The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 2000, Volume 46, Number 4
Gregg Hennessey, Editor

This index was compiled by Richard W. Crawford, former editor of the Journal of San Diego History and Archives Director of the San Diego History Center from 1990 to 1999.

Diacritics (accent marks) have been removed to allow easy searching.

A Land in Motion: California’s San Andreas Fault, by Michael Collier, noted, 46:232

Ace Hillcrest Hardware, 46:182

Alatorre, Chole, 46:82

Allen, Mark, book review by, 46:54-55

Allmendinger, Blake, book co-edited by, noted, 46:137-138

American Legion, 46:72

American Indians and National Park, by Robert H. Keller and Michael F. Turek, noted, 46:231

American Museum of Natural History, 46:42

An Account of the Voyage of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, by James D. Nauman, reviewed, 46:55-58

An Uncommon Mission: Father Tupa Paints the California Missions, by Holly Witchey, noted, 46:232

The Ancestral, by Carol Clark Cunningham, noted 46:231

Associated Farmers of California, 46:73

Atkinson, D. Scott, book co-authored by, noted, 46:233

The Atlas of North American Exploration From the Norse Voyages to the Race to the Pole, by William H. Goetzmann and Glyndwr Williams, noted, 46:64

Atristain, Miguel, 46:124

Averette, Walter, 46:92

Aztec Transportation, 46:102

Bagley, Will, book by, reviewed, 46:211-212

Bahia Magdalena, 46:37

Bakken, Gordon Morris, book review by, 46:131-132

Balboa Park: A Millennium History, by Roger M., Showley, reviewed, 46:219-220

Ballast Point, 46:122

Bangs, Outram, 46:41

Banner, Jackie, 46:102

Barr, Earl S., 46:70

Barthel, Diane, 46:24

Bay View Tannery, 46:36

Baynard, Norman, 46:92

Beverly Wilshire Hotel, 46:8

Bevil, Alexander D., book reviews by, 46:209-211, 46:226-228

Bishop, Harry, 46:92

Blessed Sacrament Church, 46:70

J. Peter Block Companies, 46:23

Bloom, John Porter, book edited by, noted, 46:138-139

Bokovoy, Matthew F., book review by, 46:220-223

Booth, Larry, 46:92

Boundary Joint Commission, 46:122

The Brass Rail (bar), 46:156

Bridges, Harry, 46:76

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, 46:45

Brown, Wilmot W., 46:41

Brunswig Drug Co., fire, 46:111

Burbank, John S., 46:70

Burnett Furniture Co., 46:102, 46:103, 46:181

Burns, Spade, 46:109

Bush, Sara E., book co-authored by, noted, 46:233

Calderhead, Leo, 46:108

Calderon, John B., 46:78

Calexico, 46:38

The California Cauldron: Immigration and the Fortunes of Local Communities, by William A. V. Clark, noted, 46:60-61

California Cavaliers, 46:72

California Tower, 46:3

California Un-American Activities Committee, 46:76, 79

Calles, Plutarco, 46:74

Calmalli, Mexico, 46:38

Cantu, Estaban, 46:39, 40

“Captain Edward William Funcke: Hunting in Baja California for a Living,” by Eric Mellink, 46:35-51

Cardenas, Lazaro, 46:75

Carrillo, Leo, 46:78

Casa de Balboa, 46:185

Castillo, Richard del, article co-authored by, 46:68-88

Cerullo, Rev. Morris, 46:23

Chaput, Donald, book by, reviewed, 46:226-228

Chicano Politics and Society in the Late Twentieth Century, edited by David Montejano, noted, 46:60-61

Chudacoff, Howard P., 46:4, 11

Ciani, Kyle, E., article co-authored by, 46:3-33

Cilch, Kenneth R. and Kenneth R. Cilch, Jr., book by, reviewed, 46:209-211

City Guard Band, 46:95

Civic Improvement Committee, 46:5

Civic Theatre, 46:22

Civil War Veterans of San Diego, CA, by Barbara Palmer, reviewed, 46:58-59

Clark, William A. V., book by, noted, 46:60-61

Clausen, Alexa, book review by, 46:58-59

Cleona Apartments, 46:175

The Club (bar), 46:156

Cocopa Indians, 46:45

Cohn-Hopkins Inc., 46:115

Collier, Michael, book by, noted, 46:232

Colorado River Land Company, 46:38, 40

Colston, Steven, book review by, 46:55-58

Conde, General Pedro Garcia, 46:122

Confessions of a Kinetic Congressman, by Bob Wilson with Larry Bischof and William Brian Lowry, noted, 46:61-62

Convair, 46:22

Cooperativa Mexicana Inc., 46:97

Corona, Bert, 46:76, 79, 82

Corso, Anthony W., 46:22

Cortez Hill, 46:3

Coughlin, Father Charles Edward, 46:71

Couto, Bernardo, 46:124

Covington, Donald Patrick, video review by, 46:130-131

Covington, Majorie, 46:117

Coward, John M., book by, noted, 46:236

Crandall, Fred, 46:70

Creole Palace, 46:95

Cuevas, Luis G., 46:124

Cummings, Frank Jr., 46:9

Cunningham, Carol Clark, book by, noted. 46:231

Cuyamaca, (ship), 46:105

D. and M. Tile Company, 46:186

Charles Dail Community Concourse, 46:22

Dail, Mayor Charles, 46:19

Day, Anita, 46:117

De Graaf, Lawrence B., book review by, 46:223-225

DeBuys, William, book by, reviewed, 46:213-215

Dillinger, Michael E., article by, 46:144-163

Documenting Everyday Life in Early Spanish California: The Santa Barbara Presidio Memorias y facturas, 1779-1810, edited by Giorgio Perissinotto, noted, 46:62

Duvall, Iris, 46:102

Eberts, Mike, book by, noted, 46:63

Echeverria, Jeronima, book co-edited by, noted, 46:138

Echoes From Lane Field: A History of the San Diego Padres, 1926-1957, by Bill Swank, reviewed, 46:225-226

Eddie’s Bar, 46:93

Egrets, 46:42-43

Egyptian Court Apartments, 46:175

Eisen, Percy, 46:5, 26

El Cortez Company, 46:14, 17

El Cortez Hotel, article about, 46:3-33

El Patio Apartments, 46:175

Elevator Electric Inc., 46:21

Elliot Arms Apartments, 46:5

Ellis, Frank G., 46:73

Elm, Ralph, 46:179

Empire of Sand: The Seri Indians and the Struggle for Spanish Sonora, 1645-1803, edited by Thomas E. Sheridan, noted, 46:136

Encinitas: History and Heritage, by Mac Hartley, reviewed, 46:217-219

Erickson, Jimmy, 46:92

Etulain, Richard W., book co-edited by, noted, 46:138

Evans, H. W., 46:73

Federal Landscape: An Economic History of the 20th Century West, by Gerald D. Nash, reviewed, 46:132-134

Fifth Avenue Auto Wash, 46:169

Fitch, Herbert, 46:92

The Flame (bar), 46:185

Florence Elementary School, 46:148, 166

Floyd, Richard A., 46:74

Fox Theatre, 46:5, 10

Fox Egyptian Theatre, 46:178

Frazer, M. Abbott, 46:41

Freshour, Patrolman, 46:109

“From Spanish Romance to Neon Confidence and Demolition Fear: The Twentieth Century Life of the El Cortez Hotel,” by Kyle E. Ciani and Cynthia Malinick, 46:3-33

Frontier Children, by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith, noted, 46:63

The Fruits of Natural Advantage: Making the Industrial Countryside in California, by Steven Stoll, reviewed, 46:220-223

Funcke, Charles Philipp, 46:35

Funcke, Edward William, article about, 46:34-51

Fundamental Truths: The Architecture of Irving J. Gill, video produced by Barbara Ruland, reviewed, 46:130-131

Galarza, Ernesto, 46:71

Garcia, Mercedes Acasan, 46:72, 76

Gay and Lesbian Times, 46:158

The Gay Center, 46:150, 154, 158

Gay Men’s Choir, 46:158

Gerdes, Marianne, video produced by, reviewed, 46:128-129

Gildred, Philip L., Sr., 46:5

Gildred, Theodore, 46:5

Gilmore’s Bicycle and Toy Store, 46:70

Gladding, McBean, 46:186-187

Goetzmann, William H., book co-authored by, noted, 46:64

Gold Coast Upholstery & Mattress, 46:97

Golden Odyssey: John Stroud Houston, California’s First Controller and the Origins of State Government, by Judson A Grenier, reviewed, 46:131-132

Goldman, Luther J., 46:43

Gomez, Lorraine, 46:102

Goodwin, E. D., 46:70

Grant, A. R., 46:98

Grant, Madison, 46:73

Grant, Ulysses S., Jr., 46:5

Graves, James Harris, book by, noted, 46:231

Gray, Andrew B., 46:122

Gray, E. T., 46:75

Grenier, Judson A., book by, reviewed, 46:131-132

Grey, Zane, 46:39

Griffith Park: A Centennial History, by Mike Eberts, noted, 46:63

Grinnell, Joseph, 46:43

Grosvenor, J. Mark, 46:25

Hale Telescope, 46:114

Hamilton, Alice Victoria, 46:72

Handlery, Harry, 46:17-21, 23

Handlery, Paul, 46:23

Hartley, Mac, book by, reviewed, 46:217-219

Harvey, Coin, 46:73

Hayden, Dolores, 46:24

Heger, Vernon, 46:93

Heller, Matt F., 46:11

Hennessey, Gregg, article by, 46:164-183

Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, 46:79, 82

Hillcrest, article about, 46:144-163; photographic essay, 46:164-183

“Hillcrest: From Haven to Home,” by Michael E. Dillinger, 46:144-163.

History of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, by Marine Corps Recruit Depot Museum Historical Society and Meredith R. Vezina, reviewed, 46:228-230

Home Away from Home: A History of Basque Boardinghouses, by Jeronima Echeverria, noted, 46:137

Home Federal Savings and Loan, 46:23

Hotel Douglas, 46:95

House of Hospitality, 46:187

Howarth, Stephen, book by, noted, 46:64

Humphrey, William E., 46:42

Hunsberger, Arnold, 46:21

Huxtable, Ada Louis, 46:27

Ilarregui, Jose Salazar, 46:122

The Imperial Court, 46:158

Imperial Night-Hawk, 46:73

The Impossible Railroad, video produced by Marianne Gerdes, reviewed, 46:128-129

International Boundary and Water Commission, 46:120

Jackson, Kenneth T., 46:18

Jackson, Parker L., article by, 46:184-191

Jaques, Enriqueta, 46:37

Jessop, Jess, 46:150

Jessops and Sons, 46:116

Johnson, Harry, 46:101

Johnson, Kristin, book edited by, noted, 46:139

Johnson, William Templeton, 46:5

Juan Alvarado: Governor of California, 1836-1842, edited by Robert Ryal Miller, noted, 46:136

Katz, Frederich, book by, noted, 46:62

Keller, Robert H., book co-authored by, noted, 46:231

Kenaston, V. Wayne, 46:70, 73-74, 76-77, 82

Kenaston, V. Wayne, Jr., 46:69

Kennedy, Diane C., book review by, 46:217-219

Kenny, Robert W., 46:76

Kolender, Bill, 46:79

Kornweibel, Theodore, book review by, 46:52-54; video review by, 46:128-129

Krause, Art, 46:109

Krauze, Enrique, 46:74

Ku Klux Klan, article about, 46:68-88

Larralde, Carlos M., article co-authored by, 46:68-88

Larson, Wendell “Vern,” 46:21

Lee, C. T., 46:75

Lemon Grove, 46:73

Lesbian and Gay Historical Society, 46:158

J. W. Lewis & Company, 46:38

The Life and Times of Pancho Villa, by Frederich Katz, 46:62

London, Jack, 46:36

Long’s Cattle Company, 46:35, 38

Lotchin, Roger W., book edited by, reviewed, 46:223-225

Luksic, Jennifer, book co-authored by, noted, 46:233

MacDonald, Bob, 46:27-28

Magon, Flores, 46:40

Malinick, Cynthia, article co-authored by, 46:3-33

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Museum Historical Society, book by, reviewed, 46:228-230

Marston, George, 46:148

Marston Hills, 46:175

Martinez, Roberto, 46:82, 83

Matsumoto, Valerie J., book co-edited by, noted, 46:137-138

May, Von Marie, 46:27; book review by, 46:219-220

McCarthy, Father Thomas J., 46:71

McIntyre, Richard, 46:21

McPherson, Aimee Semple, 46:76

McPherson, Matt, 46:189

McWilliams, Carey, 46:70-73

Mellink, Eric, article by, 46:35-51

Mendenhall, S. E., 46:74

Mesa, Max, 46:19

Metropolitan Community Church, 46:154, 158

Metzger, Tom, 46:79, 82

Mexicali, Mexico, 46:38

Mexican Revolution (1910-1921), 46:40

Michels, Bernie, 46:150, 154, 156, 158

Miller Service, 46:104

Miller, Robert Ryal, book by, noted, 46:136

Mission Industries, 46:101

Mission Memoirs: A Collection of Photographs, Illustrations, and Twentieth-century Reflections on California’s Past, by Terry Ruscin, reviewed, 46:215-217

Mission Valley Shopping Center, 46:156

Montalvo, Carlos, 46:74

Montejano, David, book by, noted, 46:60-61

Montoya, Alfredo, 46:79

Moodie, T. S., 46:73

Moreno, Luisa, 46:71, 75, 78, 79,

Munchtando, Daisy Burns, 46:19

Murphy, Robert Cushman, 46:41

Murphy, R. C., 46:42, 46:45

Museum of Comparative Zoology, 46:41

Najera, Frank, 46:191

Nash, Gerald D., book by, reviewed, 46:132-134

National Park Service, 46:28

Nelson, Edward W., 46:41, 45

The Newspaper Indian: Native American Identity in the Press, by John M. Coward, noted, 46:234

Niswender, Donald J., 46:75

Nolen, John, 46:5

Nunis, Doyce B., book edited by, noted, 46:64-65

O’Brien, Dennis, 46:28

O’Brien, Harry F., 46:28

Osborn, Henry Fairfield, 46:41

Over the Edge: Remapping the American West, edited by Valerie J. Matsumoto and Blake Allmendinger, noted, 46:137-138

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co., 46:103

Paderewski, C. J., 46:17, 20-21

Palomar Observatory, 46:114

“The Pantoja Map of 1782 and the Port of San Diego: Some Answers Regarding the International Boundary in the San Diego-Tijuana Region,” by Jorge A. Vargas, 46:119-127

Pantoja y Arriaga, Juan, 46:121

Paonessa, Alfred A., 46:76

The Passing of the White Race, 46:73

Passmore, Lee, 46:92

Patterson, F. E., 46:92

Peavy, Linda, book co-authored by, noted, 46:63

Pelley, William, 46:71

Perissinotto, Giorgio, book edited by, noted, 46:62

“The Persian Water Rug: Balboa Park’s Lost Treasure,” by Parker L. Jackson, 46:184-191

Phillips, J. C., 46:41

“Photograph Essay From ‘All in a Day’s Work’ an Exhibition held at the San Diego Historical Society July 1998-September 1999,” by Greg Williams, 46:91-117

“Photographic Essay of Hillcrest,” by Gregg Hennessey, 46:164-183

Pickwick Hotel, 46:5

Picturing Paradise, by D. Scott Atkinson, Jennifer Luksic, and Sara E. Bush, noted 46:233

Pilling, Majorie, 46:117

Porter, John 46:70

Porter, Slessing & Company, 46:36

Portrait of Basques in the New World, co-edited by Richard W. Etulain, noted, 46:138

Pryde, Philip R., book review by, 46:213-215

Putnam, John, book review by, 46:211-212

Race and Politics: Asian Americans, Latinos, and Whites in a Los Angeles Suburb, by Leland T. Saito, noted, 46:60-61

Saito, Leland T., book by, noted, 46:60-61

Rand, Sally, 46:94

Reichl, Alexander J., 46:23

Reimers, David M., book by, noted, 46:60-61

Requa, Richard S., 46:185

Riddle, Jane, 46:35

Robinson, Richard, 46:14

Robinson, Richard T., Jr., 46:5

Rogers, Michelle, 46:102

Rozelle, Howard W., 46:92

Ruland, Barbara, video produced by, reviewed, 46:130-131

Ruscin, Terry, book by, reviewed, 46:215-217

The St. Francis Dam Disaster Revisited, edited by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr., noted, 46:64-65

St. Joseph’s Hospital, 46:167

Salazar, Jesus, 9746:

Salt Dreams: Land and Water in Low-Down California, by William deBuys, reviewed, 46:213-215

Sample, Edwina B., 46:13, 19

San Diegans Inc., 46:22

San Diego Athletic Club, 46:5

San Diego Chicano Foundation Law and Justice Committee, 46:83

San Diego Electric Railway, 46:169

San Diego Fire Department, aerial truck, 46:107

San Diego Silver Shirts League, 46:74-75

San Diego Son, 46:158

San Diego Stadium, 46:99

San Diego Trust and Savings Bank, 46:4

“San Diego’s Ku Klux Klan, 1920-1980,” by Carlos M. Larralde and Richard del Castillo, 46:68-88

San Ysidro, 46:38

Sandos, James A., book review by, 46:215-217

The Santa Fe (hotel), 46:37

Schneider, Charles, 46:92

Schneider, Roland, 46:92

Schneider, Florence Kemmler, 46:92

Scoundrel’s Tale: The Samuel Brannan Papers, by Will Bagley, reviewed, 46:211-212

Sculpture Conservation Studio, 46:189

Sears Department Store, 46:154

Sensor, Guy, 46:92

Sepulveda, Mrs. Harry B., 46:111

Serafin, David, 46:189

Seymour, Douglas K., 46:82, 83

Sheridan, Thomas E., book by, noted, 46:136

Sherriff, J. A., 46:92

To Shining Sea: A History of the United States Navy, 1775-1998, by Stephen Howarth, noted, 46:64

Showley, Roger M., book by, reviewed, 46:219-220

Shuler, Rev. Bob, 46:76

Sierra de San Pedro Martir, 46:42

Silversher, Commander Herman, 46:15

Simpson, W. J., 46:70

William Simpson Construction Company, 46:8

Singles Club Association, 46:22

Smith, Gerald L. K., 46:71

Smith, Ursula, book co-authored by, noted, 46:63

Soltek Construction Co., 46:189

Son of the South Come West: El Cajon’s First “Mayor,” by James Harris Graves, noted 46:231

Southern Terminals Co., 46:104

Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, 46:8

Stan’s Burger Bar, 46:179

Stardust Hotel, 46:17

State Normal School, 46:169

Stillings, George L., 46:16

Stoll, Steven, book by, reviewed, 46:220-223

Sullivan & Sample, 46:22

Swank, Bill, book by, reviewed, 46:225-226

The Tale of the Nations, 46:73

Tenney, Senator Jack, 46:76, 78

Thayer, John E., 46:41

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848: Papers of the Sesquicentennial Symposium, edited by John Porter Bloom, noted, 46:138-139

Tobias, Todd, book review by, 46:225-226

Tourist Garage, 46:38

Travolator Motor Hotel, 46:18, 46:21

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 46:119-126

Trist, Nicholas P., 46:124

Turek, Michael F., book co-authored by, noted, 46:231

Unwelcome Strangers: American Identity and the Turn Against Immigration, by David M. Reimers, noted, 46:60-61

U.S. National Museum of Natural History, 46:41

U.S.S. Saratoga (CV3): An Illustrated History of the Legendary Aircraft Carrier, 1927-1946, by John Fry, reviewed, 46:54-55

Unfortunate Emigrants: Narratives of the Donner Party, edited by Kristin Johnson, noted, 46:139

Union Title Building, 46:100

Usquiano, Albert, 46:79

Usquiano, Phil, 46:79

Van Norden, Ottomar H., 46:37, 39, 44

Vargas, Jorge A., article by, 46:119-127

Vezina, Meredith R., book by, reviewed, 46:228-230

Virgil Earp: Western Peace Officer, by Donald Chaput, reviewed, 46:226-228

Walker, Albert R., 46:5, 26

The Way We Really Were: The Golden State in the Second Great War, edited by Roger W. Lotchin, 46:223-225

Weller, John B., 46:122

Where Rails Meet the Sea: America’s Connections Between Ships and Trains, by Michael Krieger, reviewed, 46:52-54

White Aryan Resistance, 46:69

Whitson,William L., 46:144, 148, 166

Wiese, Andrew, book review by, 46:132-134

Willets, Kathryn, 46:25

Williams, Donna, 46:191

Williams, Greg, article by, 46:91-117

Williams, Glyndwr, book co-authored by, noted, 46:64

Wilson, Bob, book by, noted, 46:61-62

Witchey, Holly, book by, noted, 46:232

Witty, Robert M., book review by, 46:228-230

World War II, in San Diego, 46:15-17

Wyatt Earp: The Missing Years, San Diego in the 1880s, by Kenneth R. Cilch and Kenneth R. Cilch, Jr., reviewed, 46:209-211