MS 228 Virginia DeMarais Anza Borrego Region Collection

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San Diego History Center Document Collection
DeMarais, Virginia
Virginia DeMarais Anza Borrego Region Collection
MS 228
Date [inclusive]
7.75 Linear feet (13 boxes)
This collection consists of material collected by Virginia DeMarais pertaining to the history, development, and population of Borrego Springs and the Anza-Borrego region, as well as a small collection of her personal papers.

Preferred Citation

Virginia DeMarais Anza Borrego Region Collection, MS 228, San Diego History Center Document Collection, San Diego, CA.

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Biographical / Historical Notes

Virginia DeMarais was born in Los Angeles on November 13, 1915, to Robert Harold Hart and Virginia C. Christie. She married Bill DeMarais in 1937, and in 1943 they had a son, Dennis DeMarais. The family moved to Borrego Springs after World War II and built a motel called Hacienda Borrego. They operated the motel for eight years, then sold it. Before and after their retirement, Virginia and Bill were heavily involved in local activities and organizations, helping the small town establish a post office, schools, and the Community Church.

Virginia was Borrego Springs’ first librarian in 1949, housing the library’s books in the lobby of Hacienda Borrego. She was the Borrego Elementary School secretary from 1952-1976. She was also involved in numerous clubs, including the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association, Beta Sigma Phi sorority, Community Concert Association, Borrego Women’s Club, Soroptimist International Association, and the Parent-Teacher Club . She documented local history for over 40 years and authored the “Do You Recall?” history column for the Borrego Sun newspaper. In 1993 she was recognized by the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Diego as the official historian of Borrego Springs, California. Bill DeMarais died in 1982, and Virginia died in September of 1994.

The Anza-Borrego region was originally the homeland of the Cupeno, Luiseno, Cahuilla, Diegueno, and Chumash tribes. Their descendants were eventually moved to the Pala Indian Reservation. The area is named in part after Juan Bautista de Anza who in the 1770s led a party of 240 settlers from Tubac, Arizona to the San Gabriel Mission, opening a 2,000 mile trail to California via Yuma.

American settlers appeared in the Anza-Borrego desert as early as 1910. The first ranches were established in the 1920s, with land cheaply available through the terms of the 1862 Homestead Act. Farming in the region flourished when it was discovered that local grapes were the first of the season, and alfalfa growers could cut eight to ten crops per year.

During the Depression, rich residents bought up the surrounding land to help construct the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, now the largest state park in California. This effectively encapsulated the town of Borrego Springs at its center. In the 1940s the desert was used for Marine and Army training grounds. In the 1950s the construction of the Feather River Dam near Oroville brought a dependable water source to the Borrego region, supplementing discoveries of deep water reserves underground. Borrego Springs began to develop as a desert resort, with numerous hotels and country clubs built to lure visitors into the desert. By the 1990s Borrego Springs was a well-established winter retreat for thousands of “snowbirds” from Oregon, Washington, and Canada.

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Scope and Content

This collection consists of material pertaining to the history, development, and population of Borrego Spring and the Anza-Borrego region, as well as a small collection of Virginia DeMarais’s personal papers.

Virginia’s personal papers consist of a personal diary, correspondence, club memberships, drafts for her “Do You Recall?” history column, and newspaper articles related to her hobbies. The majority of the collection is secondary source material; book excerpts, magazine and newspaper clippings, in addition to brochures and maps. Correspondence and business records are also included.

The history and environment of the Anza-Borrego region includes a selection of maps, published and unpublished histories, and a large collection of brochures and clippings about local wildlife, plant life, and weather conditions. The development of the Anza-Borrego region contains an assortment of administrative documents, meeting minutes, promotional material, correspondence, newsletters, and numerous newspaper articles on local organizations, including the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and Natural History Association; public institutions such as the post office, schools, police, and medical services; local businesses; and an assortment of local and international clubs. Additionally, this collection includes files on prominent local citizens, with varied amounts of correspondence, newspaper clippings, or personal items such as poetry books or art prints. Finally, there are subject folders for local festivals (consisting mainly of programs, flyers, and newspaper articles), and for places outside of Borrego Springs (primarily brochures, histories, and newspaper articles).

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The collection is arranged by series:

Series I: Virginia DeMarais Personal Papers

Series II: Anza-Borrego Region: History

Series III: Anza-Borrego Region: Environment

Series IV: Anza-Borrego Region: People

Series V: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Series VI: Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association

Series VII: Borrego Springs: Development, Real Estate, Publicity

Series VIII: Borrego Springs: Institutions and Public Services

Series IX: Borrego Springs: Businesses

Series X: Borrego Springs: Organizations and Recreation

Series XI: Borrego Springs: Festivals and Events

Series XII: Southern California Miscellanea

Items in each series are arranged by subject or alphabetically.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

San Diego History Center Document Collection July 26, 2012

1649 El Prado, Suite 3
San Diego, CA, 92101

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use

The San Diego History Center (SDHC) holds the copyright to any unpublished materials. SDHC Library regulations do apply.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Accession number 950719.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Samantha Mills on July 26, 2012.

Collection processed as part of grant project supported by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) with generous funding from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.

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Related Materials

Separated Materials

San Diego Union Tribune map of downtown San Diego, August 8, 1985 separated to the SDHC Map Collection.

Photographs, negatives, and slides previously separated to the SDHC Photograph Collection.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • American Legion.
  • Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association.
  • Beta Sigma Phi.
  • DiGiorgio Fruit Corporation.
  • Ensign Date Ranch.
  • IVC Museum Society.
  • Kiwanis Club (San Diego, Calif.).
  • Montezuma Valley Historical Society.
  • Soroptimist International Association.

Family Name(s)

  • Warner family


  • Correspondence
  • Diaries
  • Maps

Geographic Name(s)

  • Anza-Borrego Desert (Calif.)
  • Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (Calif.)
  • Borrego Springs (Calif.)
  • Julian (Calif.)
  • Pala Indian Reservation (Calif.)
  • Ranchita (Calif.)

Personal Name(s)

  • Anza, Juan Bautista de, 1735-1788
  • Beaty, Alfred
  • Burnand, Alphonse A., Jr.
  • DeGrazia, 1909-1982
  • DeMarais, Bill
  • DeMarais, Virginia
  • DuVall, Ed
  • Gordon, Gale, 1906-1995
  • Hood, Amorita
  • Hubbell, James
  • Lynn, James L.
  • Mathes, Albert L.
  • Oliver, Harry, 1888-1973
  • Orrell, Lewis
  • Proctor, Phimster B.
  • Roberts, Eugene
  • Wharton, William M., Jr.


  • Agriculture
  • Brochures
  • Business
  • Business records
  • Camping
  • Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
  • Clubs
  • Country clubs
  • Desert animals
  • Desert plants
  • Festivals
  • Hiking
  • Homestead law — California
  • Methodist Church
  • Mines and mineral resources
  • Newsletters
  • Programs
  • Real estate business
  • Small business

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Collection Inventory

 Series I: Virginia DeMarais Personal Papers

“A New Journal,” 1992 April 9-1994 February 16

Scope and Content:

Virginia is 76 at the start of this journal. She dies in September 1994. A spiral bound notebook is utilized as the journal. It is a log of her daily activities, including phone calls, the weather, real estate deals, days spent at the Ranchita office, and shopping trips.

Correspondence, 1953 February 20-1993 May 3 and undated 1:2
Club Memberships and Donations, 1954 February 17-1993 June 25 1:3
School District and San Diego County Elections, 1949 April 5-1988 November 8 1:4
“Do You Recall” Column Drafts, 1972-1987 1:5
“Do You Recall” Column Drafts, 1988-1992 1:6
“Then and Now” Slideshow Presentation, 1986 October 16-1994 March 16 and undated 1:7
Miscellaneous diversions, undated


Card and dice games, jokes, cartoons, inspirational quotes and prayers, articles on etiquette, teacher humor.

Hobbies, 1978 April 11 and undated


Crafts (ornaments, potpourri)

CB radio license and CB radio codes

Cooking, 1960-1974 and undated 1:10
Flags, 1962 June 2-1984 October 29 and undated 1:11
Gardening, 1955 January 16-1987 May 24 and undated 1:12
Golf, 1954-1959 and undated 1:13
Songs and Poems, 1954 and undated 1:14
“A Spur Discovered,” 1979 August 2-1980 February 28 and undated


Correspondence, receipts, and newspaper articles pertaining to an antique spur Virginia found and had appraised.


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 Series II: Anza-Borrego Region: History

Maps, 1935-1980 and undated


“Scenic Map of the Imperial Valley Desert Area,” November 17, 1941 (in Oversize Collections D4)

“Draft Preview of the California Desert Conservation Area Plan and Environmental Statement,” December 1979 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Two copies of “A Hysterical Map of Palm Springs,” 1948 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Map of Borrego Springs by Road-Runner Realty (in Oversize Collections D4)

Rincon Springs menu and map of Southern California, c. 1949 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Map of Ensign Ranch development plan from Borrego Sun newspaper, July 1962 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Four copies of “Points of Interest in Borrego Valley” map from Borrego Sun newspaper, undated (in Oversize Collections D4)

Local Indian History, 1946–1993 and undated


Informational flyers from the CUPA Cultural Center at Pala Indian Reservation

Magazine and newspaper articles

Local History, 1950-1992 and undated


Manuscript: “Borrego Springs” by Ann Allen

Essays by Virginia DeMarais

Personal Memories, 1950-1989 and undated


Letters, notes from interviews, and articles

Place Name Origins, 1947-1985 and undated 2:2
Cattle Brands, 1954 June 2-1994 June 2 and undated


“Day of the Dons” map of San Diego with images of brands printed around the border (in Oversize Collections D4)

Napkins with cattle brands on border (in Oversize Collections D4)

Articles on barbed wire

Local Legends, 1949 December 18-1992 May 7 and undated 2:4
Song and Poems, 1948-1975 and undated


Borrego Springs Kiwanis Club lyrics and sheet music, April 1, 1959 (in Oversize Documents D4)


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 Series III: Anza-Borrego Region: Environment

General Wildlife, 1946-1984 and undated 2:6
Birds, 1968 September 28-1983 November 24 and undated 2:7
Insects and Arachnids, 1968 November 23-1978 May 25 and undated 2:8
Mammals, 1949 January 18-1983 July 20 and undated 2:9
Reptiles and Amphibians, 1952-1993 and undated 2:10
Earthquakes and Fires, 1954-1989 and undated 2:11
Flowers and Plants: General, 1956 April 20-1980 October 19 and undated 2:12
Flowers and Plants: Wildflower Season, 1948-1985 and undated 2:13
Fossils and Artifacts, 1952 June 1-1994 February 10 and undated 2:14
Trees, 1945-1982 and undated 2:15
Weather, 1948-1993 and undated 2:16

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 Series IV: Anza-Borrego Region: People

Early Residents, 1932-1993 and undated


Lists of early residents and their addresses

Late 20th century Residents, 1949-1993 and undated


Lists of P.O. Boxes and addresses

Funeral and wedding notifications

Famous Celebrity Visitors, 1953-1982 and undated


Visits to Borrego Springs by Bing Crosby, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan

Juan Bautista de Anza and the Californios, 1938-1993 and undated 2:20
Alfred (Doc) Beaty, 1949-1994 and undated 2:21
Burnand Family, 1949 October 17-1982 December 30 and undated 3:1
Ted De Grazia, 1982 and undated 3:2
DiGiorgio Family, 1950-1981 and undated 3:3
DuVall Family, 1952-1993 and undated 3:4
Ensign Family, 1946-1993 and undated 3:5
Gale Gordon, 1956 December 24-1981 January 1 and undated 3:6
Amorita Hood, 1948-1998 and undated 3:7
James Hubbell, 1972 August 26-1993 July 1 and undated 3:8
James L. Lynn, 1955 February 21-1967 January 7 and undated 3:9
Albert L. Mathes, 1929-1964 3:10
Harry Oliver, 1949-1977 and undated 3:11
Lewis Orell, 1988 April 16-1993 February 20 3:12
Phimster B. Proctor, 1960-1970 3:13
Eugene (Nugget Gene) Roberts, 1952-1953 and undated 3:14
Warner Family, 1952-1993 3:15
William M. Wharton, Jr., 1952 July 17-1954 October 13 and undated 3:16

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 Series V: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Development, 1953-1992 and undated 3:17
Staff and Volunteers, 1952-1993 and undated 3:18
Brochures, 1932-1992 and undated


Four issues of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park publication: Winter/Spring 1988, 1989, 1991, and 1992 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Tea towel – topographic map of Anza Borrego Region

Fiftieth Anniversary, 1982 November 24-1983 June 5 and undated


Correspondence, flyers, stickers, and articles

Hiking and Camping, 1947-1984 and undated 3:21
Historic Sites, 1950 July 23-1983 April 15 and undated 3:22
Off-Road Vehicles, 1966 February 6-1989 June 24 and undated 3:23
Paleontology and Archaeology, 1955 January 23-1983 June 2 and undated 3:24
Tourism, 1947-1984 and undated 4:1
Travel Articles, 1939-1984 and undated 4:2

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 Series VI: Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association

Officers and Members, 1971 June 30-1990 April 27 and undated 4:3
Minutes, 1974 March 27-1986 June 4 4:4
Minutes, 1986 October 1-1990 January 3 and undated 4:5
Finances, 1971 June 30-1989 February 28 and undated 4:6
Projects and Proposals, 1981 April 27-1988 October 5 and undated 4:7
Visitor Center, 1966 August 4-1991 March 14 and undated


Plans for the state park Visitor Center

Information for the architect



Correspondence, 1971 June 30-1992 December 2 and undated 4:9
Miscellanea, 1979 March 2-1991 March 16 and undated


Assorted pamphlets, envelopes, blank contracts and order forms

Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association brown paper gift bag (in Oversize Collections D4)


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 Series VII: Borrego Springs: Development, Real Estate, Publicity

Homesteads, 1927 November 7-1975 January 15


Receipts from the U.S. Land Office and a copy of the L.A. Land Office map from 1929

“Borrego Homesteaders 1930” laminated map (in Oversize Collections D4)

Farming, 1948 March 27-1993 May 6 and undated




Produce labels


Mining, 1901 February 18-1992 February 23 and undated 4:13
Streets and Highways, 1948-1993 and undated 5:1
Streets and Highways: Salton Seaway, 1963-1977 and undated 5:2
Streets and Highways: Christmas Circle, 1953 October 23-1986 October 30 and undated 5:3
Signs and Billboards, 1955-1983 5:4
Telephone and Cable TV, 1952-1986 and undated


1967 Borrego Directory Courtesy of Yuhas Nursery (in Oversize Collections D4)

Draft of 1967 Borrego Directory Courtesy of Yuhas Nursery, with types and written edits (in Oversize Collections D4)

San Diego Gas and Electric, 1953 May 10-1982 June 27 and undated 5:6
Water, 1946 March 18–1981 April 23 and undated 5:7
Borrego Springs: Market Potential, 1961-1980 and undated 5:8
Real Estate: Borrego Valley Associates “Bee” newsletter, 1958 December 6-1962 April 26 5:9
Real Estate: Brochures and Advertising, 1948-1964 and undated


Borrego Valley Realty invitation, “By the Waterfall,” December 1964 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Borrego Valley Associates flyer for Ocotillo Heights, March 1939 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Two-page spread advertisement for Deep Well Trail and Morgan Manor, April 1960 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Borrego Springs Company sales map (in Oversize Collections D4)

Real Estate: Homes, 1951 February 25-1980 January 24 and undated 5:11
Real Estate: Newspaper Articles, 1946 June 22-1982 March 19 and undated 5:12
Realtors and Reports to Property Owners, 1949 March 7-1961 June 19 and undated 5:13
Promotional Material, 1931-1966 and undated


Brochures and radio transcripts

Travel Literature, 1947-1985 and undated 5:15
Film and Television, 1948 April 22-1976 May 27 and undated 5:16

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 Series VIII: Borrego Springs: Institutions and Public Services

Airport, 1948-1989 and undated 5:17
Chamber of Commerce, 1948-1988 5:18
Churches, 1948 December 10-1993 December 30 and undated


Cards, invitations, flyers, history, and clippings related to various churches in Borrego Springs.

Churches include: St. Richard’s Catholic Church, St. Charles Borromeo Church, Iglesia Metodista de Mexico, The Christian Center, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Assembly of God Church, and Sun City United Methodist Church.

Community Methodist Church, 1954-1994 and undated


Histories, charter member lists, meeting minutes, correspondence, a newsletter, and the pastor’s report

Community Methodist Church: Services and Women’s Circle, 1954-1994 and undated 6:3
Elections, 1932-1983 and undated


Official Consolidated Primary Election Ballot, June 3, 1952 (in Oversize Collections D4)

School District Governing Board Member Election Official Ballot, March 4, 1975 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Index to Great Register (Borego Precinct), 1932, 1948

Flood Control Commission, 1966 October 6-1976 January 8


“Tentative Map of Borrego Racquet Club Estates,” July 12, 1968 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Library, 1949 April 11-1989 May 11 6:6
Medical Services, 1949 March 10-1993 May 20 6:7
Police and Emergency Services, 1949 March 16-1994 February 10 and undated 6:8
Post Office, 1948-1993 and undated 6:9
Schools: History and Development, 1937 December 20-1966 July 26 and undated 7:1
Schools: Administrative Records and Internal Correspondence, 1949-1977 and undated 7:2
Schools: Handbooks and Correspondence to Parents, 1952 December 12-1993 June 8 and undated 7:3
Schools: School Newsletters, 1960-1968 7:4
Schools: “Desert Whirlwind,” Borrego Elementary School Newsletter, 1952-1962 7:5
Schools: “The Roadrunner,” Borrego Elementary School Newsletter, 1967-1972 7:6
Schools: Parent-Teacher Club Newsletters, 1966-1969 7:7
Schools: Special Events, 1950-1972 7:8
Schools: Special Events, 1973-1990 and undated 7:9
Schools: Sports, 1967 September 17-1984 November 1 and undated 8:1
Schools: County, State, and Regional Material, 1966-1975


Map of San Diego County school districts


Conference programs

Schools: Newspaper Articles, 1879-1993 8:3
Schools: Miscellanea, 1966-1979 and undated


Thank you letters from eighth grade students for a history presentation by Virginia DeMarais

Notes for an Educational Secretary’s workshop on diction

Poetry/prose compilations by students

Two Borrego Springs textbook covers (in Oversize Collections D4)

Town Hall and Community Action Committee, 1990 August 27-1991 September 30 8:5

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 Series IX: Borrego Springs: Businesses

Borrego Lumber Company, 1952-1954 and undated 8:6
Borrego Springs Shopping Center (The Mall), 1965 October 16-1981 September 24 and undated 8:7
Borrego Sun Newspaper, 1953 March 1-1994 June 16 and undated 8:8
Cafes, 1960-1981 and undated 8:9
La Casa del Zorro, 1960-1987 and undated


La Casa del Zorro area map of Anza-Borrego region (in Oversize Collections D4)

La Casa del Zorro area map of Borrego Springs (in Oversize Collections D4)

The Center Theater, 1980 January 31-1992 February 8 and undated 8:11
Ceyone Clothing Line, 1953 February 14-1954 May 3 and undated 8:12
The Desert Lodge, 1948-1985 and undated 8:13
Hacienda Borrego, 1948 September 6-1993 September 9 and undated 8:14
Hacidend Borrego Scrapbook, 1947-1952

Scope and Content:

Scrapbook documents the construction of the hotel with photos and articles.

Hotels and Resorts, 1948-1992 8:16
Newspaper Articles, 1949-1982 and undated 9:1
Miscellaneous Businesses, 1949 May 16-1980 December 3 and undated


San Diego Federal Savings and Loan pamphlet (in Oversize Collections D4)


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 Series X: Borrego Springs: Organizations and Recreation

American Legion, 1950-1955 and undated 9:3
Beta Sigma Phi: Administrative (1 of 2), 1979-1994 and undated


By-laws, officers, member profiles, annual budgets, assorted note cards and clipped illustrations.

(Original order retained)

Beta Sigma Phi: Administrative (2 of 2), 1938-1988 and undated


Booklets on pledge procedures, exemplar ritual, “Paths to Loveliness” meetings programs, and 1987-88 Mission California Council program.

(Original order retained)

Beta Sigma Phi: “Resources for Librarian Chairman,” 1987-1989 and undated


Program chairman’s guide, notes for presentations and potential programs, and correspondence.

(Original order retained)

Beta Sigma Phi: Publicity, 1970-1994 and undated


Correspondence, news bulletins, programs, and articles.

(Original order retained)

Beta Sigma Phi: Event Programs, 1985-1992 9:8
Beta Sigma Phi: Blank Award Forms, undated 9:9
Beta Sigma Phi: “Women,” 1975-1986 and undated 10:1
Beta Sigma Phi: Miscellanea, 1970-1994 and undated


Boy Scout book on tips to throw meetings

Order forms for exemplar pins

Blank order forms

Tea party invitation

Instructions for organization certification

Borrego Springs Park and Country Club, 1961-1979 and undated 10:3
Borrego Veteran’s Detachment, 1983 September 22-1987 June 25 10:4
Boy Scouts, 1953 October 8-1985 October 6 and undated 10:5
Civic Foundation, 1975 September 9-1993 August 26 and undated 10:6
Community Association, 1949 February 7-1982 October 15 and undated 10:7
Community Concert Association, 1976-1982 and undated 10:8
De Anza Country Club, 1952 November 19-1985 February 13 and undated


De Anza Desert Country Club and Golf Estates place mat map (in Oversize Collections D4)

“Sunland’s Finest Desert Playground” map and information sheet (in Oversize Collections D4)

De Anza Players Community, 1954-1984 and undated


Art work for “Ten Little Indians” play: ten illustrations (in Oversize Collections D4)

Desert Club: Records, 1949 January 1-1965 September 30


Corporation Income Tax Returns, January 1, 1949 and September 1, 1949 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Desert Club: Records, 1966 January 4-1970 March 16 and undated 10:12
Desert Club: Correspondence, 1949 October 8-1968 March 6 and undated 10:13
Desert Club: Minutes and By-laws, 1953 June 16-1957 January 10 and undated 11:1
Desert Club: Members, 1955 October 15-1966 February 21 and undated 11:2
Desert Club: Miscellanea, 1949 April 14-1990 August 2 and undated


House rules, brochure, general history and facts, ballots, and articles

Handwritten flyer: “Free Square Dance Beginning Classes,” undated (in Oversize Collections D4)

Indian Head Ranch, 1980 and undated


Book containing articles, by-laws, and minutes

Brochure for Indian Head II

Kiwanis Club, 1950-1982 and undated 11:5
Kiwanis Club: Kiwanis Klatter Newsletter, 1952-1954 11:6
Lion’s Club, 1962-1980 and undated 11:7
Mother’s Club, Women’s Club, Parent-Teacher Club, 1948-1979 and undated 11:8
Rams Hill Country Club, 1973-1989 and undated 11:9
Roadrunner Country Club, 1966 October 1-1980 September 25 and undated


Spring 1974 issue of “Roadrunner Tracks” newsletter (in Oversize Collections D4)

Sportsmen Club, 1955-1986 11:11
Soroptimist Club, 1962 May 10-1993 February 25 and undated 12:1
Square and Compass Club, 1948-1970 and undated 12:2
Miscellanea, 1949-1993


American Cancer Society

American Red Cross

De Anza Trail Association

Old Borego Center

Way Off Broadway Productions

Women’s Civil Defense Club


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 Series XI: Borrego Springs: Festivals and Events

Covered Wagon Daze, 1955-1985 and undated


“Covered Wagon Daze Trailer Facilities” (in Oversize Collections D4)

Days of the Dons, 1957 July 8-1985 August 8 and undated 12:5
De Anza Caballeros, 1948-1976 12:6
Desert Festival, 1955-1992 and undated 12:7
Founder’s Day Festival, 1986 July 10-1993 November 4 12:8
Grapefruit Festival, 1990-1991 12:9
Jeep Cavalcade, 1949 March 28-1991 March 28 and undated 12:10
Sun Worshipper’s Festival, 1955 July 9-1985 June 27 and undated 12:11
Miscellanea, 1948-1982 and undated


Flyers, invitations, programs, and articles related to open houses

Red Cross events

Beauty contests

Event calendars

Tennis tourneys

Music festivals


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 Series XII: Southern California Miscellanea

Clark Lake Radio Observatory, 1959-1981 and undated 13:1
Imperial Valley College Museum Society newsletter, 1988-1994 and undated 13:2
Julian, 1956-1994 and undated


Issue of North County Panorama, October 5, 1978 (in Oversize Collections D4)

Los Angeles Bicentennial, 1979-1981 and undated 13:4
Montezuma Valley Historical Society, 1991 November 26-1994 January 15 and undated 13:5
Ranchita, 1980 March 16-1994 March 15 and undated 13:6
Salton Sea, 1948-1978 and undated 13:7
San Diego Historical Society, 1979 October 17-1992 April 21 and undated 13:8
Miscellanea, 1945-1990 and undated


Assorted brochures, articles, and written descriptions

“The Temecula Spokesman,” 1960 Christmas edition (in Oversize Collections D4)


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