The Journal of San Diego History
San Diego History Center Quarterly
Summer Fall 2016, Volume 62, Number 3 & 4

Summer Fall 2015, Volume 61, Number 3 & 4 (PDF)

Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, Citizen of Guatemala and Native of Palma del Río: New Sources from the Sixteenth Century

Wendy Kramer

David Lion Gardiner: A Yankee in Gold Rush California, 1849-1851

Molly McClain

Tourmaline Canyon: Surfers vs. Homeowners during the 1960s

Brooke Johnson Schmidtt

Why The Y?: The Origin of San Diego YWCA’s Clay Avenue Branch for African Americans

Charla Wilson

A Monument to an Event that Never Happened

Roger Newton



Front and Back Matter (PDF)

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Front Cover: Town of Palma del Río, birthplace of Cabrillo, photos by Rafael Morales. Document containing Cabrillo’s testimony in Cádiz, February 22, 1532, in which he states that he is a native (natural) of Palma de Micer Gilio (Palma  del Río), courtesy of the Archive General de Indias, Justicia 707, N.6, image 25.

Overlay of Cabrillo’s landing in 1542 as filmed in August 2016 by the National Park Service.

Back Cover: Surfers, La Jolla Shore, San Diego, California, Photo by Sebastien Burel, Adobe Stock.









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