Winter 2008

posted: Jan 01, 2008
Front and Back Matter; African Americans and Historic Preservation in San Diego: The Douglas and the Clermont/Coast Hotels; Americanism and Citizenship: Japanese American Youth Culture of the 1930s; "Skid...

Fall 2007

posted: Oct 01, 2007
Sweet Dreams: The Showley Brothers Candy Factory, 1905-2007; Reinventing Downtown San Diego: A Spatial and Cultural Analysis of the Gaslampo Quarter; Dan Dickey: Mid-Century San Diego Artist; The Philanthropic...

Summer 2007

posted: Jul 01, 2007
ZLAC Rowing Club, 1892-2007; Coming Out Gay, Coming Out Christian: The Beginnings of GLBT Christianity in San Diego, 1970-1979; "La Mojonera" and the Making of California's U.S.-Mexico Boundary Line,...

Winter/Spring 2007

posted: Jan 01, 2007
Bouquet of Roses: The Stories Behind San Diego Places Named for Louis Rose; Craft Beer in San Diego Society; Thomas Wolcott Sefton: Collector, Banker, Benefactor; The Need for Water:...

Summer/Fall 2006

posted: Jul 01, 2006
Forgotten Air Pioneers: The Army’s Rockwell Field at North Island; John Nolen and San Diego’s Early Residential Planning in the Mission Hills Area; Roberto Galvan: A Latino Leader of...

Winter/Spring 2006

posted: Jan 01, 2006
"Sitting on the Dock of the Bay:" 100 years of Photographs from the San Diego History Center; San Diego’s Normal Heights: The Growth of a Suburban Neighborhood, 1886–1926; Governor...

Summer/Fall 2005

posted: Jul 01, 2005
The Gould Family of San Diego: Pioneers in Business, Recreation and Community Service; "Until Kingdom Come": The Design and Construction of La Jolla's Children's Pool; "I See a Great...

Winter/Spring 2005

posted: Jan 01, 2005
One Hundred Years Ago : Two Days in San Francisco—1906; San Diego's Bygone Burlesque: The Famous Hollywood Theatre; A Gothic Architect in San Diego: Philip H. Frohman and the...

Summer/Fall 2004

posted: Jul 01, 2004
Exploring San Diego’s Past: Fifty Years of The Journal of San Diego History; When Dr. Fairchild Visited Miss Sessions: San Diego 1919; George White Marston: Baseball Player; Revelations of...

Winter/Spring 2004

posted: Jan 01, 2004
Una Casa del Pueblo—A Town House of Old San Diego; El Congreso in San Diego: An Endeavor for Civil Rights; The Rancho Tía Juana (Tijuana) Grant; The Development of...

Summer/Fall 2003

posted: Jul 01, 2003
Introduction to the Collection; Reconstructed Adobe: The Spanish Past in the Architectural Records of the San Diego History Center, 1907-1929; Guide to the Architectural Records Collection

Spring 2003

posted: Apr 01, 2003
Rear Admiral Roger Welles—San Diego's First "Navy Mayor"; Character, Vision and Creativity: The Extraordinary Confluence of Forces that Gave Rise to The Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Winter 2003

posted: Jan 01, 2003
Reclamation and Preservation: The San Diego Chinese Mission, 1927-1996; The U.S.-Mexican War in San Diego, 1846-1847

Fall 2002

posted: Oct 01, 2002
San Diego's Health 1888-1889; First Annual Report of the Board of Health of the City of San Diego for the Year Ending December 31st, 1888.; An ordinance establishing a...

Summer 2002

posted: Jul 01, 2002
"'I Like the Cut of Your Jib': Cultures of Accommodation; Between the U.S. Navy and Citizens of San Diego California, 1900-1951"; Humanist Sentiment, Modern Spanish Heritage, and California Mission...

Spring 2002

posted: Apr 01, 2002
The Journal of San Diego History SAN DIEGO HISTORICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY Spring 2002, Volume 48, Number 2 Gregg Hennessey, Editor   Director’s Statement   By Bob Witty Introduction: San...
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