MS 16 Hotel Lloyd Register

Summary Information

San Diego History Center Document Collection
Hotel Lloyd.
Hotel Lloyd Register
MS 16
Date [inclusive]
1913 May 19-1921 November 23
1.0 Linear feet (1 box)
Collection consists of one register from the Hotel Lloyd for the dates May 19, 1913 through November 23, 1921, listing guest names, residences, room numbers, and dates.

Preferred Citation

Hotel Lloyd Register, MS 16, San Diego History Center Document Collection, San Diego, CA.

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Biographical / Historical Notes

Hotel Lloyd was located at 1334 First Street, between A and Ash Streets in San Diego. Agada Nilson and Bertha Brattlund were the first proprietors of the Hotel, officially listed as such in the San Diego City Directory from 1914-1919. In 1920, the City Directory lists the Hotel Lloyd as having furnished rooms. Ownership of the Hotel changed hands many times over the years, and continued as a functioning hotel until about 1969-1970, an exact date of closure is unknown.

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Scope and Content

The Hotel Lloyd register, manufactured and bound by Ross and George (successors to J.A. Harris), consists of daily guest logs dating from May 19, 1913 through November 23, 1921. Every register page is printed with the hotel name and notes that management will not be responsible for articles left behind as well as that guests are requested to pay in advance. Each register page includes columns for name, residence, room and time. Every page also includes an advertisement for the Benbough Furniture Company, including a statement that the Company furnished the Hotel Lloyd. The ‘time’ column lists date of arrival (month day) and the year is listed in the column directly to the right of ‘time.’ On November 8, 1920, the register logs change recording style: the date is represented instead to the left of the ‘name’ column; the ‘time’ column is used instead to record the time of day, indicated by a.m., p.m, or exact time; and the far right column is marked with any combination and/or multiple of ‘X,’ ‘I,’ and/or ‘pd.’ The recording style changes again on September 21, 1921 with only ‘pd’ noted in the right hand column, possibly noting paid.

The register contains one loose blotter page with a printed advertisement for Southern Trust and Commerce Bank. A lined-sheet inserted at end of register includes two columns: one noting date (November 20-23, no year listed) and a number (possibly room number), and the other with different combinations of ‘X’s and ‘I’s.

A number of hotel guests originated from San Diego or Los Angeles, but guests also came from all around the U.S., visiting from states including Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts and New York. Hotel guests also visited from abroad, hailing from countries including Australia, Canada, Italy and Mexico.

Beginning in 1920, there is a notable increase in naval servicemen registered as guests. Naval servicemen indicate their residence as their assigned naval ship, such as USS Arizona or USS Annapolis (see Controlled Access Headings/Subject and Indexing Terms for detailed listing of naval ships). Some instead note their residence as “U.S.N” for United States Navy, “U.S.N.A.S” for United States Naval Air Station, “U.S.M.C.” for United States Marine Core, or spell out portions thereof.

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The pages in the register are arranged chronologically.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

San Diego History Center Document Collection September 19, 2011

1649 El Prado, Suite 3
San Diego, CA, 92101

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use

The San Diego History Center (SDHC) holds the copyright to any unpublished materials. SDHC Library regulations do apply.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Jody Valente on September 19, 2011.

Collection processed as part of grant project supported by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) with generous funding from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Albany (Ship).
  • Annapolis (Ship).
  • Arizona (Battleship).
  • Aroostook (Gunboat).
  • Balboa (Ship).
  • Ballard (Ship).
  • Bell (Ship).
  • Birmingham (Ship).
  • Boggs (Ship).
  • Boston (Protected cruiser).
  • Brook (Ship).
  • Brooklyn (Ship).
  • Buffalo (Ship).
  • Bulmer (Ship).
  • Burner (Ship).
  • Burns (Ship).
  • Camden (Ship).
  • Charleston (Ship).
  • Charlie (Ship).
  • Chew (Destroyer).
  • Colorado (Battleship).
  • Corry (Ship).
  • Crane (Ship).
  • Crosby (Ship).
  • Cuyama (Ship).
  • Delphy (Ship).
  • Denver (Ship).
  • Druss (Ship).
  • Edsall (Ship).
  • Edwards (Ship).
  • Farenholt (Ship).
  • Farragut (Destroyer).
  • Henderson (Transport).
  • Hogan (Ship).
  • Hotel Lloyd.
  • Howard (Ship).
  • Hull (Ship).
  • Huston (Ship).
  • Jacob Jones (Destroyer : DD-130).
  • Kanawha (Ship).
  • Lamberton (Ship).
  • LaVallette (Ship).
  • MacDonough (Ship).
  • MacLeish (Ship).
  • Maryland (Cruiser).
  • McCawley (Ship).
  • McCormick (Ship).
  • McDermut (Ship).
  • McLanahan (Ship).
  • Meade (Ship).
  • Melville (Ship).
  • Melvin (Ship).
  • Minneapolis (Ship).
  • Montgomery (Ship).
  • Moody (Ship).
  • Nevada (Battleship).
  • New Mexico (Battleship).
  • Oklahoma (Battleship).
  • Oregon (Battleship).
  • Parrott (Ship).
  • Paul Hamilton (Destroyer).
  • Perry (Ship).
  • Philip (Ship).
  • Pittsburgh (Ship).
  • Prairie (Ship).
  • Preston (Ship).
  • Radford (Ship).
  • Rappahannock (Ship).
  • Robert Smith (Ship).
  • Salem (Ship).
  • San Diego (Ship).
  • Shirk (Ship).
  • Shubrick (Ship).
  • Sloat (Ship).
  • Tern (Ship).
  • Tinger (Ship).
  • Twiggs (Ship).
  • Vestal (Ship).
  • Ward (Destroyer).
  • Welles (Ship).
  • Wicker (Ship).
  • Woolsey (Ship).
  • Wyoming (Ship).
  • Yorktown (Ship).

Geographic Name(s)

  • San Diego (Calif.)


  • Hotels — California

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Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Leather is missing from the front cover, and some mold is visible on the cover. The first page of register is torn halfway vertically. The first several pages are wrinkled, possibly due to water damage. Some entries in register have ink smudges. (September 19, 2011)

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Collection Inventory

Hotel register, 1913 May 19-1921 November 23

Entries of Interest:

W. F. Gafner, from Ault, Colorado, is listed as first registered guest on May 19, 1913.

U.S.S. San Diego listed as residence for registered guests on October 2, 1915; March 24, April 23, July 20, September 5 and December 23, 1916; January 6 and February 3, 1917.

U.S.S. Yorktown listed as residence for registered guest on March 25, 1919.

U.S.S. Birmingham listed as residence for registered guests on August 7, 1920, and March 17 and September 20, 1921.

U.S.S. Melville listed as residence for registered guests on September 1, 1920, and October 1, 5, 20 and November 23, 1921.

U.S.S. Sinclair listed as residence for registered guests on September 25 and November 20, 1920, and October 21, 1921.

U.S.S. Prairie listed as residence for registered guests on November 21, 1920 and February 5, June 7, September 22 and October 12, 1921.

U.S.S. Charleston listed as residence for registered guest on January 22, 1921. Registered guests listing their residence as U.S.S. Charleston frequently stay at hotel through November 3, 1921.

U.S.S. Buffalo listed as residence for registered guests on March 5, June 7, July 23, August 6, September 2, September 20, October 16 and October 26, 1921.

U.S.S. Aroostook listed as residence for registered guests on May 28, June 20 and October 10, 1921.

U.S.S. Arizona listed as residence for registered guests on August 21-23, 1921.

U.S.S. Oklahoma listed as residence for registered guests on August 21-23, 1921.

U.S.S. Nevada listed as residence for registered guest on August 23, 1921.


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