San Diego: All in a Day’s Work

Getting a check-up at the San Diego Zoo A collection of 138 framed photographs from the Photographic Archives of the San Diego Historical Society showing people at work through-out San Diego;’s past, plus excerpts from oral histories of San Diegans who were involved in various trades.

These photographs span the years from the 1870’s through the 1980’s, and illustrate the broad diversity of people and occupations which have contributed to the San Diego of today.


At the beauty shop Students may punch time cards to access information in this exhibition, and may view artifacts such as a telephone switchboard, a robot named the Tin Man, and an early hair dryer which resembles an octopus’s tentacles!

[Museum exhibit has closed.]

More photos An article in the Journal of San Diego History (Summer 2000) includes several more of the photographs from this exhibit.

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