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The Journal of San Diego History

A Publication of the San Diego History Center


Published continuously since 1955, the Journal is one of only a few scholarly publications dedicated to the history of a major American metropolitan region. Published in collaboration with the University of San Diego, the Journal is held in many library collections across the U.S.

Message from the Co-editors of The Journal of San Diego History

The San Diego History Center presents here an archive of every issue of The Journal of San Diego History since its inception in 1955. The varied material in this collection demonstrates how the interpretation of history changes over time as succeeding generations of scholars bring to bear new sources, methodologies, and theories that challenge prevailing interpretations.

We encourage readers to be mindful that because scholarship changes over time, each article must be interpreted within a broader context of other scholarship on that particular issue. In browsing past content, readers should recognize that any specific article is not necessarily representative of the full range of scholarship the Journal has published on that topic. Nor does any one past article necessarily reflect the History Center’s efforts to offer more critical and contemporary perspectives through exhibitions and on-the-ground programs.

We also encourage readers to read every article with a critical eye. Bear in mind that scholarly standards have changed over time. Some older articles do not include a diversity of voices, while others might be mostly descriptive of the topic with no integration of critical sources. And still others might include some editorializing about the “value” of a given subject, a standard which itself changes over time.

We offer this preface as a guide to the general reading public as they interact with these materials. The availability here of any article of the past 65+ years does not necessarily equal endorsement of that material by the History Center or ignorance of recent developments in the relevant scholarship.

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Journals published in the past year are available in the SDHC gift store for $10 each. Please contact to request back issues.

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All material in the print and on-line versions of the Journal of San Diego History is protected by copyright, © San Diego History Center.  For more information about the Journal including policies and submissions: Journal Policies & Submissions (pdf)