The Journal of San Diego History
San Diego History Center Quarterly
Summer 2014, Volume 60, Number 3
Iris H.W. Engstrand and Molly McClain, Editors
Theodore Strathman and David Miller, Review Editors

San Diego’s Parachute Manufacturers: Visionaries and Entrepreneurs 
Wallace R. Peck

Red Paradise: A Long Life in the San Diego Communist Movement 
Toby Terrar

“Their Souls Are Equally Precious:” Edward Harvey Davis, Benevolence, Race, and the Colonization of Indigeneity 
Christian Gonzales

“Born of Horses:” Missionaries, Indigenous Vaqueros, and Ecological Expansion during the Spanish Colonization of California 
Paul Albert Lacson

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Front Cover: World War II poster honoring the United States Military.
Back Cover: Public welcome for the USS San Diego, 1945. ©SDHC #OP16827-038.

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