San Diego: All in a Day’s Work

“During the time I was on the switchboard I got thirty dollars a month. We put in only eight hours I guess, I don’t remember. We had to take different shifts. I never did a night shift, I guess I was too young. I worked until about ten or eleven o’clock and I’d come on about three. That makes it eight hours. Maybe I’d come on at two.”
      …Ella Thompson Noble [b. 1883; interviewed 1959]

“I went to Jamul school and I finished what is possibly the first year or two of high school there, the ninth grade. Then I went into town and for a year I worked in the telephone office, while in the meantime I was taking a business course. The telephone office was the Pacific. I think, anyway, R.L. Lewis was the manager. I worked there alone for quite awhile at night time until Mr. Lewis put on a second operator on so we had company all the time.”
      … Frances Lockwood [interviewed 1958]

SDHS photograph 2405e: Operators, Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co., 1920s. Title Insurance Collection.

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