San Diego: All in a Day’s Work

Pride of the West mine in Julian, 1900 “I remember one night when they lit off a blast, one hole didn’t fire. It was my dad’s turn to go back and pick that one out and shoot it over, and he took me along with him. We went in there with a lantern. They had candles then, but I was carrying a lantern. Dad picked that out and put another piece of powder and a cap in there, and a fuse, and lit her off, and told me to get out of there! I can remember that very well although I was quite small. He had his candle and knew the route, so he got out of there. Just about the time he got out the shot went off and the little, fine rocks came out through the face of the tunnel, whistling by us. I remember that real well; it scared the tar out of me when he lit that fuse—I left, boy!” …George R. Miller (1886-1964) Interviewed 1959.

SDHS Photo 11267.

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