggle,1981 and Indians and Indian Agents 1997.
2001.102 Crittenden architectural drawings, maps and papers.
2001.103 Margie Harris papers and library.
2001.104 Book: Sherman, Lola, A History of North San Diego County, 2001.
2001.105 Video tape: “Beth-Sarim” exterior views.
2001.106 Program: “Over the Line, 2001.”
2001.107 Book: Conflicts of Interest: The Letters of Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton, 2001.
2001.108 Book: La Jolla: Year by Year, 1946.
2001.109 California Art Club records: press kits.
2001.110 Book: Wild, Peter, John C. Van Dyke: An Essay and a Bibliography.
2001.111 Books: Misc. books, Out West vol 30 #2-3, Land of Sunshine vol. 13 #3.
2001.112 Southwestern Yacht Club records, 75th Anniversary.
2001.113 San Diego / Yokohama Sister City Society records.
2001.114 San Diego Greeters’ Guide, Frye and Smith, 1921.
2001.115 James Holcomb Ledgers (10) 1899-1911.
2001.116 The Russ: January 1922, June 1919, June 1922; The Rustler 1922.
2001.117 Books: Harlow, Maps of the Pueblo Lands of San Diego, 1602-1847 and Background to Prehistory of the Yuha Desert Region; Chapin, Virgil Earp; Espiritu, Filipino American Lives”; Karolevitz, “Newspapering in the Old West.
2001.118 Microfilm: Record of Postmaster Appointments, 1832-Sept. 30, 1971.
2001.119 Microfilm: Sanborn maps for San Diego County
2001.120 Article: “Mission Revival Jurisprudence: State Courts and Hispanic Water Law since 1850.”
2001.121 Booklet: “Cuyamaca Club, 1907.”
2001.122 Book: “Too Late”: The Picture and the Artist, A Tribute to the Dean, Comp. & ed. Ben F. Dixon, 3/6/69.
2001.123 Printed material: Marston Golden Anniversary supplement to the SD Union.
2001.124 Books: La Mesa Through the Years. Great Register of Voters. Mortuary Records. Escondido Cemetery Records. Mt. Hope Burial Records, 1869-1909.
2001.125 Printed material: Acceptance and unveiling of the Statues of Junipero Serra and Thomas Starr King, presented by the state of California to Congress. 1932.
2001.126 Central Federal Savings and Loan records, 1935-1986.
2001.127 Decorations and Trophies of Colonel Charles Lindbergh.
2001.128 Books: Landis, A Select Bibliography for in Search of Eldorado: the Salton Sea. Pacific Institute, Haven or Hazard: The Ecology and Future of the Salton Sea. Martinez, Mexican-Origin People in the United States. Phillips, Indians and Intruders in Central California: 1769-1849. Christensen, Romantic Southern California. Plagens, Sunshine Muse.
2001.129 Printed material: assorted San Diego Businesses.
2001.130 Book: Carillo, The Story of Mission San Antonio de Pala.
2001.131 Historic American Building Survey for 1905 residence: 2720 Fourth Ave. and 7455 Hillside Dr., La Jolla.
2001.132 “Limping Rymes, Doggard Verse and Jingling Jingles,” by May Chapman Starkey.
2001.133 Church of San Salvador, Agua Mansa Cemetery: Baptisms, Marriages and Burials.
2001.134 Charts; Southern Cross Catholic Directory; San Diego Magazine, May 1959.
2001.135 Guide to the James R. Mills Papers.
2001.136 Union Title Records: Scrapbooks and Printed Material.
2001.137 W.R. Young Papers: Typscript and Tracts.
2001.139 Georgie Truman Papers.
2001.140 San Diego Ballet Records: Minutes, Printed Material and Recordings.
2001.141 Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who in California, Who’s Who Pacific Coast and Women of the West.
2001.142 Videos: “Dear Miss Breed,” including Teacher’s Guide, 2 copies of “Path to Paradise”, “Luce, Forward, Hamilton and Scripps.”
2001.143 Video: “The Story of San Diego’s Portuguese Community,” Ephemera: San Diego Trust and Savings Extended Holiday Hours, Ramona’s Marriage Place, Old Globe Program: “Charley’s Aunt,” Records: S.D. Trolley Employment Forms.
2001.144 Videos: “San Diego Above All,” “Julian Gold Mines,” “Little Italy,” “San Ysidro,” “San Diego, the 1950s,” “Nature’s Classic”; books: Trees and Gardens of Balboa Park, Ghost of Hotel Del… Kate Morgan, La Mesa through the Years.
2001.145 Index to Ocean Beach Historical Society News Letter.
2001.146 Elsa Marston Petit Mallorca Correspondence and clippings.
2001.147 Russell V. Grant Papers: certificates, membership cards, correspondence, ephemera, newspapers and scrapbooks.
2001.148 Iron Workers Local 627 of NASSCO: records, clippings, printed material, news letters and hand written notes.
2001.149 Newspapers, 11 issues of Journal of San Diego History, Book: Adventures of my Youth.