MS 174 Oneira Women’s Club Records

Summary Information

San Diego History Center Document Collection
Oneira Women’s Club.
Oneira Women’s Club Records
MS 174
Date [inclusive]
9.0 Linear feet (15 boxes)
The collection contains records related to the activities of the Oneira Women’s Club of San Diego.

Preferred Citation

Oneira Women’s Club Records, MS 174, San Diego History Center Document Collection, San Diego, CA.

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Biographical / Historical Notes

During World War I, a group of women from Normal Heights organized a social club for Red Cross volunteers. When the war ended in November 1918, the women decided to continue on as a formal organization in order to pursue their philanthropic work. The first meeting of the Women’s Club of Normal Heights was held in February 1919. Later, the club changed their name to the Oneira Women’s Club; ‘oneira’ being a Greek word meaning “dreams or visions realized or come true,” accurately depicting the Club’s goal of civic advancement and community service. The word also contained all the letters common to the three names of the districts from which the Club drew its members: Normal Heights, Kensington Park, and Bonnie Brae. A charter of the San Diego Chapter of the Federated Women’s Club, Oneira had many active sections, including departments for music, gardening, literary study, and arts and crafts. The Club met for sixty years until interest waned; the organization was officially disbanded in 1980.

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Scope and Content

The collection contains records of the Oneira Women’s Club from its inception as a Red Cross volunteer organization in 1915 through the club’s disbandment in 1980. The records consist of meeting ledgers, financial materials, membership details, and club correspondence. The meeting minutes include the general Club meetings as well as those of the Club’s Executive Board of Directors and the individual Club departments. There are also scrapbooks detailing the history of the Oneira Club. In addition, materials related to the activities of the Club’s Gardening Department and the Orchestra and Choral Department are present. For the Gardening Department, this primarily consists of subject files related to specific gardening topics. For the Orchestra and Choral Department, a large selection of sheet music and musical programs are present. There are records regarding chapter meetings and activities of the Federated Women’s Club. Additionally, there are photographs and negatives and newspaper clippings related to Oneira Club events and members.

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The collection is arranged into ten series:

Series I: Oneira Club History

Series II: Administration

Series III: Finances

Series IV: Membership

Series V: Correspondence

Series VI: Oneira Club Garden Department

Series VII: Oneira Club Orchestra and Choral Departments

Series VIII: Federated Women’s Club

Series IX: Newspaper Articles

Series X: Miscellanea

Items in each series are arranged by subject.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

San Diego History Center Document Collection July 20, 2012

1649 El Prado, Suite 3
San Diego, CA, 92101

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use

The San Diego History Center (SDHC) holds the copyright to any unpublished materials. SDHC Library regulations do apply.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Lauren Rasmussen on July 20, 2012.

Collection processed as part of grant project supported by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) with generous funding from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • American Red Cross.
  • Federation of Women’s Clubs.
  • Oneira Women’s Club.

Geographic Name(s)

  • Normal Heights (San Diego, Calif.)
  • San Diego (Calif.)

Personal Name(s)

  • Babcock, May
  • Himmelman, Ella P.
  • Ireland, Hattie
  • Reese, Fannie M.
  • Worden, Ella


  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Plants
  • Sheet music
  • Women — Societies and clubs

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Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Mold found on phonographs (Box 15 folder 7); phonographs have been wrapped and sealed until later date when they can be treated properly.

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Collection Inventory

 Series I: Oneira Club History

History of the Oneira Club, 1919-19271:1
History of the Oneira Club, 1928-19361:2
History of the Oneira Club, 1937-19431:3
History of the Oneira Club, 1943-19511:4
History of the Oneira Club, 1951-19541:5
History of the Oneira Club, 1954-19551:6
History of the Oneira Club, 1956-19581:7
History of the Oneira Club, 1958-19591:8
History of the Oneira Club, 1959-19612:1
History of the Oneira Club, 1961-19622:2
History of the Oneira Club, undated2:3
Oneira Club Departments History, 1920-19262:4
Oneira Club Departments History, 1938-19472:5

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 Series II: Administration

By-laws, 1927-1928 and undated2:6
“Early History of the N.H. Women’s Club and Finally Oneira Club” meeting minutes ledger, 1919 February 13-1921 June 92:7
“General Meeting” minutes (bound), 1921 September 22-1926 June 172:8
General meeting minutes, 1928 September 28-1929 May 232:9
General meeting minutes, 1929 May 24-1930 May 222:10
General meeting minutes, 1931 June 18-1933 November 22:11
General meeting minutes, 1934 January 4-1937 April 13:1
General meeting and board meeting minutes (bound), 1937 June 3-1939 May 43:2
General meeting and board meeting minutes, 1939 June 1-1942 June 43:3
General meeting and board meeting minutes, 1942 September 3-1946 June 63:4
General meeting and board meeting minutes (bound), 1946 September 5-1950 October 63:5
General meeting and board meeting minutes (bound), 1954 May 6-1957 June 63:6
General meeting and board meeting minutes, 1954 September 5-1958 June 53:7
General meeting and board meeting minutes (bound), 1957 June 5-1962 June 73:8
General meeting and board meeting minutes (bound), 1970 September 3-1974 August 203:9
“Minutes of the Meetings of the Board of Directors” (bound), 1920 December 20-1927 January 274:1
Board meeting minutes, 1927 September 28-1928 November 194:2
Board meeting minutes, 1928 December 17-1929 October 194:3
Board meeting minutes, 1929 October 29-1932 October 274:4
Board meeting minutes, 1932 November 17-1935 September 54:5
Board meeting minutes, 1936 June 4-1942 September 24:6
Board meeting minutes, 1942 October 1-1958 June 54:7
Study Department meeting minutes and disbursement ledger, 1922-19344:8
Annual reports, 1921-19294:9
Annual reports, 1929-19334:10
Annual reports, 1933-19354:11
Annual reports, 1935-19394:12
Annual reports, 1939-19425:1
Annual reports, 1942-19465:2
Annual reports, 1946-1954 and undated5:3
Program drafts, 1955-19635:4
Officer election ballots, 1936 April 2 and undated5:5
Summary of officer’s installation luncheon, undated5:6

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 Series III: Finances

Treasurer’s statements, 1937 April 7-1946 April 305:7
Accounts ledger, 1919 February 6-1929 May 145:8
Accounts ledger, 1929 May 29-1942 September 1


List of dues paid

Accounts ledger, 1942 September 1-1956 May 95:10
Accounts ledger, 1955 June 1-1975 October 285:11
Oneira Hall rental ledgers, 1961 January 2-1971 December 276:1
Checkbook with stubs, 1956 July 24-1959 June 166:2
Check stubs and cancelled checks, 1935 July 23-1951 March 316:3
Income taxes, 1946-195115:1
Income taxes, 19526:4
Bills and receipts, 1935-19526:5
Financial notes, 1952 March 20 and undated6:6

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 Series IV: Membership

“Names of Members” (bound), 1923-1929


Member name and contact address

Dues paid

Membership lists, 1937-1948


Member name and contact address

Dues paid

Application for membership card, 1937

Membership lists, 1948-1955


Member name and contact address

Dues paid

Membership lists (bound), 1942-1956


Member name and contact address

Dues paid

Membership lists (spiral bound), 1952-1956 and undated


Member name and contact address

Dues paid

Loose sheet introducing new members, undated

Membership lists (spiral bound), 1956-1957


Member name and contact address

Dues paid

“Oneira Women’s Club – Book for Membership” (bound), 1956-1968


Member name and contact address

Dues paid

“Book of Membership. Oneira Club” (bound), undated


Member name and contact address

Dues paid

Membership dues receipts, 1953 September 19-1957 June 67:2
Meetings register for members and guests, 1945 September 6-1950 April 615:2
Meetings register for members and guests, 1950 May 4-1954 November 415:3
Meetings register for members and guests (bound), 1954 December 2-1958 May 115:4
Meetings register for members and guests, 1958 June 5-1963 June 615:5
Meetings register for members and guests, 1963 September 5-1969 May 115:6
“Sign In Book 1980-1985” for members and guests (bound), 1980 September 4-1985 March 97:3
Yearbooks, 1935-19807:4

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 Series V: Correspondence

Administrative, 1935 March 7-1952 February 11 and undated7:5
Officers and membership, 1926 October 25-1954 July 77:6
Legislation and politics, 1935-19607:7
Charity and donations, 1945 March 21-1956 April 7 and undated7:8
Events and invitations, 1948 January 25-1954 March 20 and undated7:9
Personal greetings, 1949 May 15-1953 November 21 and undated7:10
Miscellanea, 1933 May 24-1954 February 20 and undated


Advertisement mailers

Questionnaires about the Club

Event facilities information at El Cortez Hotel (letter and brochure)


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 Series VI: Oneira Club Garden Department

Meeting minutes, 1941 September 19-1944 August 187:12
Gardening notebooks (bound), undated


“Species and Breeding” notebook

“Iris Book”

Flowers, articles (A), undated7:14
Flowers, articles (B), undated7:15
Camelias, articles, 1944-1961 and undated8:1
Daylilies, articles, 1955-1957 and undated8:2
Fuchsias, articles, 1952 and undated8:3
Perennials, articles, undated8:4
Perennials, articles, undated8:5
Bulbs, articles, 1955 and undated8:6
Ferns and shade plants, articles, undated8:7
Lath house plants, articles, undated8:8
Orchards and trees, articles, 1947-19589:1
Orchards and trees, articles, 1956-19599:2
Shurbs, articles, undated9:3
Succulents and cacti, articles, 1962 and undated9:4
Tropical plants, articles, 1955 and undated9:5
Vines, articles, undated9:6
Potted plants, articles, 1955 and undated9:7
Pest control, articles, undated9:8
“Germination Ideas, Seed Sowing, Soils, and Sprayers” notes,9:9
Miscellanea, articles, undated9:10
Gardening pamphlets and newsletters, 1932-1955 and undated10:1
Gardening guides by month, articles, 1944-195610:2
Flower show awards, 195410:3

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 Series VII: Oneira Club Orchestra and Choral Departments

“Poinsettia Choral Club” meeting (bound), 1920 May 29-1930 April 210:4
Orchestra Department meeting minutes, 1936 September 14-1940 April 1510:5
Orchestra Department meeting minutes, 1941 September 8-1944 March 910:6
Orchestra Department meeting minutes, 1944 September 11-1946 June 1010:7
Department dues and finances, 1925 September-1945 May10:8
Programs and notes, 1936 March 10-1944 April 6 and undated10:9
Oneira Club songs and sheet music, undated10:10
Federated Women’s Club songs and sheet music, 1954 May 25 and undated10:11
Song lyrics, undated10:12
Sheet music (A), undated



“Allah’s Holiday”

“April Showers”

“Around the World”

“An Autumn Lullaby”

“Ave Maria”

“Away in a Manger”

Sheet music (B), undated


“Banjo Player, The”

“A Bed-Time Song”

“Bicycle Built For Two”

“The Big Brown Bear”

“By the Beautiful Sea”

Sheet music (C), undated


“Christ Arose”

“Christmas Carols”


Sheet music (D), undated


“The Dancing Doll”

“De Bogie Man”

“Dear California”

“Director’s Song”


Sheet music (F-G), undated


“Forever and Ever”

“Glorious California”

“Glory to San Diego”

“Great is Thy love”

“The Green Cathedral”

Sheet music (H), undated


“Hail, the King”

“Hark! Hark the Lark”

“The Harp of Delight”

“Hymn of the Pilgrims”

Sheet music (I), undated


“I Believe”

“I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked”

“If I Were a Moonbeam”

“In Autumn”

“In San Diego”

“In the Garden of To-Morrow”

“In the Time of Roses”

“I’ve Done My Work”

Sheet music (J), undated


“Jeanette in Her Garden”

“Just a Prayer Away”

Sheet music (L), undated


“Land of Hope and Glory”

“Like Birds at Eve”

“Love in the Spring-Time”

“Love is a Rose”


Sheet music (Ma-Mir), undated


“March on America”

“May-Day Song”

“The Message of the Violet”

“Military March (Hail to the Chief)”

“A Miracle”

Sheet music (Mis-Moo), undated


“Mistress Margarita”

“Moonlight and Roses”

“Moonlight Bay”


Sheet music (Mor-N), undated


“Morning Invocation”

“My Garden”

“My Old Kentucky Home”

“My Sun (O Sole Mio)”

“Nobody Knows de Trouble I’ve Seen”

“Now Hush A-Bye, My Dear”

Sheet music (O-P), undated


“O Come, All Ye Faithful”

“O Tannenbaum!”

“O, No, John”

“Oh Peter Go Ring-a dem Bells”

“One Memory”

“A Prayer”

Sheet music (S), undated


“The Savior is Born”

“Song of a Shepherd”

“A Song of the Southern District”

“The Springtime of the Year”

“Standin’ In the Need of a Prayer”

“St. Francis’ Prayer”

“Star Go By”

“The Star-Spangled Banner”

“Sweet and Low”

Sheet music (T-W), undated


“Thanks Be to God”

“That Naughty Waltz”

“Three Blind Mice”

“Welcome Mighty Chief, Once More”

“When You’re Smiling”

“While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks”

“America Sings, Community Song Book,” 193512:8
“America Sings, Community Song Book,” 193513:1
“Twice 55, Community Songs,” undated13:2
Miscellaneous song booklets, 1915-1945 and undated


“Christmas Carols”

“The Girls’ Glee Club”

“Songs for Lions”

Phonographs, undated


“Chorus Ng”

“Chorus Surray”

“Oneira Chorus”

“Chorus Beautiful Day”


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 Series VIII: Federated Women’s Club

Procedure Book, 1957-195813:4
General meeting minutes (bound), 1958 February 10-1964 June 713:5
San Diego (District 25) Executive Committee meeting minutes (bound), 1962 June-1964 January14:1
“California Federation of Women’s Clubs, Year book,” 1958-195914:2
“General Federation of Women’s Clubs Administration Program,” 1958-196014:3
Correspondence and notifications, 1950 October-1961 July and undated14:4
Annual Conventions and events, 1930 April 16-1959 April 20 and undated14:5
Certificates of achievement, undated14:6
“California Clubwomen” magazines, 1960 September-December14:7

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 Series IX: Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles, 1924 October 17–1935 September 2014:8
Newspaper articles, 1936 September–1951 September14:9

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 Series X: Miscellanea

Photo album, undated14:10
Miscellanea, undated


Oneira Club poem

Program for dedication of the Harvey L. Lewis, Jr. Junior High School, May 11, 1960

Abbey Rents, Sales Rentals (pamphlet)

“Eugenics Pamphlets No. 88,” undated

“The Truth About Floridation” by Citizens Committee for Children’s Dental Health, undated


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