The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 2007, Volume 53, Number 4
Iris H. W. Engstrand & Molly McClain, Editors

Front and Back Matter
Sweet Dreams: The Showley Brothers Candy Factory, 1905-2007
Roger Showley
Reinventing Downtown San Diego: A Spatial and Cultural Analysis of the Gaslampo Quarter
Jordan Ervin
Dan Dickey: Mid-Century San Diego Artist
William Perrine
The Philanthropic History of Las Patronas
Book Reviews
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front cover    back cover

Front Cover: Showley Brothers Candy Factory in its new location by Petco Park. Inset: Showley Brother’s candy truck ca. 1927.

Back Cover: National Candy Day, October 12, 1935, at the California Pacific International Exposition in Balboa Park. Left to right: Exposition host, B. Guy Showley, Guy R. Showley, and an unidentified candy distributor.

Cover design: Allen Wynar

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