MS 239 Louis and Dolores Strahlmann Papers

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San Diego History Center Document Collection
Strahlmann family
Louis and Dolores Strahlmann Papers
MS 239
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6.5 Linear feet (14 boxes)
Language of Materials
Collection materials are in English, German, and Italian.
This collection consists of the personal papers of Louis and Dolores Strahlmann, as well as research materials they collected in the 1920s-1930s regarding nineteenth century stagecoach lines and the Vallecito stagecoach station.

Preferred Citation

Louis and Dolores Strahlmann Papers, MS 239, San Diego History Center Document Collection, San Diego, CA.

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Biographical / Historical Notes

Louis Strahlman was born in 1892 to Edward Strahlmann and Louise (Mayer) Strahlmann, both natives of Germany. Edward Strahlmann (1840-1933) was a prominent pharmacist in San Diego and co-founder of the Strahlmann-Mayer Drug Company. Louis obtained a medical degree from Harvard in 1917 and then served in the United States Army Reserve as First Lieutenant of the Medical Section through World War I. In 1924 he became a surgeon for the San Diego Police Department, eventually obtaining the rank of Chief Police Surgeon. He served the department until 1946, at which point he retired to devote his full time to private practice. He was a member of numerous medical associations, including the San Diego County Medical Society, the California Medical Association, and the American Medical Association. Louis was also active in the Exchange Club, the San Diego Historical Society, the Imperial Highway Association, the Public Lands Protective League, and the San Diego Police Post of the American Legion, and was a medical contact for San Diego’s Civilian Defense network during World War II. Additionally, he was a member of the German culture societies Orden der Hermann’s Söhne (Order of the Sons of Hermann) and Nordamerikanischer Turnerbund (North American Gymnastic Union). He died on May 12, 1952.

Dolores Strahlmann was born Dolores M. Akers in Washington on March 17, 1892. Her parents were William Akers and Emily L. (Pier) Akers. Dolores came to Southern California in her youth to enter the movie industry. By 1920 she was writing screenplays for La Carmen Productions and newspaper briefs as a special correspondent for the Hollywood motion picture studios. She found occasional work as a dancer or movie stand-in, and by the mid-1920s she was a conductor at the Southern Studio of Dancing in San Diego. She wrote screenplays and Western pulp stories under the names Dolores Brown and Dolores Lopez. Later she was active in the Women’s Auxiliary of the San Diego County Medical Society, the Public Lands Protective League, and the San Diego Historical Society. Dolores died on May 23, 1972.

Louis and Dolores married on August 14, 1926. This was Louis’s first marriage and Dolores’s second. They owned a ranch in Mason Valley, but their primary residence was at 211 West Laurel Street. Through the 1920s and 1930s, they conducted extensive research into the history of San Diego County, stagecoach lines, and the Vallecito stagecoach station. Dolores corresponded with numerous pioneers, their descendants, and other Western researchers and wrote the bulk of their research notes. They collected original artifacts from many of their correspondents and briefly used their home as a museum. As a result of their research they were able to spearhead the restoration of the Vallecito stagecoach station. Vallecito Stage Station is a San Diego County park.

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Scope and Content

This collection consists of the personal papers and research materials of Louis and Dolores Strahlmann. Personal papers include financial and legal documents, club memberships, and correspondence. Dolores’ papers include eleven of her diaries and several fiction manuscripts. Louis’ papers include some of his academic papers from Harvard, military papers from his service in the Army, and medical papers from his service in Boston, MA and San Diego, CA. Louis’ papers also include pamphlets and emergency procedures for members of the local World War II Civilian Defense group. Several papers come from other members of the Strahlmann family, including Edward Strahlmann, Louise Strahlmann, Hermann Strahlmann, Edmund Mayer, and Max Mayer.

Research materials relate to the history of San Diego County, stagecoach lines, and the Vallecito stagecoach station, and include correspondence with pioneering stage drivers, their descendants, and other researchers, as well as numerous research notes and some original nineteenth-century documents donated directly to the Strahlmanns.

This collection also contains correspondence related to the controversial expansion of Anza-Borrego Park, correspondence related to the restoration of the Vallecito stagecoach station, exhibit cards from a presentation of Strahlmann research materials hosted by the San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department, and finally a series of subject files containing pamphlets, publications, maps, and other items that were of interest to the Strahlmanns.

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Collection is arranged into series:

Series I: Strahlmann Family Papers

Series II: Dolores Strahlmann Personal Papers

Series III: Louis Strahlmann Personal Papers

Series IV: Louis Strahlmann Academic Papers

Series V: Louis Strahlmann Military Papers

Series VI: Louis Strahlmann Medical Papers

Series VII: Louis and Dolores Strahlmann Research

Series VIII: Anza-Borrego Park Expansion

Series IX: Stagecoach Exhibits

Series X: Subject Files

Items within each series are arranged by subject.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

San Diego History Center Document Collection February 28, 2013

1649 El Prado, Suite 3
San Diego, CA, 92101

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use

The San Diego History Center (SDHC) holds the copyright to any unpublished materials. SDHC Library regulations do apply.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Accession numbers 970115 and 2002.029.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Samantha Mills on February 28, 2013.

Collection processed as part of grant project supported by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) with generous funding from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.

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Related Materials

Separated Materials

Photographs were previously separated to the SDHC Photograph Collection.

Ephemera, newspapers, and other printed materials were previously separated to the SDHC Ephemera Collection, SDHC Newspaper Collection, and SDHC Printed Materials Collection, respectively. Photocopies of the front page of the separated materials remain in this collection.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • American Medical Society.
  • Exchange Club.
  • Harvard University.
  • Imperial Highway Association.
  • Massachusetts Medical Society.
  • North American Gymnastic Union.
  • Order of the Sons of Hermann.
  • Public Lands Protective League.
  • San Diego (Calif.). Police Dept.
  • San Diego County (Calif.). Parks and Recreation Dept..
  • San Diego Historical Society.
  • Sun Dial Motion Picture Company.
  • United States. Office of Price Administration.

Family Name(s)

  • Strahlmann family


  • Correspondence
  • Diaries
  • Maps

Geographic Name(s)

  • Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (Calif.)
  • Boston (Mass.)
  • San Diego (Calif.)
  • Vallecito Station (Calif.)

Personal Name(s)

  • Strahlmann, Dolores
  • Strahlmann, Louis


  • Advertising
  • Brochures
  • Civil defense
  • Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
  • Dogs — Pedigrees
  • Emergency public utility services
  • Gold mines and mining
  • History — Research
  • Medical appointments and schedules
  • Medicine
  • Military orders
  • Military regulations
  • Museum exhibits
  • Pony express
  • Propaganda
  • Receipts (Acknowledgements)
  • Stagecoach lines
  • Stagecoach stations
  • Surgeons
  • World War, 1939-1945

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Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Dolores Strahlmann’s Diary #5 is detached from binding, Diary #11 has several pages detached from the binding, and Diary #2 and #3 have smudged pencil text.

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Collection Inventory

 Series I: Strahlmann Family Papers

Correspondence (some in German), 1913 April 24-1942 November 5 1:1
Correspondence, 1943 March 17-1950 September 6 and undated 1:2
Finances: automobile care, 1921 December 31-1944 May 2 and undated 1:3
Finances: expense books, 1907-1918 and undated


Six small books listing expenditures

Finances: insurance, 1921 August 13-1950 June 9 1:5
Finances: real estate, 1924 -1952 and undated


Construction estimate with diagrams, October 5, 1951 (in Oversize F4D1)

Finances: receipts, checks, and bank statements, 1897 April 15-1969 November 1 and undated 1:7
Finances: utilities, 1914 March 23-1934 August 15 1:8
Finances: war economy, 1942-1944 and undated



Office of Price Administration forms

War Department forms regarding tenancy, rent, and rations

Legal papers, 1916 May 4-1960 March 14


Estate papers of Louise Strahlmann, Edward Strahlmann, and Max Mayer


Application for a zoning ordinance variance

Papers for a court case against the Strahlmanns

Clubs and organizations, 1939 August 14-1947 September 6 and undated


Edward Strahlmann’s membership certificate for the Orden der Hermann’s Sohne (Order of the Sons of Hermann), 1894 (in German)

Family dogs, 1927-1946


Pedigrees for Arabella Brown 1st and Doloris Dude-ette (in Oversize F4D1)

Houseguest logbook, 1939-1942 2:1
Miscellanea, 1869-1959 and undated



Ledger pages (in German)

Prospectus for the Sun Dial Motion Picture Company

Announcement of the death of Hermann Strahlmann

Patent design by Edmund Mayer and Edward Strahlmann


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 Series II: Dolores Strahlmann Personal Papers

Diary 1, 1930 August 11-1931 September 11

Scope and Content:

Typed journal entries describing vacation road trips through Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde National Park, the Painted Desert, Zuni villages, Roswell, and Carlsbad Caverns. Text correlates to entries from Diary 2.

Diary 2, 1930 August 11-1938 August 30

Scope and Content:

A travel diary describing vacation road trips with Doctor and Uncle Max. 1930 “Trip to Carlsbad Caverns” typed up for Diary 1. 1933 “Mother Lode Trip” through Convict Lake, San Joaquin River, Maraposa Grove, San Andreas, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Carson City, Death Valley, and Barstow. 1934 “Mother Lode Trip No. 2” through Warner’s Ranch, Mojave Desert, Stanislaus River, Volcano, Sierra City, Whiskey Diggings, and up to Santa Cruz and Monterey. 1935 “Boulder Dam Trip” through Sequoia, Grant National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Oregon countryside, Fort Bragg, and back down through Oakland and Hollywood. 1938 trip through Ventura, Monterey, Napa, San Francisco, Placerville, Reno, Rawhide, Dayton, and then back through Kelsey and Modesto.

Diary 3, 1931 August 23-September 15

Scope and Content:

A travel diary describing 1931 trip through Yuma, Apache Junction, Roosevelt Dam, Gallup, Albuquerque, Espanola, Colorado Springs, Denver, Salt Lake, and Big Pine. This diary also includes several pages of notes and contact information for potential research sources.

Diary 4, 1934 January 1

Scope and Content:

A daily diary with only one entry: lunch and gambling in Tijuana.

Diary 5, 1935 January 1-1939 October 20

Scope and Content:

A daily diary divided into three small sections: January 1935 section describing Dolores’s life at home and a few research notes about the Emerys and Lassators; October 1939 section describing a short vacation to the San Francisco Fair and their ranch in Mason Valley; February 1936 section referring to meetings regarding a police affair.

Diary 6, 1936 July 8-1937 July 29

Scope and Content:

A travel diary describing two vacation road trips: July 1936 trip with Doctor and Dad through Las Vegas, Zion, Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park, and Nevada; July 1937 trip with Doctor and Uncle Max through San Bernardino, Mammoth Lakes, Aurora, Green Creek, Nine Mile Ranch, and through Nevada again. This diary also contains a page of notes about Lucky Bay Mine.

Diary 7, 1945 January 1-April 12

Scope and Content:

A daily diary describing Dolores’s life at home: housework, shopping, arranging meals around Doctor’s erratic work schedule, trips to the ranch and museum to clean and renovate, and taking care of distraught family members after the death of Lillie.

Diary 8, 1947 January 1-June 6

Scope and Content:

A daily diary describing Dolores’s life at home: visiting with friends and family, housekeeping, gardening, and weekends working at the ranch and the museum. From April 22 to May 8, Dolores and Louis take an extended vacation at their ranch, where they continue repainting and tending orchards.

Diary 9, 1948

Scope and Content:

A pocket-sized book labeled “The Year 1948,” contains a few shopping list notes and two undated diary entries about camping out by the desert Hot Springs.

Diary 10, 1952 July 5

Scope and Content:

A travel diary with only one entry, mentioning intention to pass through Klamath Falls.

Diary 11, undated

Scope and Content:

A daily diary describing a trip around Southern California with Tony, Claude, and Chet searching for work. The entries run from April 30 through August 17 of an unspecified year. The group drives from city to city living out of their car or in camping grounds. The boys periodically find work in packing plants, orchards, and later a naval base in San Diego. They are frequently ill, fixing car problems, and bemoaning life as “tramps and hobos.” She periodically sends packages home to her grandparents and Addie. She finally finds work as a dancer at a questionable establishment and struggles to find legitimate work in the motion picture business.

Manuscripts, undated


“The North and Southwest: A Country Turned Upside Down”

“The Charm of a Pioneer Ranch”

Manuscript fragments, undated 2:5
Manuscript fragments, undated 2:6
Correspondence, 1921 October 7-1943 April 2 2:7
Correspondence, 1944 January 5-1960 September 19 and undated 2:8
Clubs and organizations, 1936 April 19-1963 May 24 and undated


Papers from the El Centro Chamber of Commerce and the San Diego Historical Society, as well as assorted membership cards.

Christmas lists, 1937-1960 and undated 2:10
Miscellanea, 1920 July 10-1938 May 12 and undated


Newspaper clippings

Fingerprint sheet for “Dolly Brown”


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 Series III: Louis Strahlmann Personal Papers

Correspondence, 1914 July 18-1951 August 8 and undated 2:12
Clubs and organizations, 1923-1950 and undated

Scope and Content:

Certificate designating Louis Strahlmann as a Patron of the Archives of the Smithsonian Institution, undated

Radio Telephone Operator License, November 30, 1936

Membership certificate for the Orden der Hermann’s Söhne (Order of the Sons of Hermann), San Diego Loge No. 22, April 24, 1922 (in German)

Two membership certificates for the Nordamerikanischer Turnerbund (North American Gymnastic Union), July 1900 and June 1908 (in German)

Clubs and organizations: Exchange Club, 1926-1941 and undated 3:1
Clubs and organizations: Imperial Highway Association, 1934 October 10-1937 October 1 and undated 3:2
Newspaper articles, 1938 January 2-1940 June 2 and undated 3:3

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 Series IV: Louis Strahlmann Academic Papers

High School graduation, 1910 3:4
Harvard University papers, 1911-1939 and undated


Medical Degree, June 21, 1917 (in Oversize F4D1)

Science Degree, June 26, 1920 (in Oversize F4D1)

Certificate of Completion for Dr. Charles Ireland’s Course in Physical Therapy, October 27, 1928 (in Oversize F4D1)

Lecture notes: Chemistry 6, 1912 3:6
Lecture notes: Comparative Literature and Chemistry 8, undated 3:7
Lecture notes: Comparative Literature and Chemistry 8, undated 3:8
Lecture notes: Spanish, undated 3:9

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 Series V: Louis Strahlmann Military Papers

Certificates of Military Service, 1917 December 19-1929 December 10


Certificate appointing Louis Strahlmann to First Lieutenant in the Medical Section of the Officers’ Reserve Corps of the Army, dated December 19, 1917 (in Oversize F4D1)

Correspondence and special orders, 1918 February 2-1919 February 28 3:11
Correspondence and special orders, 1919 March 1-1927 June 3 and undated 3:12
Medical Section: papers, 1918 October 5-1937 September 1 and undated 3:13
Medical Section: notepad, 1918 December 28-1919 February 15 3:14
Military regulations: “What A Soldier Should Know,” 1917 3:15
Military lectures, 1917 September 21-1918 January 31 4:1
Military lectures, 1918 February 10-September 30 4:2
Military lectures, 1925 March 23-May 28 4:3
Miscellanea, 1918 September 25-1925 December 21 and undated



Lists of property and personnel

Handwritten notes


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 Series VI: Louis Strahlmann Medical Papers

Certificates of Medical Service, 1917 July 12-1920 October 27


Certificate of Registration in Medicine in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, July 12, 1917

Certificate of Service as House Officer at Boston City Hospital, July 2, 1917-September 26, 1918

Certificate of Service as House Officer at the Carney Hospital in Boston, November 1920

Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate for the State of California, October 27, 1920

Oversize F4D1
Medical Associations, 1921-1950 and undated


Certificate of Membership in the Massachusetts Medical Society, May 6, 1920 (in Oversize F4D1)

Medical Practice: receipt of payment, 1937 March 1-1939 January 7 4:6
Medical Practice: appointment ledger, undated

Scope and Content:

A ledger listing patient names, appointment time slots, and whether or not “paid.” Entries note the day of the week, but not the month or year.

Medical supplies, 1946-1952 and undated 4:8
Medical treatments, 1920 November 19-1942 January 24 and undated 4:9
Civilian defense: correspondence, 1941 September 18-1942 January 31 and undated 5:1
Civilian defense: “Plan of Emergency Medical Defense Service,” 1942 February 1 5:2
Civilian defense: emergency aid stations, 1941 December 18 and undated


Chart of “Organization of Local Emergency Medical Services” received from the S.D. Defense Council (in Oversize F4D1)

Civilian defense: recommended first aid supplies, 1941 September 22-December 23 and undated 5:4
Civilian defense: medical training booklets, 1941-1942 and undated 5:5

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 Series VII: Louis and Dolores Strahlmann Research

Dolores Strahlmann Research Journal 1, 1938 January 11

Scope and Content:

Spiral bound notebook containing entries from the diary of Mrs. Emery, wife of Captain William Emery, copied by Dolores Strahlmann on January 11, 1938 (original diary entries dated 1868-1896).

Dolores Strahlmann Research Journal 2, undated

Scope and Content:

A physician’s pocket-sized ledger filled with research notes on stage lines, old prospecting towns, the Pony Express, Overland Mail Route, the Butterfield family, and history of camels in the Colorado desert.

Dolores Strahlmann Research Journal 3, undated

Scope and Content:

Pocket-sized notebook filled with research notes on mining camps, prospecting towns, stage lines (including hand-drawn routes), Arizona history, the Pony Express, Bret Harte, and the Gold Rush. This journal also contains a list of contacts.

Dolores Strahlmann Research Journal 4, undated

Scope and Content:

A small memo book partially filled with contact information and notes on descendants of historical figures.

Dolores Strahlmann Research Journal 5, undated

Scope and Content:

Refillable memo pad from the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company filled with contact information (including many correspondents represented below), research notes on stage routes, and text copied from memorial stones.

Dolores Strahlmann Research Journal 6, 1935 and undated

Scope and Content:

A small memo book partially filled expenses from a road trip in 1935, and research notes on Peter Labeck, “flags that have flown over California,” Volcano Park, and contact information for correspondents.

Dolores Strahlmann Research Journal 7, undated

Scope and Content:

Pocket notebook partially filled with lists of sources (newspapers, books, photographers), and research notes on the Butterfield route.

Dolores Strahlmann Research Journal 8, undated

Scope and Content:

Spiral-bound notebook filled with contact information, notes from newspaper and magazine articles, and research notes on Civil War soldiers. Several of the pages with contact information are headed “Dr.’s Notes.”

Dolores Strahlmann Research Journal 9, undated

Scope and Content:

Pocket notebook partially filled with research notes on gold mining in Julian, the Gold Rush more generally, General John A. Sutter, Casa de Macado, and Father Junipero Serra.

Acquisition records, 1935 September 9-1941 April 2 and undated 5:6
Anza-Borrego, Vallecito, and Carrizo, undated 5:7
Bailey, Drury D., 1925-1935 and undated 5:8
Banning, George H., 1934 July 1-1935 December 5 5:9
Banning, George H., 1936 September 3-1941 July 24 and undated 5:10
Banning, William, 1934 June 16-1939 December 2 5:11
Barclay, Blair, 1936 January 26-March 8 5:12
Bellon, Walter, 1940-1944


History of the San Diego County Park System compiled by Bellon

Report on the locations of Spanish and Mexican ranchos

“(Historical) Map of San Diego County” originally attached to the report on the locations of Spanish and Mexican ranchos (in Oversize F4D1)

Bergman, Harry H., 1934 June 17-1936 January 29 5:14
Biographical sketches, undated 5:15
California History, undated 5:16
Conkling, Roscoe P., 1935 July 3-1947 December 3 5:17
Contact information, undated 6:1
Couts, Susan, 1884-1950 and undated


Original correspondence from Susan to her father and sister

Handwritten notes

Article about Cave Couts

Davis, Samuel H., 1860 April 4-1865 November 14 and undated


Letters from John Austin to Samuel H. Davis, and Samuel H. Davis to his family, regarding their experiences during the Civil War.

Davis, William T., undated


Manuscript for a Western pulp story, “Jim’s Secret,” by William T. Davis, and an editor’s note suggesting improvements.

Dodge, F. E., 1934 February 5-1936 October 22 6:5
Echols, C. G., 1938 February 8-December 3 6:6
Emery family, undated 6:7
Ernest Henry: finances, 1896 January 15-1918 December 20 6:8
Ernest, Henry: finances, undated 6:9
Ernest, Henry: legal papers, 1907 November 4-1909 October 7 and undated 6:10
Ernest, Henry: Nevada Mining Companies, 1909 April 10-1910 February 4 and undated 6:11
Giddings family, 1860 August 8-1955 December 9 and undated 6:12
Gross, Mrs. Fred, 1938 January 8-1944 March 17 6:13
Hook, Rebecca, 1891 September 14-1895 December 7


Original correspondence to Rebecca Hook regarding her claim on the Indian Depredation Act.

Humphreys, Alphonso: corresondence, 1938 October 1-1941 July 4 and undated 6:15
Humphreys, Alphonso: autobiography introduction, undated 7:1
Humphreys, Alphonso: autobiography pages 101-200, undated 7:2
Jasper, James A., 1934 June 9-November 4 7:3
Johnson, Mary, undated


One letter in Italian from a mother to her daughter, donated to the Strahlmanns by Mary Johnson.

Kimball, Mrs. Don, 1940 October 28 7:5
Krempkau, William B., 1923 June 22-1953 December 30 and undated 7:6
Mason family, 1942 March 29-1986 June 12 7:7
McBain, Belle, 1938 January 27-1941 March 17 and undated 7:8
Metherell-Stevens family, 1900-1914 and undated


Original correspondence between members of the Metherell-Stevens family

Mormon Battalion, undated 7:10
Nicholson, M. D., 1937 March 1-1938 July 29 7:11
Poems, undated 7:12
Pony Express, 1938 May 20 and undated


Winners of the West bulletin issues dated June 1938 and July 1938 (two copies) (in Oversize F4D1)

“The Prospect Hole” (manuscript), undated 7:14
Quayle brothers, 1913 May 20-October 8 7:15
Rose, Noah, 1934 April 21-1937 November 28 7:16
Rose, Noah, 1938 January 9-1950 March 27 and undated 7:17
San Diego history, undated 7:18
“San Diego’s Old Town” (manuscript), undated 7:19
“The Sinking of the Steamer Central America” (article), 1857 7:20
St. John, Silas, 1939-1941 and undated 7:21
Stagecoach: drviers, 1914 September 14-1950 February 23 and undated 7:22
Stagecoach: Butterfield Line, 1934 February 22-1958 October 4 and undated 7:23
Stagecoach: Great Overland Southern Route, 1942 July 9-1944 December 15 7:24
Stagecoach: San Antonio and San Diego Mail Line, 1860 January 4-1958 October 5 and undated 7:25
Stagecoach: Histories and newspaper clippings, 1937 January 3-1957 January 16 and undated 7:26
Stephens, Kate, 1935 July 3-1939 December 10 and undated 7:27
Stevens, Arthusa Dye, 1936-1937 8:1
Stevens, Arthusa Dye, 1938 January 17-1941 March 10 and undated 8:2
Sweetland, William and Philena, 1876 February 19-1879 March 2


Photocopies and transcripts of Sweetland correspondence, possibly made by the San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department.

Swycaffer, Jeff, 1938 January 20-1942 December 28 8:4
Taylor, May, 1936 September 5-1940 March 12 8:5
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1933 January 25


Report to the American Consulate about the disappearance of the Thompsons in Tijuana

Vallecito history: notes, 1932-1939 and undated 8:7
Vallecito history: newspaper clippings, 1934 February 3-1953 March 1 and undated 8:8
Williams, J. H., 1936 February 18-1937 October 30 and undated 8:9
Williams, Loduska (Mulkins), 1934 October 19-26 and undated 8:10
Woodward, Arthur, 1934 June 12-1935 October 7 8:11
General research correspondence, 1933 February 13-1934 December 22 8:12
General research correspondence, 1935 March 25-December 21 8:13
General research correspondence, 1936 January 1-May 30 8:14
General research correspondence, 1936 June 4-December 30 9:1
General research correspondence, 1937 January 2-June 29 9:2
General research correspondence, 1937 July 6-December 14 9:3
General research correspondence, 1938 January 16-December 15 9:4
General research correspondence, 1939 January 9-1944 June 7 9:5
General research correspondence, 1947 February 10-1960 March 21 and undated 9:6
Miscellaneous collected documents, 1859-1891


1864 letter in German

Correspondence of W.A. Skidmore, M.L. Phillips, and George Brown


Copy of a land grant for James Mason

Mining records from John Booker

Lists of property of Theadore Howard and Sarah Lassator

Miscellaneous research notes, undated 9:8

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 Series VIII: Anza-Borrego Park Expansion

Correspondence, 1938 October 22-1939 April 14 9:9
Correspondence, 1939 May 8-1947 June 4 9:10
Congressional Proceedings, 1931 February 18-1945 April 2 and undated


Assembly bills sponsored by the State Park Commission as well as informational materials gathered to discourage their passage.

Agriculture and Irrigation Reports, 1934-1935 and undated 9:12
Expansion Advisory Reports, 1940 and undated 9:13
Publicity, 1938 October 12-1958 March 24 and undated


Informational pamphlet about Anza State Park

Newspaper clippings


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 Series IX: Stagecoach Exhibits

Correspondence: Vallecito Station employment, 1934 February 15-1939 October 4 9:15
Correspondence: Vallecito Station restoration, 1930 May 24-1934 April 26 10:1
Correspondence: Vallecito Station restoration, 1934 May 28-December 31 10:2
Correspondence: Vallecito Station restoration, 1935 January 8-December 28 10:3
Correspondence: Vallecito Station restoration, 1936 February 6-1937 December 31 10:4
Correspondence: Vallecito Station restoration, 1938 January 5-1949 May 17 and undated


Hand-drawn map of Vallecito Station layout (in Oversize F4D1)

San Diego County Parks and Recreation: exhibit cards, undated 10:6
San Diego County Parks and Recreation: item tags and labels, undated 10:7
San Diego County Parks and Recreation: item tags and labels (photocopies), undated 10:8

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 Series X: Subject Files

Automotive, 1936-1949 and undated 10:9
Backcountry, 1930 December 4-1958 January 2 and undated 10:10
Battle of San Pasqual, undated 10:11
Business cards, undated 10:12
Business industries, 1906-1951 and undated


Certificate of filing of Articles of Incorporation for the Southern California Gem Company, July 23, 1906

Investment opportunities, 1926-1950 and undated


August 5, 1926 issue of Wall Street Iconoclast (in Oversize F4D1)

Maps, 1935-1938 and undated


“R.O.F.S. Map No. 523… last survey of Carrizo Creek,” December 1935

Blackburn’s Map of San Diego County with notations, 1935

Map of “Vallecitos and Carriso Units Selections,” with notations, June 1938

Three piece photocopy of “Official Map of San Diego County 1889” gifted by San Diego Gas & Electric Co.

Map of City of San Diego, “Dist. 30 Linda Vista,” printed by Rodney Stokes Co. Inc., with notations

Oversize F4D1
Maps (hand-drawn), 1937 September 25 and undated 10:15
Mines, 1929 and undated 10:16
Newspapers, 1783 November 7-1917 November 24


Three issues of the Rural World, dated October 27, 1917; November 17, 1917; and November 24, 1917

Reproduction of the New York Morning Post dated November 7, 1783

Reproduction of the New York Herald dated April 16, 1865

Oversize F4D1
Politics, 1917-1947 and undated


Pamphlet from the National Home and Property Owners Foundation, October 1, 1946 (in Oversize F4D1)

Product advertising, 1941-1951 and undated


Flyer for Lumarith transparent plastic (in Oversize F4D1)

Propaganda, 1940-1950 and undated 11:3
Recreation, undated


Pages from instructional book describing how to build a model stagecoach (in Oversize F4D1)

Religious pamphlets, 1941-1951 and undated 11:5
San Diego Court House Bell, 1939 April 14-December 20 11:6
Travel: California, 1933-1939 and undated 11:7
Travel: United States, 1934-1969 and undated


May 6, 1938 issue of the Museum Bulletin, published by the Frontier Times Museum in Texas (in Oversize F4D1)

Travel: International, 1934-1969 and undated 11:9
World War II, 1944-1945 and undated 11:10

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