The Journal of San Diego History
San Diego History Center Quarterly
Summer 2010, Volume 56, Number 3
Iris H.W. Engstrand and Molly McClain, Editors
Theodore Strathman and David Miller, Review Editors

Examining California’s First Palm Tree: The Serra Palm

Heidi Trent and Joey Seymour

The Globe Players in Balboa Park

Darlene Gould Davies

The Trees of Balboa Park

Nancy Carol Carter

The Origins of Balboa Park: A Prelude to the 1915 Exposition

Iris Engstrand

Book Reviews

Exhibit Reviews

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Cover: Earliest known sketch from the perspective of Presidio Hill showing the presidio ruins, Mission Valley, the San Diego River emptying into San Diego Bay, Old Town, and Point Loma drawn by William Birch McMurtrie, artist on board the U.S. Steamer Active on the Pacific Coast Surveying Expedition in July 1856. The sketch was probably colorized by the young James Madison Alden, a second artist on board the Active. Photo courtesy of the Bancroft Library, Berkeley.

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