Our museums and archives are temporarily closed to support the effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Scout Programs

San Diego History Center has a vast array of engaging and hands-on educational activities for your troop to experience!

Become a Historian by handling artifacts and archival documents, dress in historical costumes and learn about different San Diego communities that have contributed to San Diego history.

Scout Programs require advance reservations

To make a reservation:  
  • Submit your reservation at least two weeks before your preferred program date.
  • There is a non-refundable $10 reservation fee for all programs.
  • The reservation fees must be received within two weeks of the scheduled visit to hold your date.
    Confirmation letters are sent upon payment receipt.
  • We require at least one week’s notice for any cancellations.
    Please let us know of any cancellations as soon as possible.


San Diego History Center in Balboa Park

Program Length:

3.5 to 4 hours


$25/ participant.

All participating adults and siblings pay the regular workshop fee.

Non-participating adults and children under 3 are free.

Group size:

A minimum of 8 participants, maximum of 25

For reservation questions or more information: education@sandiegohistory.org or 619-232-6203 x 130

Girl Scout Badge Workshops


Good Neighbor: Daisy Scouts will learn how to be a good neighbor in San Diego. They will explore Marston’s History Emporium and touch artifacts to learn about special places, foods, plants, and people that made San Diego special long ago and today. Afterwards, girls will get to make a special treat to eat while participating in a museum story time about California.


My Family Story: Brownie Scouts will learn and discuss how all families have stories, including their own. Girls will learn about families from San Diego history, discuss their family story, and create their own family tree and crest to take home.

Letterboxer: Brownies will learn about the history of letterboxing and explore historic examples. They will get to make their own stamps, practice code-breaking, and participate in a letterboxing scavenger hunt. Afterward, the Brownies will make a letterbox to take home.


Playing the Past: Junior Scouts will travel back in time in San Diego. Through interactive storytelling, dressing up and cooking a tasty treat, girls will learn all about life in San Diego long ago.

Inside Government: Junior Scouts will learn what the government is all about. Girls will discuss why it is important to be an active citizen and dive into how the federal government works. Afterwards, the girls will research community laws, holding a mock vote. They will also write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper on a story that they think is important to their community. Lastly, they’ll create an anti-bully campaign poster for their school.


Book Artist: Cadette Scouts will learn about the art of bookbinding. Girls will get familiar with the insides of a book, exploring different types of binding. They will get to try out different book artists techniques. Afterwards, they will make two examples of books to take home with them.

Digital Movie Maker: Cadette Scouts will become San Diego oral historians and movie makers. While at the museum, girls will explore how movies are used to tell history. They will learn the ins and outs of digital film recording and how to conduct an interview. Afterwards, girls will get to edit and view their movie as a troop.


Social Innovator: Senior Scouts will explore the LGBTQ+ exhibit and discuss the struggles and triumphs of that community overtime and today. As social innovators, girls will problem solve and come up with ideas on LGBTQ+ community members can feel accepted and acknowledged today.

Women’s Health: Senior Scouts will learn the importance of Women’s health. Women have unique health issues at every stage of life. After earning this badge, scouts will know and understand how to lead a healthy life and how to inspire others to do the same.


Photographer: Ambassador Scouts will show others how they see the world through digital photography. Girls will hone their artistic skills learning how to take different type of photos, explore Balboa Park, and create a photo album to take home. *This badge requires all girls to have a digital camera or smartphone.

Public Policy: Ambassador Scouts will learn all about public policy: the laws and government actions surrounding particular issues. Exploring the LGBTQ+ exhibit, girls will learn how citizens can influence public policy. As they dive into the history they will discuss and think about how they can work to effect change in their communities, their country, and the world.



“Between Earth and Sky” Journey: Earn all or part of the “The Clover Award” during the “Good Neighbor” badge workshop.


“World of Girls” Journey: Earn all or part of this journey during the “My Family Story” badge workshop.

“Brownie Quest” Journey: Earn all or part of the “Discover Key” and “Connect Key” during the “My Family Story” badge workshop and the “Letterboxer” badge workshop.


“Agent of Change” Journey: Earn all or part of this award during the “Inside Government” badge workshop.

“aMuse” Journey: Earn all or part of this award during the “Playing the Past” badge workshop.


“Media” Journey: Earn part of this award during the “Digital Movie Maker” badge workshop.


“GIRLtopia” Journey: Earn part of this award during the “Social Innovator” badge workshop.

“Mission: Sisterhood” Journey: Earn part of this award during the “Women’s Health” badge workshop.


“Your Voice Your World” Journey: Earn part of this award during the “Public Policy” badge workshop.