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Imagine what happens in Balboa Park at night time, when all of its guests and visitors are at home in bed, fast asleep.  Some people say that the Park becomes a Fairyland and that the fairies and sprites come out at night to dance and play.  Can you find any signs that they are here?  Join us for a walk around Zoro Gardens as we look for clues that the fairies do live in the Park.  We just have to look more closely to see them there.  

During our time togeher we will look for fairy houses, dance around the May Pole, a popular spring time activity, read a Fairy story together, and make a fairy craft to take home.  You will learn that Balboa Park is a truly magical place to visit.

History for Half Pints is for children ages 3 -5 years and a favorite adult.  Make your next play date go down in history! Get to know other families while the kids enjoy crafts, entertaining activities and a special story time.  All programs engage children in the history of the San Diego region.  History for Half Pints is generously sponsored by Target and the San Diego Unified School District.